Turnout will determine the LD 30 Assembly race

Bean, Flancbaum and Thomson

If a quorum of the the 30th district GOP County Committee members show up at the convention at the IBEW Local #400 union hall tonight, a new member of the State Assembly will be elected.   122 Committee members must show up for the convention to proceed.

The winner must get 50% +1 of the delegates present to vote for him.

Of the three candidates to replace Dave Rible in the Assembly and on the ballot in November, former Belmar Councilman Jim Bean, Lakewood MUA Executive Director Justin Flancbaum, and former Wall Mayor Ned Thomson, only Bean is confident of victory going into the convention.

“I think I’m going to  win,” Bean told MMM. “I’ve gone peddle to the metal in this short campaign and spoken to over half the county committee members.  The voters are responding to my message that conservatism is the solution to our problems in Trenton and that we need a legislator to fight for the middle class.”

Bean’s only public endorsement came from Common Sense for Belmar blogger Dave Schneck.

“I wish I could guarantee you that I was going to win,” Flancbaum said. “I think it will be very close. When it’s over, we’ll all shake hands.”  Flancbuam said he expects most of the 65-70 Lakewood county committee members to show up and to vote for him.

Flancbaum has been endorsed by Senator Robert Singer.

Flancbaum rejected the notion that his service in the legislature would be compromised by his relationship with Singer, who, as Chairman of the Lakewood MUA, is Flancbaum’s boss. “I don’t see it that way,” he said. “Senator Singer has been Chairman of the MUA long before I got there.  He supports my candidacy.”

Flancbaum’s father, Samuel, is also a Commissioner of the Lakewood MUA.

Thomson said the thinks he wins if the convention goes to a second ballot. “If Howell shows up, we should be OK,” Thomson said.  Howell GOP Chairman Juan Malave has endorsed Thomson and is encouraging his members to show up and vote.  “In Wall, there is a faction that won’t vote with the local Chairman, who ever it is,” the former Wall mayor said.   Thomson has the support of interim Wall Republican Chairman Bob McKenna and three of five members of the Wall Township Committee.  Additionally, Assemblyman Sean Kean and the Brielle County Committe have publicly endorsed Thomson.

Thomson has been going door to door throughout the district delivery in his message of reform for New Jersey’s affordable housing policies which he says will be his top priority during his first term in the Assembly, should he be elected.  “A lot of people are on vacation.  Filling vacancies is the most important duty of the County Committee.  I hope the members show up tonight,” he said.

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2 Comments on “Turnout will determine the LD 30 Assembly race”

  1. Best of luck said at 1:35 pm on August 14th, 2017:

    to Mr. Bean!!!

  2. Tom said at 5:52 pm on August 14th, 2017:

    100% Jim Bean. Nuts to these establishment candidates. Party bosses have been choosing our candidates forever and look what they all do. Rible, Singer, & Kean all voted for the gas tax. They get in line when told to, and NJ loses.