LD 12 Assembly candidate attempted to bribe a primary opponent into withdrawing from council election

LD 12 Assembly candidate Gene Davis. LD 11 Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling and Phil Murphy are in the background. photo via @DavisforAssembly

Gene Davis, one the of LD 12 Democrat Assembly candidates, asked his opponent in the 2010 Democrat primary for Linden’s 5th ward council seat to withdraw from that election in exchange for his pledge to support her and “give” her his council seat when his plan to be appointed mayor came to fruition, according to NJTODAY.

Rhashonna Cosby-Hurling, Davis’s opponent, turned down the bribe, recorded the conversation, defeated Davis in the primary and went on the be elected the first African-Amerian woman elected to the Linden City Council, Ward 5.

Here’s Cosby-Hurling’s recording:

“I am willing—and I am a man of my word—to stand behind you and give you the seat. That’s my right hand to God on my grandchildren,” Davis said on the recording during a February 2010 rally while his running mate, Linden Council President Robert Bunk, was announcing his candidacy for mayor of the Union County City.

Bunk also lost in the 2010 Linden primary.

Davis admitted the voice on the recording was his and apologized, according to a NJ.com report.

Rhashonna Cosby-Hurling, Linden City Councilwoman, Ward 5

The Assembly candidate did not return the message MMM left with his campaign manager.  Cosby-Hurling had a lot to say when we reached her on the phone.

“I can’t believe he got on the ballot,” Cosby-Hurling said, “that’s hilarious.”   “Is he opposed?” she asked. When informed  that he was running against two incumbents and was not favored to win, Cosby-Hurling said, “Oh good!”

“The people should know he is a very dishonest man,” the councilwoman offered. “When he lost the primary to me, he and his wife packed up and left town, moved to Jackson, but he kept collecting his councilman’s salary.”

“He accomplished nothing, absolutely nothing, in his nine years on the council,” she said. “He was a yes man to the administration.  What makes him think he can be a state lawmaker.”

Yes men is just what the Trenton Democrats and their special interest benefactors want in the legislature.

Davis owned and operated the White Crown Diner in Linden for twenty years.  He earned his bachelors degree in public administration from Kean University after moving to Jackson, according to his website.  Davis is a VIP member of the Worldwide Association of Notable Alumni. 

For several hundred dollars, you too could be a VIP member of WWANA.

The 12th legislative district is comprised of Allentown, Chesterfield,Englishtown, Jackson, Manalapan, Matawan, Millstone (Monmouth), New Hanover,North Hanover, Old Bridge, Plumsted, Roosevelt, Upper Freehold, Wrightstown.

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One Comment on “LD 12 Assembly candidate attempted to bribe a primary opponent into withdrawing from council election”

  1. Jim said at 11:31 am on September 8th, 2017:

    Gene Davis is a real, first-class asshole.

    Here in Jackson, we have a local “No-Knock” ordinance. If you register with the township, you are given a sticker to put on your screen door that says that you don’t want anyone to knock on your door. After you put that sticker on your door, if someone (e.g., a salesman) does knock on your door, they can be fined, as per the ordinance. Unfortunately, and for reasons that have everything to do with the First Amendment, people with a political or religious message are free to knock on your front door, the local ordinance notwithstanding.

    I have one of those stickers on my front door. Early one recent morning, Gene Davis pounded on my door like he was a cop about to kick the door in. When I opened the door, this smiling idiot, a Jackson resident himself, told me that he was running for a seat in the Assembly. He then started talking politics. I cut him off immediately. I pointed to the No Knock sticker and asked him if he saw the sticker. He said yes and told me that he was exempt from the law. I then told him that I don’t like people knocking on my door even if they are legally permitted to do so. I shut the door in his face.

    Do you know what this asshole did next? He started YELLING at my front door so that everyone in my condo, as well as my neighbors, could hear him. For a full minute — 60 seconds — this nut went on a rant yelling at a closed door. He was screaming that I didn’t know shit about the law and that I should go down to town hall and read the ordinance … yada, yada.

    Don’t vote for assholes. Don’t vote for Gene Davis.