Vin Gopal and the Democrats’ plan for taking over Monmouth County

We’ve been reporting for years on how Monmouth County Democrat Chairman Vin Gopal has been raising special interest money in Trenton as well as from Hudson and Essex Counties so that he can take over our beautiful county, pave it over and award contracts and patronage jobs to his benefactors.  Fortunately, he’s had limited success.

Now, thanks to Hudson County View, we have the chairman on tape sharing the next step of his plan.  The money is not enough, he needs to bring voters into the county courtesy of the Hudson County boss, Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto.

A joke! Vin will likely protest. But is it?

In Belmar, home of Lawless Matt Doherty, the mayor and contender for the Democrat nomination for Freeholder in the June 7 primary, there have been credible allegations of North Jersey Democrats with summer homes in the borough switching their voter registration to vote for Doherty and the high dollar bond referendums he has been pushing on the community. That doesn’t happen by accident. The bennys don’t sit on the beach or around the BBQ and suddenly say to themselves, “Hey, why don’t we register to vote here?”

There have been similar allegations regarding summer employees of D’Jais, the raucous watering hole and mumps incubator on Ocean Ave. The allegations are that temporary summer employees, bartenders and wait staff, are registering to vote in Belmar when they really live in their mother’s basement in Bloomfield.

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9 Comments on “Vin Gopal and the Democrats’ plan for taking over Monmouth County”

  1. A bit late said at 12:37 am on May 27th, 2016:

    … to worry about north Jersey Democrats. Vin’s work has been started for him courtesy of Monmouth County Republicans. Juvi detention farmed out to Middlesex county. Medical examiner farmed out to Middlesex county. They must think the Middlesex Democrats are doing a good enough job to trust them with important Monmouth county tasks. Democratic patronage? Already happening under the Republicans. A Hudson county Democrat is the assistant county lawyer. Not a former Democrat who moved down here and sitched to Republican, this is a real Democrat that lives in Hoboken. The freehoalders tried to sneak Randy Bishop from Neptune into a created job in voter registration, but that backfired and they pulled the job when he started bragging to the papers and real Republicans cmplained. I’m sure there’s more. North Jersey Democrats can’t be all that bad I guess if the freeholders keep doing business with them. Maybe we can get an explanation in the next Arnone report.

  2. @ a bit late said at 7:05 am on May 27th, 2016:

    Great observation! It seems the “phony” war with Dems pops its ugly head around election time. Other than that, its business as usual.

    Do you really think the (Tom) Arnone report will report this???LOL. Not a chance!

  3. Bob English said at 8:02 am on May 27th, 2016:

    Speaking of paving, I’d like to see someone in charge that can get desperately needed paving done on Rt. 35 north of Wyckoff Rd. in Eatontown and going north into Shrewsbury/Red Bank area.

    The State DOT is apparently incapable of taking care of the worst heavily trafficked major road that I have ever driven on. Putting repairs/repaving off for another year is unacceptable.


  4. @a bit late said at 8:40 am on May 27th, 2016:

    Waxing fantastic about the past, I see? Yes please, let’s go back to the good old days when everyone running the county eventually got indicted..

  5. For once, said at 11:35 am on May 27th, 2016:

    I do not completely disagree with Sage.. However, I am amused by the “righteous indignation” of Democrats when some Republicans do business in the manner of Dems.. Name me a Dem town, county, or state that is not rife with nepotism, croneyism, paybacks, deals- they do an even better job of “taking care of their own.” And let’s face it, don’t most politicians give patronage to those who have worked on and supported their campaigns, who they are comfortable with,from time immemorial? Sometimes, people actually do learn the jobs, are qualified for the jobs, and properly conduct themselves in the jobs. I don’t think human nature will ever change in that way.. One can’t blame Gopal for grabbing cash where her can, I personally hate many of the tactics in the “toolbox” often used: lies and personal attacks are too low, and reflect poor character: I want candidates to run on their qualifications and records, and tell me how they are going to help me with too many taxes and regulation of my life!.. One last thought: if north Jersey Dem counties are so great, why do so many move down here, then vote the same way they did, before they escaped to this better quality of life! Someone dear to he says it succinctly: they are like a virus: spreading more bad, tax- and- spend government, into the place we live!.. Word to the wise, GOP!

  6. Bill Normyle said at 12:17 am on May 28th, 2016:

    It almost sounds from this article that somehow the Democrats are taking over Monmouth County is somehow a bad thing?

    I mean…aren’t we all some kind of “special interest group?” It only becomes a bad word when it’s a group you’re not in!

  7. It becomes said at 8:36 am on May 28th, 2016:

    a bad word when it results in being taxed out of being able to afford to stay here. A friend who relocated to South Carolina, recently said we all need to chill, slow down, relax, and enjoy life: he now finds us stressed, rushed, crazed and broke.. Whichever party has facilitated most in bringing us to the state we’re in, shoulders the blame- looking at the various counties, those run mostly by Dems seem to be the worst,in these terms!

  8. Nobody is waxing said at 6:03 pm on May 28th, 2016:

    fantastic about the past or anything else. A faction in the GOP pulls that card whenever any criticism. All the commentor “a bit late” was pointing out was collaboration with the Democrats. If it happened back in the “good old days” that was just as bad and nothing to wax about. The Democrats should be defeated-they feel that way about Republicans-not coddled. (by the way, speaking of voter registration, any plans to nominate a replacement for Hedera Siskel? Or are we gonna just let the Democrats own that office?)
    If we keep playing “Norcross, May I” and “Red Light, Green Light, Wisniewski” it ends predictably. Always does. Dems win.

  9. Don't disagree, said at 7:53 pm on May 28th, 2016:

    @nobody.. But, either our way of life in Monmouth is worth preserving/ saving, or it isn’t.. To that end, word is, a current R, former local chair/ vice, has been nominated, but not yet confirmed: remember, the Dem majorities never give, unless they get!- God knows what the “Christie- creams” in Trenton are gonna have to approve, to get more appointments done.. Therein lies our big problem: either we start taking back some of the power down there, or we will continue to be befuddled, quite impotent, and at the big bad Dems’ mercy!