Lying Larry Luttrell Blames Lillian Burry For Operation Bid Rig

Democratic Freeholder Candidates recount their arrests, Threaten Blogger

By Art Gallagher

Democratic Freeholder Candidates Giuseppe "Joe" Grillo and Lawrence Luttrell talked about their arrests and the Lincroft Village Green candidates forum

Democratic Freeholder Candidates Giuseppe “Joe” Grillo and Lawrence Luttrell talked about their arrests at the Lincroft Village Green candidates forum

Monmouth County Democratic Freeholder Candidate Lawrence W. Luttrell continued his assault on Freeholder Director Lillian Burry’s character tonight at a candidates forum in Middletown.

“There have been 10 indictments since Lillian Burry has been in office,” Luttrell declared at a League of Women Voters moderated debate sponsored by the Lincroft Village Green Association at the Lincroft Elementary School.  “Monmouth County has a corruption problem, ” he said.

Luttrell rattled off 10 names, starting with former Freeholder Harry Larrison and six other Operation Bid Rig defendants who were arrested in February of 2005.

“Those people were gone before I got there,” Burry angrily shot back at Luttrell.

Burry was first elected to the Freeholder Board in November of 2005, nine months after the Operation Bid Rig arrests.

In answering a question from the audience, “Have you ever been arrested?” Luttrell and his running mate Giuseppe “Joe” Grillo both admitted that had been after the other five candidates on the dais, Middletown Mayor Stephanie Murray and Committeeman Tony Fiore, Democratic candidate for Middletown Township Committee George Mardinly. Burry and Deputy Freeholder Director Gary Rich, answered “No.”

Grillo recounted his arrest in Neptune Township earlier this year on multiple warrants for failing to answer parking violations in Asbury Park.

Luttrell said he was arrested in Florida in 1997 for, he said, mouthing off to a police officer.  “A cop asked me when they started giving rings to the water boy”, Luttrell said referring to his championship ring from the ’91 Miami Hurricanes where he made the team as a walk-on. “At the same time they lowered the height requirement for cops,” Luttrell said he retorted.  “The cop didn’t like that and arrested me, but it is all resolved.”

Luttrell then blamed his Republican opponents, Burry and Rich, for the question. “Other than that, 1997 was a very good year.  Bill Clinton was President and the economy was great.  I don’t hear them (the Republicans) talking about that from 1997.”

Following the the forum, Luttrell threatened me.  “Be careful what you write, that last one got you in trouble, ” he said.  “It did?” I responded.  “It’s coming, it’s coming.”




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66 Comments on “Lying Larry Luttrell Blames Lillian Burry For Operation Bid Rig”

  1. Nailed it again, said at 1:54 pm on October 25th, 2014:

    Proud!! Most posters on this blog can point to their own citizen involvement, and concerns for the future for where we live.The main focus of this original article premise must be: get out our like- minded base, in the interest of better, perhaps not perfect but much better, county government- that means: get out of the past, stop trying to be the only moral authority of a diverse and hopefully united party,and keep the county moving correctly into the future, with Burry and Rich. Let’s get it done, all, on Nov. 4th!

  2. Jim Granelli said at 2:26 pm on October 25th, 2014:

    @ Proud & Nailed it…

    You are both right on. Real volunteers don’t make much of their time. If he considers these comments an insult, then I am not the problem.

    If he considers me of “no moral value,” well, you know what happens to people that ass-ume something, because he certainly doesn’t know me or you guys personally.

    How dare he assume something about our values and morality.

    And I certainly have nothing to gain by helping the Party. Not looking for a job or running for office. Nor are most rank and file volunteers. It’s just another “tin foil hat” charge.

    Anyway, I’ve “thrown down the gauntlet” so to speak, asking him to help out and volunteer on behalf of the ticket. Not even a whisper of a response to that as well as an offer to buy the beer.

    Now, I suggest we’ve given Mr. Adams too much of our attention. It’s one thing to suggest you are helping out the cause, but it’s another to brag about your itemized list.

    The proof will be in the pudding if Mr. Adams chooses to help the ticket or stay home like 4 million did in 2012.

    If he stays home and doesn’t vote for the team and he refuses to help in any small way possible, even by blogging positive comments for the team; he is in fact a “defacto Democrat.”

    That will have to be on his conscience.

  3. Proud Republican said at 9:10 am on October 26th, 2014:

    One more point about the hapless democrats. I have to laugh every time these goofballs dredge up Bid Rig. At least as many, if not more Democrats were caught up in the sting including the Lutrell-like Peter Cammarano mayor of Hoboken who was in office about a month. Even the reaction by both parties speaks volumes. The republican chair at the time said to throw the book at all of the bums while the democrats whined about entrapment. Guess that’s why Lutrell and Grillo want an ethics board – they know democrats have no capacity to do the right thing on their own.

  4. @ Proud Republican said at 1:55 pm on October 26th, 2014:

    This I did not remember about Democrats being involved. Sanctimonious hypocrisy reigns with them

  5. Several said at 4:15 pm on October 26th, 2014:

    of the original bunch the Christie sting grabbed were elected Democrats: we have the AP rag to thank for focusing on the 8 who worked in the county- and constantly blaming every single Republican for all things wrong in the world- it worked for the other side for 2 years with the blame game and finger- pointing, but the electorate came to their senses after one year of their No.Jersey policies, cronies, and heavy- arming: which is why their insistence on carrying the nonsense on and on, is so disingenuous and bereft of any ideas or solutions. They will fail, and hopefully, finally realize their northern party-boss friends, who funded their inaccurate and inflammatory radio and tv commercials, will have wasted their money- big time, in 2014..

  6. ethicsCount - Steve Adams said at 11:03 am on October 27th, 2014:

    Dear Mr. Garelli and others,
    As a Republican, I felt an obligation to share my views about how to strengthen the party.
    Your statements are abhorant. I don’t know if you are in a leadership position. I can only pray you are not.
    I did not “brag about my activities” as you charge. You and your like challanged my public service and characterized me as a couch potatoe. It required a response.

    I did not insult your ethics, unless you believe that the appropriate ethical standard is just being a little less unethical than the worst Democrat. Only you know if thats you.

    Accusing me of being a “defacto Democrat” becasue I express an opinion about how to motivate and engage the huge number of people that do not want to be a part of an organization with a sketchy past with leaders that have chosen not to correct the problem is missing the point. There are thousands of people like me.

    My suggestion about seizing the moral high ground is about my concern for the Party, and the future of our country.

    Ethics do count. Leaders without the highest standards will only motivate those that they can do favors for. We need distance from that Democratic strategy.

  7. If you'd like, said at 11:28 am on October 27th, 2014:

    your continual unhappiness indicates as though your best course of action is to change your party registration, and join the obviously highly “ethical” and “holier-than-thou” Dem party:. while entitled to your opinion, (as are we,) constantly repeating the same, sketchy, over-extended and unproven drivel, as though from some higher authority, does nothing but result in continual party division and lack of focus on the matters at hand: keeping the county in good shape, and moving forward..am sorry you feel the continual need to re-assert all the same-old, same-old, painting of all the past and current office-holders and volunteers and supporters as somehow forever and irreparably tarnished, by some past, inappropriate actions of a very few: again, the GOP has certainly not cornered the market on “how not to act!”- but, we can’t waste our time reiterating the dozens of ethical lapses and outrages perpetrated on us by the D’s at every level, every day…. This campaign has certainly re-affirmed the postualte that: when you have NO positive experience/service and ideas to brag about, by all means keep pounding the drums of discontent, divisions, anger, and self-flagellation, and maybe make yourself feel better,if but for a moment.. the number for voter registration is: 732- 431-7780: am sure they’ll be happy to accomodate your party change.

  8. ethicsCount - Steve Adams said at 12:20 pm on October 27th, 2014:

    Imagine that. I offer a suggestions about how to capture the attention of voters by simply making ethics a cornerstone of the Party’s values. I have been continually battered for trying to point out what should be obvious and easily understood by anyone that has lead any volunteer group.

    How could anyone be against this?

    Now I’m told I should join the opposition.

    With an attitude like that, is it any surprise normal people are hesitant to jump into the Republican effort?

  9. @ ethicsCount - Steve Adams said at 5:08 pm on October 27th, 2014:

    So, is that a no to helping out at the County GOP office this week, and no to a beer summit?

    Abhorrent? I think not sir.

    You were the one listing item after item of volunteer stuff. In most books, that’s bragging. I was only calling it as I saw it.

    IMHO, ethics IS a corner stone of this Freeholder Board and THIS current Republican Organization. I have met and talked with most of them. I don’t believe for a moment that anyone of them are ethically challenged.

    No one has committed any ethical violation on the current Board of Freeholders. There is only supposition without facts and baseless charges. There is NOTHING to the Lucas-Burry charge. Lawson threw that out of court. Can you not accept that?

    DEMOCRATS were also part of Bid Rig – have you attacked them even once? Besides, again; old news. None of the current Freeholders were in office then.

    Defacto Democrat applies to Republicans that stay home and don’t vote for Republicans or actually vote for Democrats. If the shoe fits, you need to wear it and own it. If you don’t do that, then it doesn’t apply to you. But all you have done is slam the Monmouth County Republicans.

    And for those of us that respect the organization and know a lot more about it and the people, as well as work to support them even in the modest manner I do, well; we resent those kinds of activities.

    Look, I don’t know you from “Adam,” and I believe you to be a decent and honest person. But, if you criticize (and you really have been super critical) our Republicans, but don’t criticize the SERIOUSLY ethically challenged Democrat candidates at all from what I have seen…

    What are we to expect or suspect of you?

    As I said, it’s your conscience whether you vote for them or not. That’s you’re business whether you vote or not. But 4 MILLION so called Republicans screwed us in 2012. We resent that too.

    The ONLY reason I would like to see the Dems elected to the county (not really) would be to see if you complain about their ethics.

    But I suspect that you “doth protest too much,” and have been doing that ad infinitum.

    It’s an imperfect world Mr. Adams. But you certainly don’t hand talking points to the Democrats and shoot our feet off if you are a Republican as you say that you are.

    Have that conversation during the OFF season by attending county events to get to know people and then speaking to them. But dragging this kind of stuff out now only helps the enemy.

    All this keystroke pounding aside, my beer summit offer still stands. I’ll be in the office helping out Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday night. It’s your chance to help out and start to get to know us so that you can interject your ideas at the proper time.

    It really is a big tent with room for opinions. Right now, slamming the Party in the closing stages of an election is not helpful.

  10. Kathy Baratta said at 6:10 pm on October 27th, 2014:

    May I suggest that (for whatever their reason(s)), those loathe to post under their given names at least adopt a moniker that they use consistently when posting here on any topic.

    When I see the ‘name’ of a poster is actually the beginning of a sentence I already know it means the whole thing is going to be tedious if not downright impossible to ascertain or follow a given thought/criticism/issue because there’s no name attached to the post.

    No-name-attached means it becomes challenging to the point of a migraine trying to mentally track who is talking to or about whom. The last post above is the best example of what I’m talking about. It is obviously in response to someone’s previous post as well as this, responding poster and so on and so on and – sheesh! I gotta stop before I reach for the Advil.

    My point of course is, I think my suggestion is really something to consider if you’re a thoughtful person who really has an idea/criticism that you think deserves to be seriously considered by the readers. These are muddled times. Clear voices/messages are what is needed.

  11. Jim Granelli said at 7:16 pm on October 27th, 2014:

    @ Kathy Baratta…

    I was just laughing so hard that I forgot to include my name on the last post to Mr. Adams; as I always do.

    Mea Culpa

  12. Jim Granelli said at 10:31 am on October 29th, 2014:

    @ ethicsCount – Steve Adams

    I guess that’s a no to a beer summit. Dang, I was thirsty….

  13. MoreMonmouthMusings » Blog Archive » Laughable Luttrell Complains About Monmouth GOP Radio Ads and Robo Calls–Threatens Legal Action said at 10:19 pm on October 30th, 2014:

    […] week in Middletown, Freeholder Director Lillian Burry was so upset that Luttrell blamed her for Operation Bid Rig that she would not shake his hand after the debate.  “You’re taking this stuff too […]

  14. ethicsCount said at 10:48 am on October 31st, 2014:

    If Lillian Burry wants prople to disassociate her from the Republican leadership of the previous 40 years, it will take more than a refused handshake.

    Removing the name of the crooked Republican Freeholder Director from “Larrison Hall” would accomplish that, and make it clear that current Republicans will keep their party clean.

    This would turn the whole issue on the Democrats that promote dependancy and crony politics as the fabric of their party. They cant avoid the association.

  15. Art Gallagher said at 11:09 am on October 31st, 2014:

    Please, Steve. Judge Burry on her own ethics, not those of people long gone.

    And the Larrison Hall thing is getting old. I personally don’t care if the Hall is renamed or not, but this cleansing business can go too far.

    George Washington was a slave owner. Should be take his name off the bridge and give Black people be free tolls as reparations?

    Benedict Arnold was a traitor. Should we take his name off the bread?

  16. @ethicscount said at 1:48 pm on October 31st, 2014:


    “you’re beginning to bore the hell out of me” with your