Can Monmouth County Voters Be Duped?

Luttrell and Grillo are counting on it

Trenton Democrats are funding the deception

Dems paper 001 (800x438)Monmouth County Democratic Freeholder candidates Lawrence Luttrell and Giuseppe “Joe” Grillo have been saying on the stump that, should they be elected, they would govern the way they campaigned.

Given their latest campaign mailer, Luttrell and Grillo are promising to govern with trickery and deceit.

A 12 page mailer purporting to be a newspaper, Monmouth County Spotlight, was mailed to Republican voters last week by the Democratic campaign.  With articles sprinkled throughout about Ebola, whale sightings, the heroin epidemic, red light cameras and the legend of Jack O’Lantern, Grillo and Luttrell’s political propaganda repeated the lies and distortions they’ve been spreading throughout the campaign about the records of Freeholder Director Lillian Burry and Deputy Director Gary Rich under the guise of being a legitimate newspaper.

With headlines like ‘Burry, Rich in Hot Water’ and ‘Farmland Fraud,’ the deceitful duo of Luttrell and Grillo continued their relentless attacks against the integrity and ethics of Burry and Rich over the Andrew Lucas farmland preservation deal, despite the rulings of Monmouth County Judge Lawrence A. Lawson and the Local Finance Board of the Department of Community Affairs clearing the open space transaction as appropriate.

The Monmouth County Democratic Party has received $83,700 in contributions from the State Democratic Party ($43,500), Middlesex, Union and Hudson County politicians ($15,200) and labor unions ($15,000) since October 10, according to their ELEC reports, presumably to fund this expensive mailer to Monmouth Republican voters.

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27 Comments on “Can Monmouth County Voters Be Duped?”

  1. trash said at 1:48 am on October 27th, 2014:

    The last time I saw a piece like that was from the 2009 Lonegan camp against Christie. We all know how that went. I say it will be another waste of money, voters are smarter and will ignore that trash.

  2. Joe D. said at 6:42 am on October 27th, 2014:

    The piece is deceitful and misleading and total garbage. Rather than prominently place their name on a piece that outlines their own plan, they lie, trash and smear others. This is however the usual play book when candidates are void of any realistic ideas or plans if they were elected. People won’t be fooled. These two characters are an example of the worst sort of politics.

  3. A wise man once said: said at 6:58 am on October 27th, 2014:

    “You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time(Dems), but not all of the people all of the time..” We can only hope the low- info’s don’t surpass the regular tax paying voters, this year..the mailer was sneaky and deceptive, but very professionally and well- done: and, expensive.. some of us natives can recall some pretty rough, barn- burning campaigns in the past, this one comes close, and it should be a unifying, rallying cry to the disparate arms of the GOP: time to get over ourselves, our own personal egos and ambitions, and re- focus and re-double the efforts at fundraising and focusing on the good of the order and being a team- or, the dark side will continue to be a well- funded and ultimately successful, new world order, we won’t want or like, at all!

  4. Jim Granelli said at 8:03 am on October 27th, 2014:

    And the Democrats say we try to intimidate voters into staying home. How hypocritical is this? But, as others have said; when you have nothing to run on, no positive agenda; you stoop to the gutter in order to lie and deceive.

    Shame on them.

    As well, yes; I’ll say it this way; shame on that other Slime Candidate Reuben Scolavino running against Chris Smith with his phony “War On Women” campaign signs.

    BTW, I have been watching a number of Democrat campaign Facebook pages on the internet. Most of them, including and ESPECIALLY Scolavino pull down down critical comments and block people as soon as they are posted. I don’t see that with Republican pages.

    Why is this you ask? Because Democrats can’t handle the truth about their flaccid campaigns and lies. They want to hid that truth from voters.

    That’s why it’s important for Republicans NOT to stay home, to get involved, volunteer and vote. Lest you end up with empty suits like Obama on the Board of Freeholders.

    Staying home and not voting makes you a Double D, a defacto Democrat.
    My only regret? I didn’t get a copy of the aforementioned paper that I could use to line the bottom of my puppy’s dog crate.

  5. Maryellen Dunn said at 8:16 am on October 27th, 2014:

    I knew this was a fraud the moment I saw it.

  6. trouble in marlboro said at 8:43 am on October 27th, 2014:

    here we go again. i have been telling the readers of this site for ever that jon hornik is behind these two slime balls. this is how he runs a campaign. lies, half truths, etc. where do you think johnny gets his money from. yes thats right wheeled in from middlesex, bergen, hudson counties. why would these counties give money to a no body from monmouth county? because he has got his foot in the door for the de cotis group, and has funneled millions of dollars to this disgraced law group. now he’s working double over time to get these two hacks into office. but the republicans continue to eat their own, and allow the dems to get stronger here in the county. the repubs allow the engineers, and lawyers to play both sides and the middle . hornik pays off the supposed repub lawyers in town, and the county still gives them work. the state rep dec lon o scalen , was doing johnny’s bidding , by trying to get the turn coat cantor a job on the sewer auth in marlboro. has de lon helped the local gop? no , but when johnny calls he jumps. if the republican party would just stick together to beat these clowns with no platform or any idea’s , besides the ones johnny gave them, ethics boards and shop monmouth. sound familiar? the dems don’t allow this crap in their counties, if you cross them you are out. but if you want to play both sides and the middle in monmouth you are welcome. look at the great john bennet, when the turn coat mazzola turned where was it held? that’s right in johnny’s office, where bennett and johnny where doing a little business. so if the chair allows johnny and the elected officials allows johnny to run wild, then how do they expect the hard working surf republicans to ever take these dem clowns out? i’m just waiting for johnny to get a little stronger, with the help of these so called repubs, and then he will turn on them and run the same hateful campaigns against them, and then they will come crying, help how are we going to save my seat in trenton? and thats the day i laugh and tell them they are on their own. so repubs lets stop the in fighting, and focus on the virus of john hornik and the de cotis group and all the lawyers and engineers that play both sides and next year come to marlboro and get rid of johnny and his gang. johnny got over a hundred thousand dollars to run for a job that pays 6,000 a year wheeled in from up north, and he still only won by 300 votes with X 3 incumbents. so he can be beat, but when the local party is out spent 6 to 1 and the leadership is doing deals with johnny it’s hard to come out with a victory. so all good repubs please lets start with marlboro next year, then freehold bough, then neptune , etc. the county is great because of the great people of the republican party, lets work together to stop this virus, before we turn into essex or bergen county.

  7. Yes we can be duped!! said at 8:59 am on October 27th, 2014:

    Both Burry and Rich allocated over a million dollars to purchase the farm for former indicted mayor Lucas–the same woman that hosted a fund raiser for Burry!
    How convenient–how nauseating!

    We were duped!

  8. Sorry said at 8:59 am on October 27th, 2014:

    Meant LUCAS

  9. Jim Granelli said at 9:04 am on October 27th, 2014:

    @ Yes We Can…

    Judge Lawson threw out a lawsuit from “R.A.G.E. ing & Lunging Larry about any conflicts of interest regarding that fundraiser. I guess you aren’t up on your reading.

    And please bring us proof that Burry & Rich knew about the crime Lucas committed before you start ranting about some tinfoil hat conspiracy theory.

  10. @Touble in Marlboro said at 9:12 am on October 27th, 2014:

    Just shut up. Noone wants to read your dumb posts. You’re just a spammer at this point. Go win an election if you’re tired of the guy. Stop taking away from well thought out and interesting posts here with your drivel.

  11. @ @Touble said at 9:32 am on October 27th, 2014:

    First, if you are going to attack someone, it would be nice if you could learn how to spell.

    Second, what? You are against Free Speech?

  12. Ummm...yes we have been duped! said at 10:47 am on October 27th, 2014:

    We have been duped by an organization–The Republican Party of Monmouth County–that takes our votes for granted.

    They have employed their friends and relatives on the backs of county taxpayers. Then Republican leadership of this county beats their respective chests that this county has a triple-A bond rating. A rating that they feel justifies cronyism, favoritism, and all sorts of ethical breaches.

    The APP just endorsed Luttrell. That tells me something. OK, now were going to hear how that “rag” is a liberal newspaper, etc, and were going to hear from the likes of Jim Granelli criticizing this writer for exercising his first amendment rights.

    Remember, it was this Republican organization that brought on the likes of Operation Bid Rig, Brookdale Community College, Golden’s Pension Gate, Lucas LandGate–AND REFUSED TO SAY IT WAS WRONG!!

    The Republican GOP refuses to tighten play to pay rules, and they refused to appoint a independent Inspector General–WHY???

  13. Jim Granelli said at 11:51 am on October 27th, 2014:

    @ ummm.

    Who said I was against free speech, only it should be responsible and respectful.

    Your attack on me is just a canard, a distraction.

    Now, I wonder how many times you went after the Democrats for their involvement in bid rig.

    How any times have you gone after Luttrell and Grillo for their lies and ethical lapses.

    As to the APP, they are a liberal rag, barely in business. It’s no small wonder the endorsed Larry.


  14. Jim Granelli said at 12:12 pm on October 27th, 2014:

    To continue Mr ummmm, Who is just another nameless coward.

    For the THOUSANDTH time since people seem to be stuck on stupid without the Democrats having a positive agenda other that creating a campaign of lies.


    Bid Rig was ages ago politically when Burry and Rich weren’t even on the Board.

    NEVER anything illegal or against ethics rules as far as your faux pension gate claims.

    Lawson threw out a suit on the Lucas, Burry fundraiser and Lucas and others went to jail for his problem and bid rig.

    As to Larson Hall, I don’t see any wave of voters screaming about renaming it. As I have suggested, bring me a scientific and respected poll that says otherwise and I’ll listen. But you won’t because voters care about taxes and a clean county to live in.

    so, stop deceiving voters.

  15. Proud Republican said at 12:14 pm on October 27th, 2014:

    Oh please ummm – enough with the Democrat talking points already. You can’t dispute any of the facts about the county, namely: it is one of the most desirable places to live in the country, has a AAA bond rating, four years without an increase, awards out the wazoo for its operations, and on and on and on. All thanks to Republican leadership. All you guys offer is bigger government, dishonest leadership (see mailer) and a blueprint to turn Monmouth into Hudson County. It kills you that all of the so called “scandals” have been disproven and your only recourse is to make like a parrot and repeat the same thing over and over. The judge threw out the asinine RAGE lawsuit because it was a crock yet you loons can’t take no for an answer. As for the joke aka the APP endorsing Lutrell – they also endorsed Obama. I rest my case.

  16. Not to beat a dead horse here, but we have been duped said at 12:33 pm on October 27th, 2014:

    It’s not good government to have one party rule. You need a dissenting, critical voice from time to time. Not that I would agree (or perhaps I would), but it is healthy to another viewpoint.

  17. Jim Granelli said at 12:54 pm on October 27th, 2014:

    @ Not To Beat, re:

    It’s not good government to have one party rule.”

    Well then, by that matter; please tell the Neptune Democrats to give up two seats on the Neptune Township Committee.

    Please, we want you to tell them that. PLEASE, let me see it a letter to the Neptune Democrat Organization; with your name signed to it.

    And then, tell that to the Democrat National Committee which wants to destroy the Republican Party; and tell that to the Democrats in the Senate who refuse to listen to that that dissenting voice.

    Betcha you won’t, but I bet you if you did; they would laugh you out of the room.

    If that’s all you have as a campaign platform, you are a horses rear end.

  18. Proud Republican said at 1:13 pm on October 27th, 2014:

    Excellent response Jim. Dems only decry one party rule when it comes to Republicans. For that matter, I for one want whatever works. All Republican is working fine in places like Middletown, Holmdel, Rumson, Raritan. And in places like Camden, Paterson, Newark where it is all Democrat……oh, nevermind.

  19. Is All Republican in Holmdel Working Fine? said at 4:44 pm on October 27th, 2014:

    Seems like all is not well in Holmdel. Taxes have gone up with taxpayers upset.

    As for this Jim Granelli, I feel he should be appointed County Propaganda Minister. I have never seen an individual who feels compelled to respond to everything critical about Republicans–and get a nasty response to boot.

    It was suggested earlier about getting an inspector general spot in the county. I believe that was knocked down because the suggestion came from a Democrat–not a Republican. No doubt with things the way they are, it is sorely needed.

    From failure to maintain tough pay to play rules–which this county had, until Madam Burry lessened them to the states standards, which are lesser standards than the county–to LucasGate. There are so many parcels of land out there worthy of preservation. Why did it have to be a sitting Republican mayor that held a fund raiser for Ms. Burry??? Doesn’t that fail the smell test???

    IT DOES!!!

  20. Holmdel Citizens Complain about high taxes said at 4:45 pm on October 27th, 2014:


    How is that for all-Republican Rule??

  21. Jim Granelli said at 5:37 pm on October 27th, 2014:

    @ “Is All Republican”

    Yet again, dealing with an anonymous coward behind a computer screen.

    Nasty, You think I am NASTY?

    Hahahahahaha. Damn, I really needed a laugh after turning 60 yesterday. Thanks, seriously.

    The truth, the likes of JrSmith, Bill & DEM are nasty.

    I only spoke the truth of how silly your argument is about one party rule. It’s an excuse for Democrats with no agenda. And I believe I dealt with it an a pretty humorous manner.

    Now listen up and TRUST me, I am plenty critical of Republicans, when there is due cause. Trust me. That is no lie. BTW, I also work WITH Democrats, reasonable Democrats that is.

    Propaganda Minister? Typical Democrat low brow response, going to the gutter with an ad hominem attack. That’s why it is impossible to have an honest debate with a liberal.


    You know what the real problem is? Liberals can’t handle the fact that they are challenged, they can’t handle facts and the truth. That’s why you get mad and attack someone like myself.

    You must think I have think skin and will go running home. Trust me again, I’ve been though enough to toughen it. I don’t mind being a punching bag. Besides, it only goes to show how low some Democrats will go and supports my belief that the modern Democrat party is made up of hateful people, as illustrated by Scolavino, Grillo & Luttrell on the county end of things.

    Now about your tax complaints. Let’s easily dismiss them. You do know people get raises, health insurance goes up, expenses go up, ect. right???

    And you’re whining about a measly $65 per year tax increase??? Cooper sounds like a malcontent.

    Again, thanks for the laugh.

  22. Proud Republican said at 7:08 pm on October 27th, 2014:

    I can’t believe my eyes – a Democrat complaining about taxes! You dems do everything in your power to confiscate working people’s money and then you have the nerve to complain about taxes? Remember Steve “union guy” Sweeney’s incredibly stupid comment that “NJ doesn’t have a spending problem, it has a revenue problem.”. Want more? The Democrats want to raise the top tax rate to 12% – up from the already 3 times higher than Pennsylvania 9%. Still need more? The bearded buffoon raised the already high sales tax by a full percent. Now the dems are clamoring to raise the gas tax. Democrats have declared war on every working person’s wallet. Thank God we have places like Holmdel and Middletown that offer refuge from the blue state socialist cesspool that you Democrats have created in most of the state.

  23. Scott Neumam said at 1:40 am on October 28th, 2014:

    Not a single mention that I’m running for Congress in the 4th Congressional District.

  24. Art Gallagher said at 5:35 am on October 28th, 2014:

    Why would there be, Scott?

  25. Jim Granelli said at 7:40 am on October 28th, 2014:

    Scott Neuman, yeah; right….

    Using the Frederick John Lavergne method of campaign advertising, eh? Hijacking threads trying to get free advertising.

  26. Middletowner said at 4:53 pm on October 28th, 2014:

    Scott who?
    Misspelling his name and linking to a non-working website doesn’t sound like self-advertising to me…

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