Curley files to run for Freeholder and an Independent

Golden: Curley is tone deaf, disgraceful and puts himself first

Disgraced Freeholder John Curley was Censured and Reprimanded for sexual harassment.

Disgraced Freeholder John P. Curley filed to run for reelection as an Independent candidate this afternoon. NewJerseyGlobe was the first to report his candidacy and said he submitted over 400 signatures. In a press release, Curley said he would run under the banner, “Fighting Corruption Together.”

Curley compared himself to former Freeholders Ted Narozanick and Barbara McMorrow. “This Freeholders (sic) seat has a rich, bipartisan history of individuals that put people first, from Ted Narozanick to Barbara McMorrow, and people recognize that I am continuing their tradition.  I look forward to serving the residents of Monmouth County for another three years,” he said in his release.

Monmouth County Republican Chairman, Sheriff Shaun Golden issued the following statement upon learning of Curley’s candidacy:

“That John Curley has the audacity to seek reelection after disgracing himself, and his office, while costing Monmouth County taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to defend against his litigation, shows that he is tone deaf and only puts himself first- not the taxpayers of Monmouth County.”

After a months long investigation regarding allegations of sexual harassment and subsequent censure from fellow Freeholders, the Monmouth County Republican Committee chose not to endorse John Curley as the Republican candidate for Freeholder, opting instead to endorse newcomer Sue Kiley.  Curley, accused of sexually harassing minors, sexually harassing Monmouth County employees and elected officials, and threatening to stab a fellow Freeholder with an insulin syringe, now faces accusations of public corruption.

In response to Curley’s announcement as an Independent candidate, Golden continued, “I am shocked that when announcing his Independent candidacy Curley would invoke the names of former Freeholders Ted Narozanick and Barbara McMorrow- two individuals that displayed class and integrity throughout their terms as Freeholders. What’s worse is that John Curley is bilking the taxpayers by enriching himself with premium health benefits paid for by the county for a part time job.  Monmouth County voters have had enough of Curley’s bad behavior.”

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26 Comments on “Curley files to run for Freeholder and an Independent”

  1. Tough year coming. said at 11:07 pm on June 5th, 2018:

    Besides the problematic, rogue Freeholder, tonight’s dismal county- wide turnout( just above 10%,) when you look at the number of Dems who bothered to show, a majority of towns had some, to many more, Dems turnout, than Reps. Very unsettling. Hoping we can get our singular and collective acts together for turnout on the ground, or there could be very disappointing and devastating results at all levels, this November. Wake up!!

  2. Art, said at 11:46 am on June 6th, 2018:

    have the petitions been OPRA’d yet?

  3. Yes said at 12:47 pm on June 6th, 2018:

    It will be problematic year, but I suggest the low Republican turn out yesterday in Monmouth was more a result of no real top of the ticket races. Bob Hugin had no real challenger and Chris Smith was unopposed. So was Rich Pezzulo I believe.

  4. Art Gallagher said at 1:02 pm on June 6th, 2018:


  5. Marlboro Male said at 1:26 pm on June 6th, 2018:

    I am shocked and ashamed that John Curley would put himself in the same class as Ted and Barbara. He has dishonored the party with his behavior. If he had any class at all he would end this and ride off into the sunset.

  6. Dirty Hippie said at 5:04 pm on June 6th, 2018:

    Can you make an OPRA request to see who made a particular OPRA request?

  7. Yes. said at 5:28 pm on June 6th, 2018:

    Think so. Why not? Art already said he would.

  8. Tim H said at 7:24 am on June 7th, 2018:

    Has anyone bothered to look at the real results over the past few years? R’s have lost control in major towns, lost mayor’s seats, lost council seats, lost assembly seats, lost a senate seat, etc. This is a sign of poor leadership at the top of the party. But the top rules with an iron fist and squashes out any dissention. This will come back to bite us in the back-side. Curley won’t win in the general but the APP will help him and he’ll funnel votes to the D’s and perhaps help them win one of the seats. The time has come to really reflect on what has happened the past 4 years with R leadership. When you really just look at the “results” it has not been good. They are all nice people but nice does not always = winning.

  9. You aren’t wrong, said at 10:41 am on June 7th, 2018:

    but who has the intestinal fortitude, connections, support, money, or desire, to take them on to try and stop the bleeding? Answer: nobody! The party ( the five biggest towns, really,) wanted a change, and younger new leaders, so, well, ok, we have that. You reap what you sow. This happened with Puharic years ago, if you are old enough to recall. Came in like a lion, literally purged any of the “older” ones, lost, then disappeared, like a lamb. The “circle of the Monmouth political life,” continues. If we hold the county this year, it will frankly be a miracle. Maybe we can blame our county failings and blunders on “The Murph.” What the hell, it’s worth a try, at this point..

  10. @ Tim H & You Aren't said at 2:51 pm on June 7th, 2018:

    Since when is it the responsibility of the County Chair to run local races and to run the Assembly races? And yes, when Murph and the unions throw buckets of money into races down ticket, they are responsible for a heck of a lot of the losses. God, quit complaining and get out there and work if you don’t. Better yet, if you’ve got better ideas, put them where your mouth is and run for County Chair.

  11. Typical. said at 5:08 pm on June 7th, 2018:

    Shakespeare would say: “thou doth protest too much. “ Having worked with, for, and sometimes through various county chairs over the years, all we are saying is, perhaps all the efforts being spent over the last couple of years to purge, remove, replace, otherwise undermine or change local leaders, for the sake of a title or power, might have been and would be, better spent on analyzing the past few years of election results in the towns, and try and figure out together, how to fix it/make it better.

    Another famous quote is, “all politics is local.” If the local chairs and orgs are not meeting, engaged, filling seats, and turning out voters, the county org suffers. Look st the actual results. You can’t put heads in the sand and think all is well in several towns, then walk away, when it isn’t. When asking leadership if more local contacts are being made, some have been frostily told that “they get a call and an email.” I hate to tell you, (if you do not already know,) it is often like pulling teeth with the towns, but there must be actual, continual nagging, (even yelling or begging at times,) and actual going into the towns, to try and find out what their problems are, and how to help fix it. And, just changing chairs with c c battles, may not be the main answer. To that extent, yes, it is the county’s problem, because if the towns screw up, we lose seats. Period. ( have we mentioned the Dems here? No, we are hurting ourselves!)

    If we refuse to take questioning, and suggestions, and get angry and defensive the moment anyone tries, we turn people off who have worked at all levels for many years, who wind up saying: “ ok, fine, you know best, have at it, and good luck!” This is not the better way forward. So, please stop getting mad and accusing people who care of doing nothing, when exactly the opposite is true!

  12. @ Typical said at 5:50 pm on June 7th, 2018:

    I can tell you this, the Chair does get engaged with towns that need to improve.

    BTW, nice turnout at Bar A supporting our County Leadership and our team. Were you there? Were Tim H & You Aren’t there? I don’t know.

    But that kind of turnout indicates trust in our leadership. Suggestions are always welcomed along with those who want to put in and work hard at this.

    But some stuff comes across as sniping from malcontents.

  13. Yes, was there! said at 6:37 pm on June 7th, 2018:

    Always supporting events- with money and time! Had a cheeseburger, hot dog, and a nice chat with Mr Hugin, invited him back to our county! Stop criticizing and assuming wrong things, it makes you look like a narrow-minded, blind apologist, when it is not necessary. We all need to recognize/ fix inner turmoil, support our local clubs and cc’s, try to all get along, work harder, and hence, the entire county results will be more positive! Another rough year to get through!

  14. @ Yes, was there said at 7:24 pm on June 7th, 2018:

    STOP CRITICIZING??? Blind Apologist?


    Ahhhhh, you ought to look at some of the criticisms above. I’m entitled to respond to them that is unless you are against free speech.

    And I’ve nothing to apologize for. BTW, I don’t hear much about your so called inner turmoil, so feel free to share it.

    Name names of those who feel there is turmoil or IMHO there is nothing to it other than a few malcontents and John Curley stirring the pot.

  15. Marlboro Male said at 7:56 pm on June 7th, 2018:

    I was at the Bar A event and have to say that I really feel good about the Republicans at the county level and also in a lot of the municipal races this year. I think we have some really strong candidates, I think we have a tremendous opportunity with Menendez self-destructing and that jerk Murphy screwing things up in Trenton. If only John Curley would do the right thing and get out of the race we would have real momentum going into November. John is such a disappointment and a selfish traitor. He is no more a Republican than Murphy is. He is not a team player and is only concerned with getting a quote in the paper. If you think about it he is really the biggest problem Republicans face this year. If we all work hard and work together this year we will be fine

  16. Remember said at 8:06 pm on June 7th, 2018:

    John was a Democrat when he was in Red Bank and he voted for and openly campaigned for Vin Gopal and the entire Democratic ticket last year.

    I can’t wait until Art publishes the names of the people who signed his petition

  17. Agreed, MM.. said at 9:18 pm on June 7th, 2018:

    And to @ yes, NObody said you don’t have free speech, but, so do those who have been around during past problems and losses, and want to AVOID arrogance and future losses. It’s called beware, and do preventive measures. Don’r want to see the happiness of today be destroyed because there wasn’t enough planning and wariness. None of us can predict the future, but one can try and avoid mistakes of the past. In my humble experience, Mr C needs to have been handled better, and sooner. Now we have 3 candidates to beat for freeholder in November!! A big pause for concern and strategies!

  18. Just a point: said at 6:23 am on June 8th, 2018:

    FYI: there were several hundred Republican c c seats where no names were filed in several municipalities, this primary. Go check. Shame on those chairs. THAT is NOT healthy for the party- whomever you want to blame, go ahead. Lazy. Short- sighted. Dangerous.. wait and see..

  19. @ Just point said at 12:09 pm on June 8th, 2018:

    What if you have no one that wants to serve as a CC in various voting districts, especially where there are just a handful of Republicans?

    What, you want Chairs to break their arms and force them?

    Calling them lazy tells me you know nothing about how difficult it is to find County Committee people at times.

    If you are a Chair, you are shameful yourself. If you aren’t, why don’t you step up and try the job on.

  20. @ just point: Yup. For many years. said at 2:44 pm on June 8th, 2018:

    Had every seat filled. Active club. Held at least four meetings and events a year. ( do we even know out of 53 municipalities, how many of them have active clubs?) Still hold a seat and participate every year…Maybe it is time for incentives: buy one, get one free, to certain events. Nice prize for most new members. Newsletter highlighting a good thing in a town, a great Rep elected official, every few months( the Affiliated club used to have a newsletter which highlighted locals. Maybe Facebook ruined that. But, not everyone is on it!) CC training each year, and a handbook, (which every elected member used to get,) on how to recruit and register new residents, statutory duties,etc., before the Dems get them. Yes, it is time- consuming. Yes, it is unpaid. Yes it is difficult. But if we give up, we are surrendering, are we not? I repeat, if there are any people today with the title of chair, who filed NO one in the Rep column in any of their districts this primary, they need to go, and new ones found. Look at the list! Too many empties. Yes, that is shameful! And un-helpful to the total effort! And, any great new chairs who wanted the power and title, and now have it, they need to get busy and do the job, or they are useless, and adding to the problem.We currently have four vice chairs. Maybe one needs to be in charge of local chairs, clubs and orgs. And, because it is worky, take turns at it. The new lady in hq will need all the help she can get, to learn names, towns, and communicate activities, around this big county. There are some tried and true older methods which worked. Maybe try a few again. If towns feel they are too small, not important,or can slide by without helping, then yes, it is time for a shakeup, focus, and more accountability. We want a Republican county, we need to build a more Republican Party- ground- up, with as many involved as possible, all over..

  21. Loving the accusatory tone! said at 2:56 pm on June 8th, 2018:

    You don’t know who has done what. Why assume only you have all the answers/ excuses? The moment anybody points out a weakness or problem these days, they get slapped right down, with the childish, sarcastic flip- around. You don’t build up by personally tearing down. You ask for additional ideas and try other things. Grow up, admit we can all do better, and let’s get on with it. The numbers plainly show we are gaining too many Democrats, losing too many seats, and not collectively putting forth enough efforts to find/ encourage/ ask/ drag out, win, more Republicans. “Denial” may be a river in Egypt, but it just doesn’t bring in more votes.Too much at stake!

  22. @ Just point said at 2:59 pm on June 8th, 2018:

    AGAIN, what do you want Chairs to do if they try but can’t find people, break their arms?

    Yes, it would be ideal if we filled more seats, but your comment about lazy chairs is insulting and you talk as if it is so easy in some towns and voting districts with few Republicans in those district. Few people want to be involved in politics today because of the nastiness or whatever.

    Great that you’re doing a good job, but don’t think it’s as easy as you say in all towns. That’s naive.

  23. Never said it is easy! said at 3:15 pm on June 8th, 2018:

    Point us, it is an ongoing commitment, which admittedly not enough people have these days- is often a pain, but one can never stop trying- all efforts and methods should be on the table, and tried consistently, all year long.

    One can start with actual, registered Republicans: other than Roosevelt, every single towns has at least a few! We often found: not asked, not volunteering. Friendly persuasion and personal contacts can and do work! Some of my best workers and later, people who actually got elected to boards of education and town councils, started out as quiet, reserved, “unknowns,” who just needed to be respectfully asked and welcomed- many also turned out to be dedicated workers for dinners, festivals, booths-and, for mailings and GOTV: we need to emphasize the positive and fun experiences we can offer, as we try and affirm our philosophies for better governing!

  24. @Never Said It Was Easy said at 4:09 pm on June 8th, 2018:

    I am sure the Chairs that care are approaching Republicans to fill the spots. But again, if they aren’t interested, there is not much more than they can do, right?

    I think I made my point. Time to move on.

    Have a nice day.

  25. You too: said at 5:30 pm on June 8th, 2018:

    It really comes down to a glass half-full or empty, positive vs. negative philosophy. Positive, continual is much better for one’s stomach, attitude, and results.. onward..

  26. To Those Here Complaining said at 9:18 pm on June 12th, 2018:

    About failed MCRO Leadership, where were your candidates? Why didn’t you mount a challenge tonight at the Monmouth County Convention and present new leadership?

    Why wasn’t there? Because generally, people are happy with the leadership it’s only a few malcontents, intent on throwing mud that suggest leadership is a failure. Begone with your whining