Christie to announce $200 million to fight opioid crisis

TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie will announce this week $200 million in new initiatives to target the opioid crisis, primarily designed to overhaul addiction services, as he makes a final push on the issue he hopes will define his legacy. In a 90-minute interview with NJ Advance Media on Friday, Christie said the funding will be…

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One Comment on “Christie to announce $200 million to fight opioid crisis”

  1. Not being too great at math, said at 5:04 pm on September 21st, 2017:

    adding this to his $300 mil + to renovate an embarrassing, crumbling Statehouse, I come up with at least another half billion$$ we certainly do not have. Which begs the question: where does he get all that? Oh, more bonding into eternity? With at least 10 bond rating downgrades during his lackluster 7+ years, how much more will that cost us in outrageous new interest rates and debts? And, the other one is: why bother now, pal? Too late- your pres. ambitions derailed your whole tenure, here. It’s over. Please, stop, now!