Marlboro GOP Candidates Congratulate Middletown for Taking Action on Property Taxes

Mayoral and Council Candidates Pledge Solutions, Not Grand Standing

Ira Goldberg, Sui Allex and John Dwyer

Ira Goldberg, Sui Allex and John Dwyer

Marlboro, NJ- Ira Goldberg, the Republican candidate for mayor in Marlboro Township issues his congratulations to Middletown Mayor Stephanie Murray and the Middletown’s Township Committee for taking decisive action to bring accountability and fairness to their Township’s Property Tax Assessments in the wake of the Asbury Park Press investigation that shed a scandalous light on the state-mandated Assessment Demonstration Program, the controversial new method of setting property values in Monmouth County.

“While Marlboro Mayor Jon Hornik has been political grandstanding in the face of a scandal by calling for the ADP to be suspended without offering a replacement, my friends in Middletown have enacted a solution to inequitable tax assessments and put their own credibility on the line,” Goldberg said, “By firing Realty Data Systems, and bringing the home inspection and data collection functions in house, Middletown has offered a solution to the problem.  That is leadership.”

“Marlboro needs solutions, not faux outrage and blaming others” Goldberg continued. “From inequitable tax assessments to protecting our children and grandchildren from predators on the payroll to the coming Court mandated Affordable Housing Developments, Mayor Hornik offers only outrage and excuses.  Marlboro deserves better.”

“Where are Councilwoman Randi Marder and Councilman Michael Scalea?” asked Republican council candidate Sui Allex, “Are they even allowed to speak their minds, or do they just show up, (when he does show up in Scalea’s case) and vote the way the mayor tells them to?”

“There is a reason we elect five council members,” said former Board of Education member John Dwyer who is running for his first term on the Township Council. “The reason is not to dodge responsibility, but rather to have five elected officials working for the people of Marlboro and offering solutions.  I am proud of my friends in Middletown.  I will be that kind of pro-active representative in Marlboro.”

“On the first day of the Goldberg Administration, Marlboro Township will follow Middletown’s lead and fire Realty Data Systems, the company that Hornik hired but now blames for escalating taxes for everyone except himself.  We will also fire the law firm that got us into such a mess with the New Jersey Courts and with the developers who want to pave over our beautiful Township. We will restore the “good faith” that the Courts say has been lacking from the Hornik Administration.  And on day one, we will take decisive action to ensure that our children and grandchildren are safe at all times while participating in Township sponsored activities.”

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