Curley’s Censure Scheduled For Friday, December 8

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  1. When is the other meeting? said at 5:31 pm on December 5th, 2017:

    Cool, thanks. When is the meeting to discuss lowering property taxes, decreasing fees for county services, increasing county/sheriff’s enforcement of drug and immigration laws, and doing other Republicany things?

  2. Understood, said at 9:07 pm on December 5th, 2017:

    but realize, the largest portion of your property tax bill is thanks to your town and schools: also, our fellow voters GAVE us all yet another big tax increase,. by voting “yes, “ for the third time, on more county open spaces. Your point on enforcement may be valid, but I hope not. As for increases in county services, some local costs have gone down, due to many towns using the shared services the county does offer. It seems to me, we get a break from one pocket, then another level grabs out of the other one! Watch this new governor closely, and watch all pockets and levels, am afraid he will find a way to grab more out of all!

  3. Mike Harmon said at 12:21 pm on December 6th, 2017:

    What is this about and where are we going with it in this very public and official display of outrage? I guess we will see if it is warranted or just symptom of the “outrage de jour” laced with some politics or infighting.

    We had bid rig.
    We lost our friends in neighbors in 911
    Our neighbors and friends lost their homes and businesses in Sandy.
    Gold Star families.
    Kids addicted to drugs and dying in their bedrooms or on the streets.
    We have families struggling to pay their taxes. Poverty in places.

    Yet even with the above, we survived, thrive and improve. Perspective is important.

    Monmouth County is blessed to have had both tough and thoughtful Freeholders who have led us with brains, passion, compassion and at times fierce and bold decisions.

    The Freeholders need to work together for the good of Monmouth. Distractions happen and life comes at you. Deal with it. Make amends as required. Move on.

  4. If it is said at 1:35 pm on December 6th, 2017:

    in the papers, and is a matter of record in public court, it certainly can/ should be discussed. Many are very sorry this has happened. Many may have seen this coming, and did nothing, early on. Several posts on these articles have questioned whether the officials had the legal rights to do what they did. I,for one, am sorry for the man. Some of these wounds were self- inflicted, too. I for one also, as a taxpayer and county resident, would like to know how much the hired “investigator” is being paid for months of work, and how they were hired, and how much the whole matter will eventually cost us. My guess is, unless someone files an OPRA request, it will be kept very close to the vest. That being said, as a longtime loyal Republican, you and we need to think clearly, as to what this could ultimately do to the party’s chance of keeping the board majority, and act in the smartest ways possible, in order to keep all the good policies you always enumerate, in effect. There is political collateral damage, as we all have seen, with every unfortunate issue that comes up. Only winners face them, and deal with them properly, in order to keep on winning.

  5. Tim said at 4:24 pm on December 6th, 2017:

    As with all these cases, this was no surprise with Curly. Just look at how he spoke to Lilian at public meetings or Serena. Very disrespectful to women. It has to be really bad if a retired judge did a review. They must have a big file. Bottom like is its time to clean out the place at the top. Golden must go too or he’s the face of this mess.

  6. @ Tim H. said at 5:57 pm on December 6th, 2017:

    STILL waiting to hear how you’ve helped the cause, doors you’ve knocked or phone calls you made.

    Or, are you just another keyboard warrior, and armchair quarterback?

    I ask this because if you’ve done nothing, you’ve no right to complain about Golden. And obviously, you don’t know what Golden is working to clean up the mess.

  7. Let's bring back said at 9:13 pm on December 6th, 2017:

    To the Board of Chosen Freeholders former Director Barbara McMorrow.
    Wonder if she would be interested?

  8. We do need said at 11:56 pm on December 6th, 2017:

    two proven, experienced, responsible, grown-up winners, with clean and proven records, and good bases, to come in with. This is no time to run novice wannabes who haven’t campaigned, expect the org to slide them right in, and then rarely show up or “phone it in.” I implore the leaders and committee people to talk to / nominate the two best of several loyal, knowledgeable, proven winners and be really forward- looking and smart, this time.

  9. @Tim H said at 9:29 am on December 7th, 2017:

    Nothing wrong with having a view, but your view is simply ill informed.

    Again, you failed to answer the question, what did YOU do to help the effort. After several opportunities to do that, I bet you did nothing, so you have no right to complain and you are nothing more than an armchair quarterback who has a vendetta against the County Chair.

    Again; you fail to understand that municipal races are the purview of the local chairman and those candidates. The County Chair does NOT run those races nor does he run the legislative races. Can you not understand that?

    And little do you know about Gary Rich. He was a do nothing Freeholder.

  10. Tim said at 11:28 am on December 7th, 2017:

    Wrong. I am CC and have been. I support our candidates, go to events, meetings, work, make calls, etc. You just like shut people down who disagree with you. How sad. The chairman has failed us. Can I not be critical of the president without having to run for congress? He has lost a TON of races and can’t raise money. And he’s the boss so the buck stops with him. And all Gary did was do the job without looking for glory or attention. Worked hard, conservative, never embarrassed us, never disrespected women, never acted like a jerk, never fought with other Freeholders, got elected 2x county wide with healthy margins and balanced the budget. Yeah, why would want that? He was forced out because he’s not a kiss-ass and a yes man. Did he go to every stupid dinner? No…he produced where it mattered. He’ll be back! You watch

  11. @@Tim H, said at 1:00 pm on December 7th, 2017:

    Yikes, it is fine to be a “chair cheerleader,” but you still fail to grasp how dire the situation is, with the lack of coordination and encouragement to and with the local chairs and clubs! Chairs get to have bragging rights for each victory as a party, but must also continually keep trying to get the towns to do more: you know, the old adage, ” all politics is local.” You cannot believe there was enough effort locally, encouraged and pressed by, county hq. : yes, the whole thing is like herding cats, but, once more, it requires people who believe in the cause enough, to participate more fully , bottom to top. We must get smarter, faster, better, as a whole, unifies body, with passion and purpose,winning as much as humanly possible, on all levels. Or suffe4 the consequences of being like tyrannical, more expensive, North Jersey. ,,Call up your local chair, volunteer to hold a coffee klatch or porch reception for your local district/ candidates. Press the county folks to come and speak. Write them a check, write letters to the editors, register some new residents to vote: nearly every person can do a little something. Lose the attitude and pointing of fingers, add it all up, then perhaps things will improve, county-wide, next year.

  12. @ @@Tim H. said at 4:43 pm on December 7th, 2017:

    And Chairman Golden keep trying to get towns to do more. You know not what you are talking about.

  13. @ Tim H. said at 5:04 pm on December 7th, 2017:

    Likewise, I am entitled to have my own opinion and my opinion based on my experience says you are wrong. Both regarding Chairman and Gary Rich. Personal experience on both accounts tell me you are wrong.

    Again, you discount the impact of redistricting on LD11 and you continue to think that the County Chairman runs local elections.

    Can’t raise money? Every fundraiser he’s ran has been sold out.

    Can’t I be critical of your opinion? You see, the street goes both ways and you are guilty of hypocrisy, trying to shut down me.

    Gary Rich balanced the budget? Sorry, that was a team effort. Got elected twice by healthy margins? Gee, didn’t Shaun Golden have something to do with that?

    Gary Rich will be back? Yeah, we’ve heard the rumors of him wanting to run for Congress. Ain’t happening IMHO

    No more needs to be said by me.

  14. Tim said at 5:23 pm on December 7th, 2017:

    Gary would be an honorable, stabilizing force. And its clear you are a Golden apologist sent to this site to have his back and re-create history. When a team loses a bunch of games over and over, the manager gets fired. Golden has lost over and over. Worst chairman’s record in recent history on losing legislative seats, mayor seats, council seats, etc. Buck stops with him. Calls for him to resign are already out there.

  15. @Tim said at 1:59 pm on December 12th, 2017:

    No, I’m proud of Golden, no need to apologize for him; but word has it your name isn’t Tim, but a very bitter hack who’s initials are J.S.

    And apparently you STILL don’t understand the County Chairman is not responsible for Legislative Seats and municipal races. And I doubt there are too many calls for him to resign.

    You also really got me laughing when you suggested Carolyn Cassagrande as a Chair Person. The same person who lost her race because she spent half the campaign traveling and couldn’t raise money.

    Jim Sage, if your are Tim you are a joke.