Interview with Hazlet Mayor Sue Kiley Part 2

In the second part of my interview with Hazlet Mayor Sue Kiley, she talks about 1) what she wanted to accomplish in her first term on the Township Committee, 2) what she did accomplish, and what she hopes to accomplish if Hazlet voters give her another three years.

Her opponent, Vincent Solomeno is up to his old tricks.  Last year when he was a candidate for Monmouth County Surrogate, Solomeno depicted Rosemarie Peters as incompetent, disengaged and indifferent to the concerns of seniors, orphans and grieving families.  He’s using the same playbook this year as he is using social media and mail to try to convince Hazlet voters that Kiley is corrupt and incompetent.

Kiley is much classier than I am.  She doesn’t want to go negative against the little creep.  I want him to lose by such a wide margin that should he ever consider running for office again, that even his grandmothers will think it’s a bad idea.

Click for more on Solomeno’s history as a serial losing candidate

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