State senators get lesson in school overcrowding, underfunding in Freehold Borough

assetContentFREEHOLD BOROUGH – State Senate President Stephen Sweeney and Senators M. Teresa Ruiz and Jennifer Beck visited Park Avenue Elementary School on Tuesday afternoon to promote the value of the district’s early childhood education program. The met with teachers and students, watched them read books and heard them sing songs. Then were told that the benefits…

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2 Comments on “State senators get lesson in school overcrowding, underfunding in Freehold Borough”

  1. Nothing like reality said at 6:53 pm on October 21st, 2015:

    to wake some electeds up- they can legislate and postulate in grandiose terms all they want, at our expense, but when the political rubber meets the road, in this case, dealing with many more mostly poor and uneducated immigrants than equipped to handle, they appear speechless/ dumbfounded/ unable to figure out, what living hell their great concepts, opinions, and intentions have wrought.. Freehold was purportedly one of the “sanctuary cities” that were advertised south of the border years ago, as a great place to get to, for supposedly finding and achieving the American Dream.. As with more and more of them, as the invasion has continued unchecked and unabated, small towns and large cities alike are continuously stretched beyond their limits: what part of running out of other peoples’ money don’t the libs all get??

  2. Come on over said at 7:08 pm on October 21st, 2015:

    to another small town in peril, Red Bank: the actual statistics that have been reported on the percentage of non- English- speaking children the town and regional boards are expected to educate, from pre- k through grammar school particularly, is staggering: it boils down to folks living there for decades,whose kids have moved through and moved out,to pay their taxes elsewhere, footing the huge ESL bills, creating enough classrooms, and trying to get them up to speed, with peers in other counties: it ranges anywhere from mostly 70-84% Hispanic, now. Yes, once here, we must educate, but the culture shift is unfortunately not equalled by enough corresponding taxpayers to foot these ever- growing,overwhelming bills: this is why you see referendum after referendum going down, for nearly all proposed new or expanded public facilities: the taxpayers are simply exhausted-and broke!