Radical National Dem Leaders Coming to Monmouth to Support Gopal

When he was Monmouth Democrat Chairman, Vin Gopal made no secret of his desire to turn Monmouth County into Essex and Hudson Counties south. Now that he is a candidate for State Senate, Gopal is embracing the radical alt-left leaders of the national Democratic Party and enlisting their support for his campaign.  DNC Chairman Tom Perez and Deputy Chair Keith Ellison will be in Asbury Park this afternoon to rally support for Gopal. The radical Democrat leaders will also be making stops in New Brunswick and Newark, according to published reports and an email blast by Congressman Frank Pallone.

National Democrats dumped their previous leaders, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile because they got caught cheating during the 2016 presidential campaign. The new leaders of the Democratic Party are dangerous radicals.  The Progressive (alt-left) wing of the Democratic Party displaced the more moderate “establishment” when Tom Perez and Keith Ellison took over, according to alt-left MotherJones.com

As Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division during the Obama/Holder regime, Tom Perez, the new DNC Chairman, dropped the voter intimidation charges against the New Black Panther Party soldiers who stood armed outside a Philadelphia polling place during the 2008 election.  He told investigators that he believed the Voting Rights Act does not apply to White people. Perez quashed a $200 million whistleblower case as a quid pro quo to prevent a discrimination case that the Obama Administration did not to be heard by the Supreme Court from moving forward.  As both Assistant Attorney General and Secretary of Labor, Perez used a personal email account to dodge accountability and he ignored and mislead Congress.  (Source: 5 Scandals That Could Hurt Democrats if Thomas Perez Is Their VP Pick)

Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota is everything Republicans thought Obama was, according to MotherJones.

Monmouth County’s Democrats, led by Congressman Frank Pallone and Gopal, have telegraphed their intention to make the 2017 election in the 11th legislative district about race and about the Trump administration.  They know they can’t beat Senator Jennifer Beck on local and state issues.

At a Black History Month celebration last month, Pallone declared that “Trump is a racist,” according the the Asbury Park Press. Gopal’s sycophantic running mates, Assembly Members Eric Houghtailing and Joann Downey, were on hand to flame the racist flames.

Perez and Ellison coming to Monmouth County is another signal that local Democrat leaders are embracing the racially divisive/anti-law enforcement rhetoric of the national Democratic radicals.

By the numbers, Pallone and Gopal know that they need an emotional minority voter turnout in LD 11 in order to defeat Beck and retain Houghtailing’s and Downey’s obedience in the Assembly come November.

Local Democratic and minority leaders in Long Branch, Asbury Park and Neptune Township should be on the lookout for and resist any attempt by outsiders, like Perez and Ellison, and their local accomplices, Pallone and Gopal, inflaming racial tensions in their communities.  They won’t think twice about inflaming the community for political purposes and then leave the local leaders to heal the wounds and otherwise clean up the mess.

Republicans, in Monmouth County and statewide, should compete for minority votes by making the case that Democrats’ policies are holding back minority communities, by promoting the prosperity of a flourishing economy, schools that actually educate minority children and by patiently yet aggressively recruiting minorities into the Party.  This year, in the 11th legislative district, would be a good year to start that effort.


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5 Comments on “Radical National Dem Leaders Coming to Monmouth to Support Gopal”

  1. Wow- said at 10:54 am on March 31st, 2017:

    now that is scary. Last thing we want is for those leftists to know we even exist. Interesting Vin seems to have that kind of pull- my guess is, we aren’t very likely to see the GOP leaders in here, though with only Va. and NJ electing governors this year, it’d be nice if we weren’t left hanging.. If a lot of money comes with them, we need to be very afraid.. Our changing demographics, and what we used to comically refer to as ” the interlopers” continually moving down here, bringing their Dem voting habits with them, make us more ripe for the picking.. Because there is very little that can be criticized about our fine county, am not as worried, there.. but in D. 11, that’s a frightening ball of wax: a Christie-GOP backlash could leave us with so few legislators next January, we could look like a mini-California- but without the scenery and the grapes.

  2. PS: said at 11:03 am on March 31st, 2017:

    And, Pallone has gone from being a wimpy, do- nothing state senator and congressperson, to being a mean, grumpy, vindictive, leftist-activist- watching him (and that weird and unimpressive Booker) the few times they are on tv, one wonders if that’s the best we can do in NJ for representation: it is both embarrassing and pathetic! And, without term limits, our drone voters will surely never replace them!

  3. Morris Whittemore said at 11:22 am on March 31st, 2017:

    don’t you have anything better to do than to distort the views of national democratic leaders in an effort to stoke racial fears? why not spend some ink on how your party will recover its credibility when it has a president who is unable to utter a single word of truth?

  4. Not gonna fly! said at 3:59 pm on March 31st, 2017:

    You cannot keep relying on the old, all-too- familiar playing of the race card, the moment anyone criticizes the record and performance of any elected official, whatever their race or ethnicity happens to be! Most of America is plain sick of that cop- out, and it is fine with us if you don’t- can’t- won’t accept the truth, that the last 8 years not only broke us with the most useless and dangerous pike- on debt ever, it broke our spirit as a nation. You wanna go ahead and be satisfied, believing and spewing all the regular mainstream drivel, go right ahead: many of us will continue to fight it, till our last breath!

  5. already Hudson County south said at 4:10 pm on March 31st, 2017:

    How can Republicans talk about Hudson and Essex when they give 2 big county jobs to Hudson county Democrats? Deputy County administrator Jeff Perslay and county counsel Steve Kleinman.