LD 18 GOP Assembly Candidate Slams Biased Reporter As Mouthpiece Of Trenton Democrats

Bakke Says Politico “Reporter” is Democratic Mouth Piece

“A mouth for the moth lover”


Press Release

East Brunswick, NJ- Synnove Bakke, a Republican candidate for New Jersey Assembly from Middlesex County responded to a recent hit piece on her by Politico-New Jersey reporter Matt Friedman with the following statement:

“The Columbia School of Journalism should demand it’s diploma back from Matt Friedman,” Bakke said. “He is not reporting, but rather is regurgitating opposition research paid for by Trenton Democrats and my opponent Nancy Pinkin.  The PC nonsense that Friedman is posting on Poltico-NJ is worthy of a partisan blog, not a journalistic news site and I am shocked Assemblywoman Pinkin would condone this nonsense.”

“Friendman’s recent garbage never would have gotten past the editors of his former employers, the Star Ledger and PolitickerNJ, and that says a lot”, Bakke continued.  “I’m not the only Republican he’s gone after.  Friedman has been reporting Democratic opposition research as if it was original reporting for weeks.”

Friedman wrote on Poltico-New Jersey beta,  an upstart division of the national Democratic leaning website, Politico, that Bakke tweeted that  the United States should consider deporting Muslims and faces a “Muslim invasion,” and suggested that President Barack Obama is not an American.

“I have issued 33,000 tweets in the two years I have had that twitter account.  That the Trenton Democrats paid someone to go through my tweets and come up with three politically incorrect entries is a sign that my true message is resonating with the voters of the 18th Legislative District.”

Bakke defended and doubled down on her tweets, “The fact is that when Norway decided to deport criminal and illegal Muslims, crime did go down.   President Obama and Secretary Kerry’s recent announcements that the United States will accept refugees from Syria into the United States show that my July 2014 tweet was prophetic.   President Obama’s “leading from behind” foreign policies—from the Iran Nuclear Deal, to Benghazi, to surrendering the Middle East to Putin—have been disasters for American national security.  Obama’s domestic policies have been disastrous to the economic security of America’s middle class.”

“Friedman and my opponents, especially Nancy Pinkin, are trying to portray me as an anti-Muslim bigot. Nothing could be further from the truth.  I am anti-radical  Islam and proud of it,” Bakke declared.  “Good Muslim-American citizens, especially naturalized citizens who have sworn their allegiance to the United States, are more at risk from Jihadists than Christians and Jews. They are in a very precarious position.”

“Rather than reporting PC garbage, Friedman and the New Jersey political press should be more concerned about Nancy Pinkin’s conflicting roles as a lobbyist and a legislator.  How can someone take payment from their special interest clients to advance legislation, and then vote on that legislation as a member of the legislature? Only in New Jersey, where Senate President Steve Sweeney is also a lobbyist, would the “Third Estate” find such obvious conflicts harmless.”

“While having sponsored 191 bills in her short first term, Pinkin’s greatest accomplishment as a member of the legislature is introducing a bill that would designate a State moth.  Pinkin has been part of the Democrat majority who raised our taxes 115 times. She has done nothing to fix the fiscal mess New Jersey’s working families are living every day. People are losing their homes, at risk of losing their pensions, and moving out of state because of our tax burden and Pinkin, Friedman and the rest of the Trenton Democrats are worried about my twitter account?”

“I will be on NJ101.5 in tomorrow morning at 6:40 am to discuss this further with Bill Spadea” Bakke stated.

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One Comment on “LD 18 GOP Assembly Candidate Slams Biased Reporter As Mouthpiece Of Trenton Democrats”

  1. Ohh Assembly is up for grabs??? said at 9:30 pm on October 13th, 2015:

    Ohh, the NJ State Assembly is up for grabs? WHO KNEW??? So the Gov with all of his big mouth talk blaming Trenton Dems for all of the reasons he hasn’t accomplished a single thing is out campaigning for Republicans in NJ and trying to make sure that the message that the Dems are the hold-up in Trenton gets out to the people, right? RIGHT.

    Just another election year where no significant number of people even bother to vote and nothing gets done. And then Gov Lazie will blame the Dems again and again while taxes, fees and regulations continue to increase…. Where’s Steve Lonegan when the people need him? H-E-double hockey sticks, at this point Murray Sabrin would have been a huge improvement!