Monmouth County Freeholders prevail in federal court. Will reschedule Curley’s Censure


Freeholder John Curley lost his bid in federal court today to prevent the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders from Censuring him and from updating the County’s sexual harassment and discrimination policy.

The Freeholders will reschedule the Special Meetings which were originally scheduled from this morning within the week.

Jonathan Testa, the attorney hired by the County to defend against Curley’s federal litigation, issued the following statement this afternoon:

“On behalf my my client, the Monmouth County Board of Freeholders, we are pleased the Court has affirmed the ability of the freeholders to conduct the business of the County and to address the pending time sensitive items.

“Our goal is to hold the meetings, originally scheduled for today, within the week.

“To not address and strengthen sexual harassment policies and expectations for all of our employees would be irresponsible, especially at this time.”

UPDATE: Curley’s attorney, Angelo Genova, issued the following statement in response to this article:

Mr. Gallagher: I just read your report regarding today’s proceeding . It is inaccurate and I commend you to change it to reflect what actually occurred. . First the Judge made no ruling, the parties settled by consent . The settlement was placed on the record by the judge and I suggest you secure the transcript and read it . The terms are:  1. Freeholder Curley’s  lawsuit continues without prejudice to either party to pursue and/or defend ; 2. Freeholder Curley withdrew ,without prejudice, his application for a TRO and Preliminary Injunction ; 3. The Freeholders are free to schedule an executive session and/ or public session at their discretion ; 4. The county must restore immediately all benefits and emoluments of Freeholder Curley’s  elected public office including staffing and full unfettered  access to the Hall of Records; 5. The Report and its rebuttal must remain under seal and confidential ; 6. Freeholder Curley’s counsel will be invited to appear before the Executive Session if not impeded by relevant law.

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6 Comments on “Monmouth County Freeholders prevail in federal court. Will reschedule Curley’s Censure”

  1. All Monmouth Replublicans! said at 3:36 pm on December 4th, 2017:


    Do us all a favor and exit stage left….IMMEDIATELY!

    Thanks in advance,
    The Voters

  2. so ummm said at 5:17 pm on December 4th, 2017:

    Hey I don’t mean to interrupt any good political fights, but are my property taxes going to be lower this week? Next week? Next year? Ever?

    Also, I went down to the beach to walk off my annoyance with the high property taxes, but the cost of going to Seven President’s beach went up too so I left; will the cost for a beach day drop?

    So I figured that I’d bring my dog to the free dog beach instead, because it is a free beach after all, but I got a fine for playing with my dog, at the dog beach. Any idea if some freedom is coming down the pike at the county parks?

    I tried to head over to Freehold to have a talk about this with the Freeholders but my bike got borrowed by the chef from Sawa and I haven’t seen it since. Maybe the Sheriff can do something helpful here?

    Thanks in advance,
    Other Voters

  3. Wow. said at 5:28 pm on December 4th, 2017:

    Score one for the bureaucracy. Guess we won’t know how bad the allegations were, to set such unprecedented actions into motion. Guess a person who votes on appointees to a jurisdiction has less power than those who live and die by those appointments. Interesting.

    Nevertheless, this a political nightmare that should not have happened. The ill winds of election, 2017 are still blowing hard, and down the necks of the GOP. Election, 2018 began on Nov. 8, we just did not know how much more planning, discussions and unemotional,smart moves are needed- now, more than ever. Word to the wise…

  4. Bureaucrats In Charge said at 7:27 pm on December 4th, 2017:

    This is a letter which just appeared in the APP.

    “I have known and worked with Monmouth County Freeholder John Curley for at least 10 years on the Monmouth County Human Relations Commission. Speaking only for myself, I have to confirm that he is an ethical, honest man. (“Sexual harassment allegation sparks censure vote against freeholder Curley,” Dec. 1.)

    Yes, Curley is a blunt, outspoken, gadfly who is willing to question authority; that is his strength. For example in the case of the former Brookdale president’s illegal actions, his fellow Republican freeholders were willing to ignore the evidence, but he persevered to uncover and redress the rot.

    As a victim of serious sexual abuse, I am always the first to call out such behavior. In this situation, however, I believe that Curley clearly has not received due process. Further, it appears that the charges by the county officials involved are due to a payback “male witch (wizard?) hunt.””

    Carolyn Schwebel, Middletown

  5. Robbie said at 6:24 am on December 5th, 2017:

    This is laughable. Serena is the perfect person to lead the charge since she is leaving and has nothing to lose. Lilian loathes him and Golden boy can claim he took a harsh stand against this sort of behavior, even taking on one of his own, as he build up his resume (massive local losses notwithstanding). Curly did this to himself but those he has pissed on over the years are all to happy to give him a shove on the way out. And there is more drama coming as no way John goes out quietly. Prediction is he takes a bunch of them down with him and then runs as a fierce independent in which he’s even more dangerous.

  6. It is just plain sad, said at 10:20 am on December 5th, 2017:

    not funny, that it all had to come to this. “Feelings” aside, be aware that the Democrats are laughing and salivating, at all of this, right now. I would caution the powers that be that, in their zeal to be “rid” of the man, you give lifetime healthcare, and we could run Ronald Reagan and our Lord and Savior next year, and lose two seats. That is such a volatile issue, it is cataclysmic! Think, please, don’t emote, of all the implications of your actions, in the next few weeks, and then beyond, to nominating a strong, qualified winner to replace DiMaso, and then another strong, qualified winner to run with that person, to WIN the two seats, and keep that board GOP, next November! It is simply Priority One!