Wall and Spring Lake Heights Mosquito Spray Postponed

Deputy Freeholder Director Serena DiMaso

Deputy Freeholder Director Serena DiMaso

Monmouth County’s Division of Mosquito control has postponed tonight’s  scheduled spray in Wall Township and Spring Lake Heights due to weather.  The operation has been rescheduled for tomorrow, June 29, between 9:30 p.m. and midnight, according the Deputy Freeholder Director Serena DiMaso, the freeholder who oversees the division.

The spraying is a response to evidence of the West Nile virus in the West Belmar section of Wall and northern Spring Lake Heights. Mosquito Control staff  will conduct a ground spray operation on residential streets south of Belmar Boulevard between Route 35 and Route 71 in Wall Township and on residential streets north of Allaire Road between Old Mill Road and Route 71 in Spring Lake Heights.

“The goal of the ground spray program is to reduce the public health risk from West Nile in the area,” said DiMaso. “It is also important to remember to always wear insect repellant when outdoors, even if it is only for a few minutes.”

The application will be made using truck-mounted ultra-low volume equipment dispensing a very fine mist of the pesticide Duet. Duet is a d-phenothrin/prallethrin and piperonyl butoxide based pesticide product that is used to control mosquitoes in outdoor residential and recreational areas.

Residents of the area scheduled for the control operation are encouraged remain indoors and protect pets during the time sprayers are in the area. To further limit their exposure, residents should bring in children’s toys and pet bowls and turn off the intake fan in window air conditioners.

Spraying will not be conducted in the event of wind speeds in excess of 10 mph or inclement weather. Weather cancellation will be posted to the Mosquito Control section of the County website and  hotline phone number 732-578-1600.

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