FDU Poll: New Jersey Lacks Leadership

Stronger than the storm50% of New Jersey voters think our State’s problems are solvable, but that our politicians are not willing to stick their necks out to get our State moving in the right direction.  That’s the take away from the FDU Public Mind Poll released this morning which indicates that Governor Chris Christie approval rating is upside down, 30%-55% and that the State Legislature’s approval rating is negative 24%-44%.

28% of the 792 self identified registered voters survey by FDU from June 15-21 said that New Jersey is moving in the right direction. 57% said we are on the wrong track.

Poll results that this should indicate that change is coming in November.   Don’t count on that happening, unless Christie shocks the world and announces that he is not running for president.

It is far more likely that Christie will continue to work part-time as governor while traveling to New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina espousing his leadership skills for America that he has not exercised in New Jersey for the better part of the last two years.

The Assembly Republicans seems to think that their winning strategy is to defend Christie and blame the Democrats for the State’s problems.  That could have been a winning strategy in 2013 when Christie was running for reelection, but he chose instead to run as a bi-partisan superman who was stronger than the storm

Assembly Democrats have already figured out how to protect their majority and maybe even pick up a few seats.  Assembly Republicans are defending Christie, complaining that the Democrats won’t debate them and lecturing the media on how the coming election should be covered.  All the Democrats have to do is shut up and send out a few mailers in the few competitive districts that exist.

The sad truth is that as bad as things are in New Jersey, they will probably have to get a lot worse before there is any real change.



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2 Comments on “FDU Poll: New Jersey Lacks Leadership”

  1. My Guess is Jim Keady is in said at 8:10 pm on June 23rd, 2015:

    I see the days of Sean Kean numbered. The allegiance and loyalty to Christie is going to take its toll this November.

  2. You can't lead if your out of the state all of the time! said at 11:10 am on June 24th, 2015:

    How can he lead, he is out of the state approximately one-third of the time. He is pursuing his personal ambitions to be president on the back of hard working tax payers–and refuses to show the receipts as well!

    Where is the collective voices of our assembly people and state senators of Monmouth County condemning this?? I don’t hear them speaking out for us.