Vincent Solomeno’s Glass House…

…and his new worst nightmare…

By Art Gallagher

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones ~ Old English Proverb

In his desperate attempt to finally win an election, Vincent Solomeno, the unemployed* serial candidate from Hazlet who is challenging Mayor Sue Kiley’s reelection to the Township Committee, has been claiming that Kiley and the Republican majority are incompetent for various reasons, including the fact that sewer bills went out late earlier this year.

Solomeno is not nearly as competent as he makes himself out to be.

He has a long history of not mailing his own sewer bill correctly and on time.  There is currently a lien from a sewer bill recorded on his house for a late sewer bill, dating back to 2009.

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Solomeno’s sewer tax obligation went past due enough to be advertised for sale again in 2012.

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“So what? That was 5-7 years ago,” one might reasonably say.  As recently as three weeks ago, Solomeno was three quarters behind on his sewer bill.


Solomeno paid his sewer bill on October 4, after I called to ask him about it on October 3.  I called him because I’m fair and biased.  He flipped out and angrily denied there was a lien on his house or that he was currently past due. “The bill was only due on the first, two days ago,” he said before I informed him he was three quarters past due….again.

When Solomeno sent me proof that he paid his current bill on the 4th, he also sent a photo that he said proved that the lien on his house had been paid off.

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That was 23 days ago.  As of 6 p.m. on October 27, the lien is still being reported on the Monmouth County website.

Screen grab 10/27/17. Click for larger view


If, he did payoff the lien, Solomeno is not very competent at having it actually removed from his property records. That’s pretty sloppy, especially for someone with military training.

* Before yesterday, Solomeno’s LinkedIn profile listed his employer as an electrical contractor who told me they laid him off in July, after three months on the job.  Today his employer is listed on LinkedIn as Navesink Design LLC, which according to the NJ Business Portal, is a company started by Solomeno on September 19 with an office at Airport Plaza in Hazlet.  Airport Plaza’s website does not list the firm as a tenant.

The mailing address for Navesink Design LLC, according to the business registration, is P.O. Box 186, Hazlet, NJ, the same mailing address as Solomeno’s campaign.

The web domain NavesinkDesign.com was registered with godaddy on September 14, 2017.

The website says the firm “is a web design + digital marketing agency. We are the next generation of tech savvy leaders, empowering clients to communicate big ideas in a competitive world.”  The firm purports to offer WordPress web design, custom graphics and images, search engine optimization and social media management.

The site design is a WordPress template with stock art and graphics. Google Navesink Design to get a sense of their SEO ability. If the firm has facebook, twitter or instagram pages, I couldn’t find them.  There are no designated social media pages linked to the website.

Not very competent.

The domain NavesinkDesign.net opens to Mayor Sue Kiley’s facebook page.   Really incompetent.

Until this week, Solomeno was waging an issue oriented campaign.

Apparently, Solomeno realized that the campaign wasn’t working. This week, via social media and U.S. mail, he put his campaign into the sewer with a dishonest and vicious character assassination attempt of Sue Kiley.  His campaign is the most dishonest and disgusting of any campaign I’ve witnessed in 13 years of covering Monmouth County politics.

His early issue oriented campaign of depicting Kiley and her Republican colleagues as incompetent wasn’t working because he’s an inauthentic phony. He’s actively misrepresenting who he really is.  That comes through on his videos. He’s a phony and arrogant know-it-all.

When Solomeno called me back on the evening of October 3, after he verified that everything that I told him about the tax lien on his house and his delinquent sewer bills was true, he asked me not to write this story.  He said he wanted to keep the campaign on the issues.

I wasn’t going to write about his past due bills and liens.   He paid his past due bill and represented that he paid off the lien (even if the representation was a sticky note, I gave him the benefit of the doubt.)

But now that Solomeno has taken his campaign beyond trying to win an election and is trying to destroy the reputation of a genuinely good and generous person in Sue Kiley, I am going to write the truth about him.

I won’t lie about Mr. Solomeno, the way he is lying about Mayor Kiley.

“But what about your glass house, Art?!,” some of Solomeno’s supporters will very likely squawk.

I’m not running for office. I wouldn’t consider it until my life is back in order, if ever, given what I’ve gone through.  I won’t lie to destroy someone’s reputation.  Those are two things Vincent Solomeno should consider before seeking office again, especially given the Jesuit education he talked to me about on the phone on October 3.

Vincent Solomeno, after failing twice before, is attempting the win his first elected office.  The office he’s running for, Hazlet Township Committee, is a part time job that pays less than $5000 per year.

His only apparent source of income, according to the financial disclosure form he was required to file with the State of New Jersey as a member of the Hazlet Land Use Board, is the stipend he receives as a member of the National Guard, another part time job.  NJ requires that sources of income more than $2000 be disclosed.

According to his LinkedIn profile prior to October 26, Solomeno starting working for an electrical contractor in March of 2017.   He did not report that job, Senior Project Manager, on his financial disclosure form which was dated April 27, 2017.  That means, 1) that he did not earn $2000 as a Senior Project Manager in March and April, or 2) he lied on his financial disclosure, or 3) he lied on LinkedIn.

How many Senior Project Managers earn less than $1000 per month? It’s not a crime to lie on LinkedIn. We know he was misrepresenting himself on LinkedIn since July.

What ever the case may be, Vincent Solomeno is misrepresenting who he really is.

There is nothing in his background to suggest he is qualified to be one of five people who govern Hazlet and mail the sewer bills on time, fix the roads, balance the budget, attract businesses, fight developers, hire a garbage contractor or any of the other 10 steps he made up.

The only step that Solomeno should take now is down.  Step down and out of public life until you have a life, Vincent.

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  1. Lucille Lo Sapio said at 3:55 pm on October 30th, 2017:

    I see you’ve covered Sue Kiley’s campaign and several other Republicans running for office. But did you cover any Democratic campaigns, other than this story on Solemono?

    And is it true that you’ve been on Sue Kiley’s payroll? That is an important point, if true.