Gopal Quits Dem Chairmanship To Challenge Beck For Senate

Vin Gopal resigned as Monmouth County Chairman in an email to Monmouth Democrats on Sunday night and announced that he is running for NJ State Senate against Senator Jennifer Beck in the 11th Legislative District.

In his email, Gopal, who was reelected Chairman last June, took credit for making Monmouth County politically competitive in the 4 1/2 years he’s been chairman.  He cited the victories of Assembly Members Joann Downey and Eric Houghtailing in the 11th district last year.  He claimed credit for increasing the number of Democrat mayors in the county from 14 to 23, over the last three years.

In this statement to the press which was published on Observer-PolitickerNJGopal said, “Monmouth County needs a Senator who will battle with the insiders in Trenton, not just show up and act like a puppet.”   Earlier on Sunday, Observer-PolitickerNJ reported that Gopal has had sitdowns in recent weeks with the ultimate Trenton insiders; South Jersey Democrat Boss George Norcross, Senate President Steve Sweeney and Phil Murphy of Middletown, the presumptive Democrat nominee for Governor.

As Monmouth Democrat Chairman, Gopal and his candidates have accepted millions of dollars in campaign contributions from special interest insiders.

The former campaign operative for Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich who proudly endorsed Hillary Clinton for President and Barbara Buono for Governor, Gopal is running for Senate as a conservative, according to his press release.

“I’ve felt the impact that Trenton’s over-regulation, suffocating taxation, and red-tape has on the Monmouth County economy and on the ability of families to make ends meet.”

Gopal also touted the fact that he was a volunteer Chairman and that he has gone without a paycheck because his business is not profitable enough to pay both his employees and himself.

Gopal’s resignation is effective on Wednesday, January 4 at noon.  Mary Foster will serve as Acting Chair until a new chairman is elected.

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4 Comments on “Gopal Quits Dem Chairmanship To Challenge Beck For Senate”

  1. Jimmy Jones said at 1:10 am on January 3rd, 2017:

    He will lose..thank goodness.

    The author is right, he has wheeled millions from Union and other counties to support losing candidates.

    He is not to be trusted. He shakes your hand with one hand and stabs you in the back with the other. I’ve seen it.

    Just another Dem who is tied to the unions and will support anything that gives them more of our money.

  2. Barry said at 8:55 am on January 3rd, 2017:

    I guess this provides Hornik the ability to take over the County Dem leadership with a handpicked chair.

  3. Forewarned is forearmed- said at 9:19 am on January 3rd, 2017:

    he and the whole band of new generation Dems get very well- funded, and know no low level to which they will not sink, to win. Jen needs two credible and experienced running- mates, a clear message, and a lot of money, in order to fend off what will likely be a nasty, expensive, personal race.

  4. Serena said at 10:08 am on January 3rd, 2017:

    George Norcross controls Gopal. This will be a huge mistake for North Jersey. Norcross will have power in the North of this puppet gets in