Scharfenberger Sworn In As Middletown Mayor

1009939_1113626125344304_3777892064905716215_nActing Governor Kim Guadagno administered the Oath of Office to Mayor Gerald Scharfenberger, PhD, on Sunday when the Middletown Township Committee reorganized for 2016.

Selected by his fellow members of the Township Committee, Scharfenberger replaces Stephanie Murray who served two terms as mayor through 2014 and 2015.  Scharfenberger praised the “spectacular job” Murray did as mayor and expressed his gratitude to her for what she taught him about leadership and public service.

Scharfenberger has been a member of the Township Committee since 2005 and previously served as mayor in 2007,2008, 2009, 2010 and 2013.

Guadagno swore in Committeeman Tony Fiore as Deputy Mayor and Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden administered the Oath to Committeeman Steve Massell who was elected to his third term on the Committee last November.

Also sworn in were the officers of the Middletown Fire Department; Fire Chief John Gorsenger, Jr., Deputy Chief Anthony Citarella, First Assistant Ryan Clarke and Second Assistant Steven Schweizer and Third Assistant Russell W. Mount, III. Chief Gorsegner was also presented with a Key to the Township in honor of 50 years of his dedicated service as a firefighter.Golden Massell (708x690)

Chief Robert Plfeger, Deputy Chief Floyd Goldstein, and Assistant Chief Kim Kraynock of the Emergency Medical Department also swore their Oaths of Office.

Mayor Scharfenberger said 2016 goals and objectives focus on “the dual pursuit of cutting spending and improving the township’s quality of life.” These objectives include expanding the roster of shared services and redeveloping abandoned or underutilized properties including the Lunney site in North Middletown, the Steak and Ale property on Route 35 and the Belford Seafood Coop. Mayor Scharfenberger also expects to launch a Farmers’ Market, establish a Wellness Program and explore the possibility of uniform zip codes in all sections of the township this year.

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One Comment on “Scharfenberger Sworn In As Middletown Mayor”

  1. Mike Harmon said at 1:18 pm on January 5th, 2016:

    New Middletown Mayor Scharfenberger’s goals of redevelopment of abandoned or underutilized properties is very smart and timely. It also could produce windfalls in new development and tax revenues.

    In fact, perhaps some of our political and business leaders could look at some of our regional issues. I note Highway #36 from Keyport to Atlantic Highlands which includes sections of Union Beach, Hazlet and Middletown is starting to appear desperate. Sometimes we (or I) don’t notice the incremental deterioration of some of the abandoned areas, stores and schools.

    Recently took multiple trips to Newark Airport picking up old friends and family who are not here often. Without exception each noticed the number of decrepit looking sites and buildings.

    Also, for my friends from Middletown where I grew up and attended public schools right through my graduation in 1973 and where many family members still live. No one will ever criticize you preserving more open space which guarantees a higher quality of life.