Avery Grant Dishes About Joe Ferraina and John Pallone: Long Branch Mayor’s Race

Avery Grant, the Long Branch School Board Member who is running for mayor of Long Branch against incumbent Adam Schneider and Councilman John Pallone invited MMM into his home for an interview on Wednesday afternoon.

In the five minute clip above, Grant reveals how former Superintendent of Schools Joe Ferraina tried to get him to run for council on Pallone’s ticket. Grant said he refused because Pallone “doesn’t exhibit leadership.”   Grant said that Ferraina is a real leader, that he wanted Ferriana to be the candidate to challenge Schneider, but that the former superintendent couldn’t do so because of the scandal surrounding the school board’s $600,000 settlement of a sexual harassment lawsuit against him.

Grant confirmed that Ferraina’s office was sound proof and had a fancy bathroom, as alleged in the “sex slave” lawsuit. 

Grant also discusses ‘boat checks’….the practice of public employees cashing in unused vacation and sick time.  Grant, who said he does not approve of the practice and fought against it, said he thought he had no choice, as a School Board Member, but to approve Ferraina’s $600k+ boat check upon his retirement.

There is a long history of animosity between Schneider and Ferraina.  The Schneider campaign has alleged that Pallone would be Ferraina’s puppet, if elected.  Ferraina told the Asbury Park Press that while he supports Pallone, he is not really involved in his  campaign and would not be pulling Pallone’s strings if he gets elected.

Our full 24 minute interview with Grant can be viewed below.

Mayor Schneider granted us an interview on Sunday. John Pallone has not yet responded to multiple requests. We’ll keep trying.

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