Goofy Gopal Denies Accusing Monmouth GOP, MoreMonmouthMusings of Paying Belmar Protesters

photo via facebook

photo via facebook

Monmouth County Democrat Chairman Vin Gopal drew more attention to the grassroots uprising of Belmar residents against the policies of their mayor, “Lawless Matt” Doherty, yesterday with a post on the Monmouth Democrats facebook page denying the Observer (formerly PolitickerNJ) article that reported that he and Doherty accused the Monmouth GOP and this website of paying protesters to demonstrate outside Doherty’s house during a campaign fundraiser last week featuring Senator Cory Booker.

Story about the protest at Mayor Doherty’s home. While nowhere in our press release did we say that County GOP paid protesters, we did say that the County GOP promoted the paid protest at a candidate’s private residence where his wife and young children also reside.

If a Democrat was paid to do that at the homes of Freeholders Tom Arnone or Serena DiMaso, we would fire and disassociate our Party from that person and issue a statement saying it is wrong to go to people’s homes. It is a shame our opponents have not done that. We certainly would not promote that activity.

The GOP’s choice to promote this type of activity shows what is wrong with politics.

MMM never saw Gopal’s press release. He stopped sending them to us because we fact check them and then report when he lies.

Arnone and DiMaso have not publicized political fundraisers at their homes.  What would demonstrators protest against Arnone and DiMaso? Cutting taxes and spending? Excellent services?  AAA bond rating?

Doherty accused the Belmar and Monmouth GOP of staging the protest at his home in a facebook post on Friday.


Doherty is a kitten. Kitten, kitten kitten. If he and his tough as nails political operative wife, Maggie Moran, do not want their children exposed to peaceful political protest, they should not be hosting highly publicized political events at their home.

The irony of Doherty and Moran’s complaints about the presence of protesters is rich. During the Democratic National Convention, Moran announced her financial support of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz when the news broke that the former Democratic National Chairwoman authorized payments for protesters to disrupt the Bernie Sanders for President campaign.

Dirty Doherty and Goofy Gopal are basing their claim that the protesters were paid on an alleged email they claim was sent to Doherty by the young man pictured above. MMM has asked Doherty and Gopal to produce the email.  They have ignored the request.

There is no evidence that the protesters at the Doherty fundraiser were paid.  If Gopal and Doherty continue making that claim, he should produce the evidence.

Neither the Belmar Republicans or the Monmouth County Republicans had anything to do with the protest.  Doherty wants Monmouth County voters to entrust him with their county government and its $400 million + budget despite his terrible record in Belmar. That grassroots Belmar residents are protesting the mayor’s actions against a local small business and his favoritism to his campaign donors is certainly newsworthy.

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2 Comments on “Goofy Gopal Denies Accusing Monmouth GOP, MoreMonmouthMusings of Paying Belmar Protesters”

  1. Gopal's Personal Blog said at 7:42 am on August 17th, 2016:

    PolitickerNJ is little Vinny and Dirty Doherty’s personal blog. They publish whatever drivel they send over word for word. Now, they get the story wrong and it backfires, and little Vinny gets his shorts in a knot. Sometimes when you play with fire, you get burned.

    Hey Vin…let Maggie do all the spin, media relations, heavy lifting, and work in general. You keep having lunch with Fulop and looking important.

  2. Theresa M. Pierce said at 10:23 pm on August 17th, 2016:

    Being a Republican I can tell you none of us were approached to picket. I have lived in this house for 53 years and have never seen a
    Picket or politics the way they are now in this town. We have been named obstructionists, terrorists,nay sayers and the element all printed in the APP and The Coast Star for not
    supporting the Mayor. We are millions of dollars in debt because we have not had a tax increase in 6 years not one penny it sounds good but it doesn’t work. So no pickets I swear.