Beck Endorses O’Scanlon For Senate

beck-oscanlon-school-funding-fb-1Senator Jennifer Beck announced her endorsement of Assembly Declan O’Scanlon for the 13th district senate seat being vacated by Senator Joe Kyrillos.

“Declan was my running-mate when we first ran for the Assembly together in 2005” said Beck. “I had known him for years prior, but I learned during that hard fought campaign what a tireless worker he is and saw first hand his dedication to the residents of New Jersey”

“Declan showed that he is a leader early in his stint in the Assembly, being named Assembly Republican Budget Officer before the end of his second term. He commits himself to knowing all facets of a given policy before he makes a decision. There is no legislator that has been more focused on our looming budget issues or who has proposed more comprehensive solutions” Beck explained. “Assemblyman O’Scanlon stands tall above all other candidates for the State Senate and I look forward to having Declan join me in the upper house of the legislature”.

So far the only other announced candidate for the 13th district senate seat is Assemblywoman Amy Handlin.

For weeks Middletown Mayor Gerry Scharfenberger has been sitting on an “imminent” announcement of his candidacy to leapfrog O’Scanlon and Handlin and seek the senate nomination rather than assembly seat that will be vacated by either of the assembly members moving up. Scharfenberger has an issue with his job as the Director of the New Jersey Business Action Center- Office of Planning Advocacy which has prevented him from announcing.

Beck was one of the most prominent and vocal opponents of the the gas tax increase implemented last month.  Her endorsement of O’Scanlon is a signal that the gas tax will not be the litmus test for the senate nomination that Handlin has been touting.

O’Scanlon thanked Beck for her support stating, “I am honored to have Jen’s endorsement and I think this speaks volumes to the support we are assembling. There are few elected officials that are more respected than Senator Beck. Residents here in Monmouth County know first hand how significant this endorsement is”.

Disclosure: Art Gallagher, publisher of MoreMonmouthMusings, is an adviser to Declan O’Scanlon

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5 Comments on “Beck Endorses O’Scanlon For Senate”

  1. Marlboro Male said at 2:25 pm on December 20th, 2016:

    He’s the most qualified if you’re looking for someone to raise the gas tax.

    What a hypocrite – Beck says she opposes raising the gas tax and then supports this guy??

  2. Agreed Marlboro Male! said at 4:15 pm on December 20th, 2016:

    This is the so-called “fiscal conservative” Declan O’Scanlon that represents my town in Trenton. This is a man that claims he looks out for the taxpayer. What a joke!

    I have contacted his office on several occassions regarding several issues pending in Trenton, Declan, nor his staff, have not gotten back. Poor consituent service if you ask me. I guess he represents ONLY his supporters. Amy Handlin has always gotten back to me, whether or not she disagreed with my viewpoint.

    This man has voted as per the orders of his friend, Governor Chris Christie, regarding the Gas Tax, despite overwhelming opposition to the gas tax. Did anyone hear Declan’s weak and poor excuse for raising the gas tax on 101.5 radio with Diminsky and Doyle? Anyone hear what Bill Spadea has to say about Declan O’Scanlon??

    He recently supported the Christie “Revenge Bill,” and failed to condemn the relaxation of the ethics law which would have permitted Christie to profit from writing a book while on duty as governor. Where was Declan’s outrage when Christie was getting a full time salary while being out of state campaigning for another job??? Tell your boss your looking for a job on his dime and see what he says.

    Where was Declan’s outrage when Christie–who was never charged in Bridgegate–created cover for himself by having state taxpayers payout 11 million dollars for the phony Mastro Report. Investigators with the Christie friendly law firm NEVER interviewed the key prinicpals in the matter. Matter of fact, one of the lawyers in the firm even conducted a fund raiser for Christie. How does one spell CONFLICT OF INTEREST?

    Declan refused to say anything about his friend and political ally Chris Christie placing unqualified cronies in newly created positions at six-figures in state agencies. He placed David Wildstein in a Port Authority position (despite five years of built in toll increases), and he placed Micheal Drewniak in a NJ Transit position (despite a 9% fare increase).

    Where the hell was Declan’s outrage?? Where was his voice for his constituents??

    He looked for Governor Christie–not his constituents!

    Now this man wants a promotion to state Senator??? Give me a break!

    No Gas Hike; No O’Scanlon; No Problem!!

    —–You know who this is

  3. Art Gallagher said at 4:34 pm on December 20th, 2016:

    We know who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.

  4. One Issue Voter said at 5:36 pm on December 20th, 2016:

    Declan O’Scanlon has been a leading and rare voice for our Constitutional rights in Trenton.

    Try not to have a short memory or a “what have you done for me, lately” mentality. Republicans have President Trump, a majority in the US House, a majority in the US Senate, a majority of state Governors. Now is the time for Republicans to advance the cause for federal and state laws to adhere to the Constitution and protect the 2nd Amendment which has been eroded by years of the Clintons, Chuck Schumer, Obama, and their fellow democrats in Trenton.

    Unless another, stronger, proven advocate appears — Declan O’Scanlon has my support, because he’s earned it, and should have the support of all Republicans who respect the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.

  5. Steve Adams said at 5:43 pm on December 20th, 2016:

    Declan Delivers… When Sandy hit our towns volunteer emergency services there were plenty of politicians that showed up for photo ops, then didn’t answer their phones to help.

    Declan was always available and always providing help and solutions.

    I know Declan has values that represent my family’s values so he has earned our votes with his history of hard work.