McKenna Slams Singer’s Endorsement Of Flancbuam In LD 30 Race, Questions Candidate’s Qualifications

By Bob McKenna

Bob McKenna

So there it is, finally out in the open. In his comments to MMM regarding his endorsement of Mr. Flancbaum for the LD 30 Assembly position, Senator Singer is quoted as saying, “ I had to defend my county “ ( Ocean ). I’m confused, I thought this Assembly seat, as well Senator Singer’s position, was about the representation at the state level of the residents, businesses and taxpayers of the 14 municipalities comprising LD 30, 12 of which are in Monmouth County.

To date, I don’t recall seeing anyone writing or saying “ this is a Monmouth County seat “, despite the fact that it always has been and that 12 of the 14 towns are in Monmouth County.

Yes, I am a Wall Township County Committee member ( and yes, a former Mayor, Township Committeeman and Municipal Chairman ) but I write this as one of those residents, and business owner and taxpayer, of LD 30; I thought this abbreviated election process was about selecting the most qualified, the most experienced individual to represent all of LD 30, not what County someone is from.

In his endorsement of Mr. Flancbaum, Senator Singer cites Mr. Flancbaum’s “ youth and energy “, wonderful traits to be sure and both of which I wish had more of. I don’t know Mr. Flancbaum and only yesterday did I receive a letter and resume from him, resulting in two very obvious questions anyone would ask that the Senator,  since he is an active Commissioner of the Lakewood MUA, of which Mr. Flancbaum is Executive Director, could have easily addressed.

One, Mr. Flancbaum’s resume makes no reference whatsoever to any educational background, a standard staple of any resume. It does show that he went to work for Thompson Grove Associates , a small construction company owned by a Sam Flancbaum, at age 17 or 18 and worked there until his appointment in 2009 at age 28 as the Executive Director of the Lakewood MUA. It may of interest to voters to know what Mr. Flancbaum’s professional credentials were; engineering, technical, public administration, whatever, that qualified him for that initial appointment which the Senator could have addressed.

Two, more importantly, the Senator should most certainly have addressed this fact and how he reconciles it; Mr. Flancbaum is a full-time public employee employed by a governmental agency , the Lakewood MUA, with a compensation package of an annual salary of approximately $125,000 + plus benefits. As a Commissioner of the Lakewood MUA, how does the Senator reconcile the fact that his full time Executive Director of the MUA would now be spending considerable time away from his job serving as an Assemblyman in Trenton. Or for that matter, how do the taxpayers of LD 30 reconcile the fact that their potential Assemblyman has a full time public employee job dedicated to serving the ratepayers of the Lakewood MUA.

With November just a few months away Senator Singer needs to be reminded that he is supposed to represent the interests of ALL 14 towns in LD 30, not just “ my county “.

Bob McKenna is the interim Republican Municipal Chairman of Wall Township. Dave Rible resigned as Chairman upon becoming the Director of ABC.

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5 Comments on “McKenna Slams Singer’s Endorsement Of Flancbuam In LD 30 Race, Questions Candidate’s Qualifications”

  1. Kathy Baratta said at 1:55 pm on August 11th, 2017:

    Singer’s voting bloc turned him into an American despot. He has gotten used to answering to no one but the bloc and getting away with it. He’s so entrenched in that bloc, he could run someone over with his car (more than once) and get re-elected.


    Good for Mr. McKenna.

  2. See You in SC, Dave! said at 5:57 pm on August 11th, 2017:

    It’s like I can predict the future!


    See you in SC, Dave! said at 5:51 pm on June 16th, 2017
    “Singer & Co, probably have Dave’s replacement from Lakewood already selected.”

    For those who don’t know what Kathy is talking about, the voting bloc being mentioned is the Jewish community, in Lakewood.

    Future prediction: I hold losing tickets for the Mega Millions drawing, go ahead and bet your life savings that I have that right too.

  3. Why o why said at 10:31 pm on August 11th, 2017:

    does it always have to be about which big shot gets “their guy?” The egos we endure during these processes are so wearing! Here’s a novel idea: hold the damn meeting, let the folks hear them all, and let the people pick one, this time!! Lord!!

  4. Nance-ellen Draper said at 7:48 pm on August 13th, 2017:

    From day one, we the Wall Township County Committee (CC) have not been a part of this process. We did not vote for our Interim GOP Chairman (Bob McKenna), he appointed himself. We did not pick Ned Thomson or meet to discuss any candidates for LD30. McKenna and his “team” did. At the last CC meeting, we were told by McKenna not to address the “elephant in the room” but to unite and move on. In case anyone has forgotten, the “elephant in the room” was that there were two separate political caucus meetings held in private at the home of Dave Rible to discuss township business, which included Wall’s Township Committee, Dave Rible and Attorney Roger McLaughlin (close friend of Ned Thomson). Rible and McLaughlin talked about firing Jeff Bertrand (Wall Administrator) and Sean Kean (Wall Twp Attorney). They also talked about Wall taking over Monmouth Airport (Wall’s largest tax revenue). What exactly IS the plan for the airport? You own business property on the airport, don’t you Bob? Thomson is a pilot (read his brochure). The one Committee person (Ann Marie Conte) who confronted Rible and walked out of the last meeting, is being removed from the Township Committee. McKenna and his “team” ran someone against this three term Committeewoman/twice Mayor, and somehow managed to win that primary. (Google: APP Wall illegal meeting).

    And Howell Township, PAY ATTENTION, if the Monmouth Airport becomes an Authority, this will affect your property taxes, as well as Wall. We will have no control whatsoever for what goes on at the airport when it becomes an Authority with McKenna and his “team” in control. Don’t trust it.

    Bob, you and your “team” do not want CC Members who care that our party is run with integrity, legitimacy, and transparency (your words); you want PUPPETS. To all CC Members in LD30, do what’s right and vote for the candidate who will work for ALL Republicans, that is our responsibility. It’s not being puppets for those who are looking for total party control and personal gain. I wonder how many involved here have been either promised jobs or threatened in some way, in order to keep their mouths shut. Shameful.

    Oh, and Senator Singer’s endorsement for Ned Thomson as you mentioned in one of your emails sent 8/4/17 to our CC, what happened Bob? Another political lie? Again I ask, where is the transparency?

    Nance-Ellen Draper
    Member of Wall Township County Committee

  5. Troubled waters said at 8:13 am on August 14th, 2017:

    in Wall means election trouble for local, county and state Republicans. As is with Howell, inter- party squabbles and deals are weakening once-solid GOP voting blocs. It used to be, when this county was more Republican, when one of the larger munis had issues, we could count on other combinations of GOP vote pockets, to carry the day. With more towns having Democrats succeeding for mayor and council seats, it appears we will soon begin to fall short. Another warning to those who are heavy- arming people, with selfish, misguided purposes: one has to look no further than the D.C. “Swamp” to see what happens when GOP egos and agendas take priority over leadership, teamwork, and shared positive purpose: we LOSE! Please wake up, guys- we are basically only two elections away from a Hudson, Essex, or Passaic, for heaven’s sake!