Freeholders Postpone Curley’s Harassment Censure

The Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders have postponed the censure of Freeholder John P. Curley for harassing multiple County employees pending the outcome of proceedings in U.S. District Court in Trenton before Judge Brian R. Martinotti.

Curley filed a federal lawsuit against his fellow freeholders, County Counsel Michael Fitzgerald and County Administrator on Friday in which he asked the Court to issue a Temporary Restraining Order to prevent his censure.  Judge Matinotti did not issue the TRO but summoned the parties to Trenton for a conference on Monday morning.

Apparently confident of prevailing in federal court, the County said in announcing the postponements that the Special Meetings to update, expand and reinforce the County’s policy on the prohibiting workplace discrimination and harassment and to censure Curley would be rescheduled.

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12 Comments on “Freeholders Postpone Curley’s Harassment Censure”

  1. We’ll see said at 9:17 am on December 2nd, 2017:

    who prevails. He’s got a very good attorney..

  2. @Tim H said at 6:31 pm on December 2nd, 2017:

    If you think the loss of Legislative District 11 was due to the Chairman, you have a lot of learning to do. First, the Chairman doesn’t run the Legislative District Campaigns. Second, redistricting had an effect on LD 11 with the loss of Wall Township. Thirdly, it was a repudiation vote against Christie. Finally, as to local races, that’s the local Chairman’s responsibilities and the local candidates. Stop pissing and moaning about a great Chairman. If you want to blame someone, you can blame the State GOP which has a dismal record of fundraising and supporting statewide Candidates. If you think you can do better, why don’t you run for Chairman. Otherwise, shut up and sit down.

  3. JACK said at 7:23 pm on December 3rd, 2017:

    When you stand up for what is right and don’t cave like the Gutless GOP in this County, you make enemies. There is always a WHY behind Political hits. Why did a certain outgoing Freeholder get Health Care Paid for costing thousands of Tax payer Dollar , Why was Gary Rich pushed out , Why were some local Committee people in Wall pushed out, other GOP members suddenly appointed to Director of a State Agency, Why do we need to purchase an Airport , Who sent the Brookdale President and local Crooked Mayor to Jail. Sounds like the Enemies of my Enemies are not my Friends, The entire County Counsel Unit, Chairman and the illegally formed Office of professional Standards need the IG to look into their actions. They will find intimidation, veiled threats and illegal questioning methods. The two members also have Pensions combined of $200,000.00 So whose responsible to help them double dip. The mediocre County Counsel could not prosecute a slam dunk on a local POLICE CHIEF a few years back , blew the case and cost the tax payers another $15,000.00 The whole place is run like a deep state government, it stinks and it ain’t ovder till it’s over. Good Luck JC

  4. @Tim H said at 9:19 am on December 4th, 2017:

    Little do you know. The County and Legislative teams including volunteers were walking their tails off. Calls were made by the thousands. That’s not bad strategy. Prohibited from raising money? I have no clue what you are talking about there. And if you’re yammering about Christie not effecting Ocean County, LD11 isn’t in Ocean County. Tell me, how much did YOU do to help the effort or do you just complain behind a computer screen.

  5. No point said at 10:37 am on December 4th, 2017:

    in pointing fingers, now: whatever anyone did this year, against bad odds, it was obviously not enough: my understanding is, there used to be a party leaders meeting after election years ago, in which people got their concerns off their chests- good and bad experiences were shared, and ideas for improvement were discussed. Running a party can’t be a stop- start, knee- jerk, last- minute process: it never ends: like a year- long game, you need to have your first string always out there and engaged, but must keep your second and third strings involved and aware of the game plans, and constantly communicating and communicating, with all levels. It takes much detail, dedication and time, that many do not have to give. Yes, it starts at the top, but, all the electeds, all the local chairs and clubs, and all the volunteers have to be invloved, respected, yes, included, and rowing in the same direction towards winning, all year long. I hope there will be more meetings, and sharing-sessions,with less judgment and personality issues, going forward, besides just going fundraiser-to-fundraiser, and rather than hastily- assembled blitzes in late summer to election. We need to remember we are under constant and ongoing assault by big money, and big, bad Democrat ideas, and we need more people at all levels, who care about the cause, more than self, or we will fail.

  6. @No Point said at 11:44 am on December 4th, 2017:

    There always party leaders meetings to discuss such things and where better needs to be done

    @Tim H

    I forgot to mention to you the yearly campaign and candidate training schools and you seem to forget the damage that redistricting did to LD11 taking Wall Township out of the mix and what MILLIONS of dollars of liberal PAC money does.


    Gutless GOP?

    Hahahha. Again like what I’m waiting for from Tim H, tell me what YOU did for the county.

    How many doors did you knock on, how many signs did you put out, how many phone calls did you make?

    Paraphrasing JFK, “ask not what your county can do for you, ask what YOU can do for your county.”

    If you and Tim did such, fine. But if you didn’t, you have no room to complain.

  7. Until and unless said at 6:30 pm on December 4th, 2017:

    we all get past patting ourselves on the back for every little good thing we do, and look overall at each town’s situation, where the local chairs and committees are under- performing, (and losing) and look with a “jaundiced eye” at every phase of the nominating and elective processes, and make big changes/ adjustments, we are headed toward losing this county. Period. Some folks do a lot, some do a little, but too many do zip. How many “meetings” are held at local club meetings? ( how many local GOP clubs regularly meet any more? Do we even know that fact? Have we called all 53 and asked?) How many “ listening tours around the county do we actually do?”

    Training sessions are always good, but maybe they need to be held closer to a group of towns, not just in county hq. Maybe we could have each co- and vice chair schedule something in each region. Am just throwing out suggestions. The late Freeholder, Ted Narozanick, developed a “Help” Committee , wherein a group of county officials and volunteers would do a breakfast mtg in several diners around the county, and have the locals report on the good and bad things happening in their town. And offer them some suggestions and reinforce the concept of being one team focused on winning. We may need another training booklet and session for county committee people, rather than only dragging them out once or twice a year, to vote for the “flavor of the month” at statutory nominating conventions. All I am saying is, we can never rest or relent, the Dems/socialists are a cancer on our towns and county. They won’t stop with the money and harder work, until they win the big prize: the Monmouth County government majority, ( and Constitutional officers.) as it is in some three quarters of our counties, now.( only nine of them went for Kim, too.) If we cannot step out of our self- aggrandizement and be more honest with ourselves and each other, we are in for more sad and embarrassing defeats at all levels.

  8. @Until & Unless said at 6:52 pm on December 4th, 2017:

    Good Stuff.

  9. Still Waiting said at 9:02 am on December 5th, 2017:

    For Tim H & Jack to tell us what they did to help the effort this election season. Or, are they just armchair quarterbacks?

  10. @still, said at 10:09 am on December 5th, 2017:

    please, get over it: recriminations are useless, now. In the immortal words of the ( thank God) defeated Democrat Presidential candidate, “at this point, what difference does it make?!” We still took some bad losses, probably more than wins, and we need some corroborative course- corrections, at all levels, pronto. Again, just saying: “I did this, we did that, you didn’t,” has zero value, now. Plain truth is, it collectively, wasn’t enough.We are honestly now, in a party crisis we have not seen since the “ Bid Rig” disasters of 2005: those not around then, have no clue how painful it was, to go from 300 at a dinner to 75, and to lose control of the county: took 3 years to come back. Please, take warnings from those who know. It is time to toss the old playbook of the last couple of years , and write a new one: keeping the successful practices, but adding more, with much more local involvement, all around. Ignore the advice, and stay the same, at our party, and the taxpayers’ peril!

  11. @ @still said at 11:35 am on December 5th, 2017:

    Those that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I want to know if Tim H and Jack live in glass houses.

    They criticized someone and yet, who knows if they did something to help fix the problem.

    People deserve to know the context of their comments. Either they worked to help fix the problem or they didn’t. The later means they are arm chair quarterbacks.

  12. You will never said at 2:08 pm on December 5th, 2017:

    let go if that bone, obviously. Those who keep throwing blame without positive ideas for next time, are also part of the problem! We look back, in order to learn and re- think strategies, not to sit back and grouse about what already did not succeed. Give some good thoughts and ideas, and help the party move forward, not backwards!