In LD 11, Angelini and Casagrande trailing Houghtaling and Downey

With 158 of 160 districts reporting, incumbent Republican Assemblywomen Mary Pat Angelini and Caroline Casagrande are in danger of losing their seats to Democratic Neptune Township Committeeman Eric Houghtaling and Attorney Joann Downey of Freehold.

Houghtaling is leading with 14,836 votes and Downey has 14,602. Angelini has 14,523 and Casagrande has 14,285.

Republicans are not conceding the race, which they are saying is “too close to call.”


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One Comment on “In LD 11, Angelini and Casagrande trailing Houghtaling and Downey”

  1. What a shame! said at 10:50 pm on November 3rd, 2015:

    The Dems finally get their 3 best low- info towns to dictate to the district: a big loss to the actual taxPAYERS in 11!.. Would love to ship LB, AP, and the Twp to Ocean County where it’d be a different breakdown and story: am afraid our Gov. will now have a veto- proof Dem majority to complete his last 2 yrs: might as well resign now: it’ll be even worse for us taxpayers, now: he’d better hope he gets to be Atty General, and can escape ever- increasingly Blue Jersey: many of us can’t wait, enough is enough, here! ..Thanks for your excellent service, Caroline and Mary Pat, you did not deserve this trial run of the pro- choice Hillary-crats that we will be contending with, next year!! Very disappointed with this result.