“Crazed Sex Poodle” Gore Coming To Rumson For Rush Holt

By Art Gallagher

Former Vice President Al Gore is coming to Rumson next week to stump and raise some cash for CD-12 Congressman Rush Holt.500x_0630_gorebig

Gore, who was called a “Crazed Sex Poodle”and a “big lummox” by Portland Oregon massage therapists Molly Hagerty when she accused him of groping her and painfully squeezing her nipples over her clothes during a massage at the Hotel Lucia in 2006, and the congressman who calls himself a Rocket Scientist will be having cocktails with supporters at the opulent mansion of Wall Street tycoon Thomas Unterberg on Sunday October 17, according to an announcement on Holt’s website.

Holt’s campaign  has made an issue out of his opponent Scott Sipprelle’s Wall Street career.  According to The Daily Princetonian, Holt sent an email to supporters bashing Wall Street and claiming he doesn’t “take big checks from them.”

… Holt’s reelection campaign has emphasized Sipprelle’s career on Wall Street. “It’s not news that a Wall Street multimillionaire would give himself a bonus, but it means that he’ll have the resources to try to distort Rush’s record of getting things done for Central New Jersey,” Holt’s campaign manager Sarah Stewart said in an April 16 e-mail to supporters.

“[Holt is] not working for the lobbyists. He’s not fighting to protect big banks and Wall Street. And he doesn’t get big checks from them. He has a broad base of support from real people with shared values,” she said.

Hmmm, the crazed sex poodle and the rocket scientist are coming to a Wall Street tycoon’s mansion not to take checks?

MoreMonmouthMusings surveyed area massage therapists to check on the likelihood of Gore getting a massage should he seek one while he is in the area.

Nicole Lerario, LMT, of A Kneaded Vacation Therapeutic Massage in Red Bank is a member of the Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce and the American Massage Therapy Association .  Nicole said she does not massage clients after 8PM in order to avoid confrontations like Hagerty had.  Lerario, who is licensed to practice massage in New York said she would work on any politician, “so that I can talk to them about having massage therapy covered by health insurance and about the importance of licensing massage therapists.”  She said New Jersey does not license massage therapists, but should because, “massage parlors and untrained women advertising body rubs makes life difficult for legitimate therapists.”

Michelle, who advertises in the Asbury Park Press classifieds as “PETITE PLEASURE MASSAGE 24 hrs., In/Out GSP 105”could accommodate the former Vice President after 8PM but “probably wouldn’t,” she told MMM, “When dirty laundry comes out about well known people, it comes out on the other people involved too.  Some people might like that, but I prefer to be more discreet and do my little thing.”

Annie of Fair Haven Therapeutic Massage also advertises in the APP. GRAND OPENING ASIAN STAFF, River Road, is how the ad reads.  There was something of a language barrier between Annie and I.  She wanted to know if Al Gore was the Vice President of Monmouth County, and she wanted to know if I would be coming with him for massagee. I told her I would not be joining Gore and that he was the former Vice President of the United States.  “Ooohhh,” she said, “we would be honored.”   Gore would have to visit Annie’s office, which is just down the road from the Unterberg estate.

Rosie advertises in the massage section of backpage.com
as ROSIE LATIN MASSAGE.  She said “No, I am not interested in doing that,” when asked if she would massage Al Gore.

Lorraine advertises ~*~*~ Holistic Massage & Reiki ~*~*~ by Female ~open 7 days on backpage.com.  She told me she would be happy to massage Gore, but that he would have to come to Manalapan and stay fully draped.

From this small sample, I get the distinct feeling that Northern Jersey Shore massage industry is not going to be stimulated by Gore’s visit.pood

Poor Al.  He’ll have to settle for the Wall Street checks that Holt says he doesn’t accept.

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