New Commissioner Calls For Transportation Tax, New Tunnel, Expanded Light Rail

Jamie FoxCredit: Governor’s Office/Tim Larsen Transportation Commissioner Jamie Fox To new Transportation Commissioner Jamie Fox, the challenge is clear, and so is the solution: After years of “taking a Band-Aid approach to everything,” New Jersey’s transportation system is in crisis. The only way out is to raise taxes to replenish the soon-to-be-empty Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) and…

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4 Comments on “New Commissioner Calls For Transportation Tax, New Tunnel, Expanded Light Rail”

  1. So quick said at 7:35 pm on October 20th, 2014:

    to always slap us with another money grab: how dare all of you!! Why is the fund broke? Too many damn programs they never stop funding.. Too many raids on established line items and funds, to give away more of our money, to various constituencies, for votes.. Why can’t any of these people EVER propose CUTS to their out-of-control spending in this, the most highly-taxed state?? I am sick of their b.s., sick of their excuses, sick of their thinking we don’t know what they are doing: watch: they’ll start around 20 cents a gallon more for the gas tax: then, after a pretend “battle,” ( they probably already have figured out which legislators can afford to vote yes, and not lose their seats) they will tell us we are lucky, they cut it down to 14 cents or so! I promise ya: it will be a simple majority vote, done soon, to get it off their plate,before the bums are all up in 2015: they do it all the time: I assure you, I will refuse to vote for anyone who votes for this next rape of the NJ taxpayers!! And then watch, in a few years it’ll all be gone again, to fund the Obamacare exchanges, the increased welfare and social programs, it never ends- they totally disgust me!!

  2. Anonymous said at 8:18 pm on October 20th, 2014:

    Just say NO.

    They’ll sneak it in while gas prices are low, so people will “accept it.” And then, the hell with us when gas skyrockets again.

    What we want to know is, where to Beck, Angelini and Cassagrande stand on this.

    And yes, I will not vote for them if they support it. I won’t vote Democrat, but I won’t vote for anyone supporting this.

    There has to be another way.

  3. TheDigger said at 9:53 pm on October 20th, 2014:

    What part of being a democrat doesn’t Christie understand?

    I thought Chris was running for the GOP nomination – is he going to take on Hillary in the democrat primaries?

    The NJ exit doors are going to need repairs – people who can will leave.

  4. Friday Walkability Links | walkableprinceton said at 12:08 pm on October 24th, 2014:

    […] tax momentum builds: Newly-appointed (by Christie) NJDOT director Jamie Fox issued strong support for increasing the gas tax, fixing infrastructure and improving transit. Would the funds just end up being wasted on more […]