Desperate Solomeno Takes His Hazlet Campaign To The Gutter

After being rejected by both his Party and Monmouth County voters, serial candidate Vincent Solomeno is desperate for a win.

The unemployed politician…Solomeno told the Asbury Park Press  he was a full time candidate when he ran for Monmouth County Surrogate last year and the owner of the electrical contractor he currently lists as his full time employer on LinkedIn told us she laid him off in July, after three months in that job… Solomeno was rejected by the Democrats when he sought the nomination for Freeholder in 2010,was ousted as the leader of the Bayshore Democratic Caucus in 2012 and he was the low vote getter..even in Hazlet…when he ran for County Surrogate last year.

Now, apparently thinking he is losing again in his attempt to unseat Mayor Sue Kiley on the Hazlet Township Committee, Solomeno’s campaign has launched a bizarre and deceitful website, HolyFamilyFacts, that slanders Kiley and a respected Monmouth County engineering firm, Maser Consulting.

On the website, Solomeno implies that Maser made an illegal campaign contribution to Kiley’s first run for Township Committee and was rewarded with an appointment as the Township’s planner. The site says that Maser “quietly” turned down the appointment after realizing that the contribution exceeded allowable limits.

The allegations are false and Solomeno knows it.  The Maser contribution was completely legal and disclosed by Kiley as required.  Maser’s appointment was made in response to the firm’s public bid for the position in response to a Request for Proposals issued by the Township, under the “Fair and Open” process.  The firm turned down the appointment as Township Planner because their bid to become the Township Engineer was not awarded. Maser wanted to be both the engineer and the planner.  When they lost the bid to become engineer, they made a business decision to turn down the planning position.

Solomeno’s website contains a cherry picked document dump regarding the Holy Family property on Route 36 and the Highview Homes, LLC proposal to build 280 residential units at the location.  With a confusing and false narrative that Kiley held inappropriate secret meetings. Solomeno alleges that  the mayor was operating illegally and outside of the best interests of Hazlet residents.

Most of the documents on Solomeno’s website apparently came from Highview Homes’ private files.

If Kiley was making an untoward deal with Highview Homes, why would they cut off negotiations with her and file a builders remedy law suit against the Township?  They filed a lawsuit because Kiley and her Republican colleagues on the Township Committee would not cave to their outrageous demands to overdevelop the Holy Family property. Highview hopes they will do better with a Judge than they will do with the Township Committee.  The litigation has been dragging on for two years.

What is apparent, and a perfect example of Solomeno’s duplicity, is that Highview Homes is supporting the Democrat’s effort to unseat Kiley. If Solomeno did not get Highview’s documents from the developer, he should tell Hazlet voters how he got them.

Solomeno has been bragging about “fighting developers and winning” as a member of the Hazlet Land Use Board.  It is not the job of a Land Use Board member to fight developers.  The job is to evaluate applications based upon evidence presented and the law.

What is very apparent is that Solomeno is doing the bidding of a developer who is involved in active litigation against Hazlet and who wants to cram far too many homes on the Holy Family property.

Hazlet Township Attorney James Gorman told MMM that Highview’s attorney, Richard Hoff of Bisgaier Hoff admitted on Sept 20th  that “the only way to solve this problem is politically.”  One month later, Highview’s documents appear on Solomeno’s website.

Vincent Solomeno owes Sue Kiley, Richard Maser and his firm and all Hazlet residents an apology.  He should immediately take down his dishonest website and due to obvious conflicts of interest, he should immediately resign from the Hazlet Land Use Board.

Vincent Solomeno should get a job and get out of politics.  He is not very good at it.


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