More Lawlessness from Dirty Doherty

Doherty fundraiser 081016Belmar Mayor “Lawless Matt” Doherty just can’t stand the fact that residents of his community had the audacity to gather in front of his home to protest the fact that his administration is screwing over one small business in town while he his arranging for a major donor to his freeholder campaign land a helicopter in a borough park while patronizing another business.


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His dirtiness sent an end of summer letter to Belmar voters complaining about the protest and blaming it on dangerous Republicans.  This, after Monmouth Democrat Chairman Vin Gopal backtracked on his false allegations that the Monmouth GOP and this website organized the protest and paid protesters.

If you click on the letter, you’ll notice that Doherty mentions his campaign for freeholder. You’ll also notice that there is no paid for disclosure, as is required for campaign literature.  The letter is political campaign piece and Doherty is required to disclose how it was paid for.

This is not nearly as big a deal as Doherty’s other blatant illegal actions in violation of Court Orders.  We only point it out to 1) remind Monmouth County voters that a candidate for freeholder thinks he’s above the law and 2) because Doherty obviously wants to voters to know how upset his is, even if his upset is clearly misplaced.

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2 Comments on “More Lawlessness from Dirty Doherty”

  1. pretty sure said at 7:58 am on September 6th, 2016:

    i’m pretty sure that people, from all parties and walks of life, protest in front of Mr. President’s home on Pennsylvania Ave every day all day. I guess Lawless Matt is just above everyone?

  2. Theresa said at 12:09 pm on September 6th, 2016:

    Art, stop stalking this guy. You are starting to sound as nutty as Jim Sage.