Questions For Long Branch Mayoral Candidate John Pallone

Congressman Frank Pallone speaks at his brother’s get out the vote rally, May 3, 2018. Social media photo

John Pallone is the only Long Branch mayoral candidate who has not responded to MMM’s request for an interview.

Mayor Adam Schneider’s interview has been viewed over 5,600 times since we posted it on Monday.  Avery Grant’s interview has been viewed almost 2000 times since we posted yesterday.  Voters are obviously engaged.  In 2014, less than 3,000 votes were cast in the Long Branch mayoral election. This time it will probably be more than double that.

Other outlets have reported that Pallone is dodging questions from the media or that he wants the questions in advance.  In the hopes that Pallone will call back for that interview, we’re posting questions we have for him:

What was your biggest accomplishment as a Long Branch Councilman over the last eight years?

Name three situations that you would have handled differently than Mayor Schneider did, over the last eight years. What would you have done differently?

When was the last time you spoke with Joe Ferraina?  What did you talk about?


How many contracts have your negotiated with real estate developers, in your lifetime?

What is “prevailing wage?”

If you are elected mayor, will you require developers to pay their workers “prevailing wage?” 

What has been your experience in dealing with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection?

Where is your business located?

Why is the deed of your home in the name of your deceased mother?

When he gets excited, your brother, Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr., does a shaking thing with his head.  Do you do that too?

There you go, Mr. Pallone. I hope you call.


Update, Cinco de Mayo:  Pallone never called so we took matters into our own hands.

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