Getting to know Stephanie Murrary

In this second segment of Art Gallagher’s interview with Middletown Township Committee members Tony Fiore and Steph Murray we learn about Murray’s background, education, family and her new career.  Towards the end of the segment, the Deputy Mayor talks about the publicized financial issues she and her family have been through and how they handled being in The Asbury Park Press’s spotlight over that personal matter.

If you missed the first segment you can find it here or on their facebook page. In that video we learned about Fiore’s background growing up in Carteret, Middlesex County, as a first generation American; the influence of his Italian upbringing; how fate, serendipity or the hand of God, depending on your belief system (he said God had a different plan for his life than he did) brought him to Middletown; his family, career and why he participates so actively in public service.

Next week we’ll post the final segment of the interview wherein Fiore and Murray talk about what they have accomplished as members of the Township Committee and what they intend to achieve if the voters give them another three years on November 7.

MMM invited the Democrat campaigning for Middletown Township Committee to sit for an interview.  We have not heard from her.

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