Vincent Solomeno’s Lies

For the benefit of my readers from Hazlet who are still not convinced that Vincent Solomeno’s character assassination attempt on Mayor Sue Kiley is based upon outright lies, I visited Town Hall yesterday  to get the documentation which proves it.

As “proof” of his allegation that Kiley accepted an illegal campaign contribution from Maser Consulting during her first election in 2014 and then illegally appointed the firm Township Planner, Solomeno has been posting this clip of the Township’s pay to play ordinance:

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Solomeno is probably counting on voters not reading or understanding and just assuming he’s telling the truth because he posted a document. Here’s what he doesn’t want you to see or understand:

How do I know that Solomeno doesn’t want Hazlet voters to notice or understand the “fair and open” exception? When I brought it to his attention on his, he deleted my post and blocked me from making another:


So here’s what I discovered on my visit to Hazlet Town Hall:

In October of 2014, before Kiley was elected, the Township put out requests for proposals for professional services.  Submissions were due on December 3, 2014, a month before Kiley was elected.  Here’s a copy of the Township’s RFP:


Maser Consulting submitted four proposals:

  1. For Township Consulting Engineer 
  2. For Township  Planner
  3. For Land Use Board Engineer
  4. For Land Use Board Consulting Engineer

With each proposal, Maser included a sworn affidavit on non-collusion which states that the firm did not directly or indirectly enter into any agreement or take any action to restrain the fair and open competitive process.

Copies of the affidavits are here, here, here, and here.  One affidavit for each position bid on.

Thank you to Township Clerk Evelyn Grandi for your professionalism and courtesy.

While examining these documents yesterday, it occurred to me that in order for Solomeno’s allegation to be true, Township employees and professionals would have to be in on the fraud.  Solomeno’s bogus claim is not just an attack on Kiley and Maser’s integrity. It is a claim, that he knows is false, that attacks the integrity of the Township’s operations and the people responsible for the day to day running of Hazlet’s municipal government.  Shame on Vincent Solomeno.

Regarding Solomeno’s allegations that Kiley is corrupt because of her part time jobs, “secret meetings” with developers and the Holy Family School property, there is no need to dispute the documents that Solomeno posted on the only website his new company, Navesink Design LLC, has created.

The allegations are ridiculous.  If Kiley did have “secret negotiations” in 2015 with the developer who wants to build 280 units on the Holy Family property (she says they had lunch at Yesterdays with the developer’s attorney present) the “negotiations” obviously did not go well for the developer. Why would a developer turn around and file a builder’s remedy lawsuit if negotiations were going well or if they had untoward control of a Township Committee member?  Solomeno’s argument is absurd.

The Catholic Diocese of Trenton and the Holy Family Parish are not parties to the builder’s remedy lawsuit, as Solomeno and Committeeman Jim DiNardo have alleged, according to Township Attorney James Gorman.  Gorman said that the Township and the developer are the only parties to the lawsuit which was filed in 2015.

Kiley does not work for the Catholic Diocese of Trenton nor does she work for the Holy Family Parish.  She started working as the part-time administrator of the OLPH/St Agnes Catholic Parish in late September of this year, according to the pastor, Father Fernando Lopez.

Father Lopez told me this morning that the decision to hire Mayor Kiley was entirely his and that he did not consult with anyone in the diocese or in Rome, regarding the personnel decision.   Father Lopez also said that he has no involvement with Holy Family. “It’s not my parish,” he said.

By his conduct in his campaign, Vincent Solomeno for Hazlet Township Committee, Vincent Solomeno has disgraced himself and his party.  He owes Sue Kiley, her family, Richard Maser and his firm, and the employees and professionals of Hazlet an apology.  He should hope that the Kiley’s and Maser are forgiving because his slander is knowingly false and apparently malicious.

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