Backers of Public Question #2 Say It’s Only Way to Make Sure Gas Tax Goes to TTF

img_0858-800x531Over the past three decades New Jersey voters have approved several ballot questions that have protected revenue raised from state fuel taxes from being used for anything other than transportation projects. Now, in the wake of the unpopular 23-cent gas-tax increase that went into effect today, voters are being asked to do so again. One of…

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One Comment on “Backers of Public Question #2 Say It’s Only Way to Make Sure Gas Tax Goes to TTF”

  1. Rubbish said at 9:09 am on November 1st, 2016:

    What rubbish. The “news” should report the story as:

    Politicians raise taxes an arbitrary amount without any plans to control costs or spend revenue responsibly; just get more money, then decide what to do with it.

    “Regardless of the outcome of the ballot question, the Legislature could still authorize more than the $12 billion currently being contemplated,” Treasury spokesman Willem Rijksen said.

    How the public maintains civility is beyond me; 250 years ago we might have been dressing like characters from MTV’s Jersey Shore and stealing and throwing the state’s petroleum products into the harbor as protest.