Senator Singer: Gopal is no friend of Howell

Senators Robert Singer and Vin Gopal

Senator Robert Singer, Howell’s Republican state Senator for many years, warned Howell voters against taking the text messages from the young Democrat freshman senator, Vin Gopal, seriously.

“Senator Gopal is an ambitious young man with misplaced priorities,” Senator Singer said. “Gopal’s district has the highest level of gun violence of all of Monmouth County and the smelliest dump in all of New Jersey.  The young senator should focus on his own district’s serious problems instead of lying to my constituents with text messages in support of his puppet, Mayor Theresa Berger.

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Why Amazon Did Not Choose New Jersey

By Senator Robert Singer

Senator Robert Singer

A whopping 238 cities across the United States sought to be the home of Amazon’s second headquarters, dubbed “HQ2.” Of all city applicants, Newark, New Jersey offered Amazon the largest tax benefits in the country. Regardless of being one of twenty cities to make the final cut, Newark was passed over by Amazon not once, but twice. It speaks volumes that a package of tax incentives totaling $7 billion could not entice Amazon to choose New Jersey.

Our state’s prime geographic location, diverse workforce, state-of-the-art infrastructure, convenient transportation, and best-in-the-nation schools should have made the Garden State an easy sell. The New Jersey Legislature’s successful bipartisan effort to top all other competing tax incentive offers nationwide should have made the Garden State an easy choice. The competition was fierce to court HQ2, and New Jersey was in play.

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McKenna Slams Singer’s Endorsement Of Flancbuam In LD 30 Race, Questions Candidate’s Qualifications

By Bob McKenna

Bob McKenna

So there it is, finally out in the open. In his comments to MMM regarding his endorsement of Mr. Flancbaum for the LD 30 Assembly position, Senator Singer is quoted as saying, “ I had to defend my county “ ( Ocean ). I’m confused, I thought this Assembly seat, as well Senator Singer’s position, was about the representation at the state level of the residents, businesses and taxpayers of the 14 municipalities comprising LD 30, 12 of which are in Monmouth County.

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Singer Endorses Flancbaum In LD 30 Assembly Race

Senator Robert Singer and Justin Flancbaum

Senator Robert Singer answered Assemblyman Sean Kean’s endorsement of former Wall Township Mayor Ned Thomson to replace Dave Rible in the State Assembly and on the ballot in November with an endorsement of Justin Flancbaum, the Executive Director of the Lakewood Municipal Utility Authority.

Singer told MMM that his endorsement of Flancbaum was prompted by Kean’s nod to Thomson.  “I intended to stay out of the race,” Singer said in a phone interview, “but when Sean jumped in, I had to defend my county.”

Singer is a former mayor of Lakewood.

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