GWB panel co-chairs spar on Sunday TV with report’s author, Giuliani

GWB panel co-chairs spar on Sunday TV with report’s author, Giuliani (via NJ.com)

Democrats’ battle to challenge a report commissioned by Gov. Chris Christie on September’s George Washington Bridge lane closures took to the airwaves Sunday, when the co-chairs of a legislative panel looking into the matter squared off against…

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One Comment on “GWB panel co-chairs spar on Sunday TV with report’s author, Giuliani”

  1. A Ridiculous Self-Serving Report said at 1:44 pm on March 31st, 2014:

    A report that did not interview key players such as: Stepien, Baroni, Samson, Bridgett, Wildstein, Sockolich, Nunnziata, “Chip” Michaels.

    Yeah I got it. ” I am ‘exonerated,’ lets move on.” It’s not happening.

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he wants to learn from Bridgegate. But in reality, he is teaching a lesson on how a skilled politician manipulates public opinion.

    In the classroom of the real world, here is the syllabus for Christie’s new course in Surviving Scandal 101:

    Investigate yourself – and announce the results before other investigations have a chance to get very far.

    Hire your friends and former colleagues to conduct the investigation. Pay them $1 million, possibly more.

    Don’t use your own money. Stick taxpayers with the bill.

    Enjoy a good laugh when your investigators use circumstantial evidence to embarrass your enemies or conclude your foes are lying.

    Leak the results of the 360-page report to The New York Times to get front-page coverage.

    Hold an hour-long press conference to comment on your self-exoneration. If reporters ask questions you don’t like, instruct them to “cut back the commentary” or “get the facts right if you want to ask me a question.”

    Claim responsibility for being a leader, but be sure your subordinates take the blame.
    Offer interviews to ABC and Fox to sell your version directly to the national electorate.

    Tell everyone that Bridgegate won’t affect your decision on whether to seek higher office. PS – If your wife and kids are present, Diane Sawyer is more likely to be sympathetic.

    Quietly resume the 2016 Christie for President campaign. Fly to Las Vegas the next day to woo a billionaire political supporter.