Christie bridge scandal: Despite U.S. Attorney’s subpoenas, N.J. lawmakers press forward

Christie bridge scandal: Despite U.S. Attorney’s subpoenas, N.J. lawmakers press forward (via NJ.com)

TRENTON — State lawmakers leading the legislative investigation of the George Washington Bridge lane closures today said they plan to proceed with their probes even as the U.S. Attorney is dropping subpoenas in the case. State Assemblyman John Wisniweski…

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5 Comments on “Christie bridge scandal: Despite U.S. Attorney’s subpoenas, N.J. lawmakers press forward”

  1. Did ya ever see said at 8:01 am on January 24th, 2014:

    an opponent with a good bone to chew and chew,want to give up their 15 mins and not extend them into at least 16? This guy never had so many people trying to pronounce his name on tv,in his life.. They are all simply pathetic and embarrassing..

  2. Bob English said at 10:57 am on January 24th, 2014:

    @did ya ever see….Why would you have an issue with Wisniewski?? While Christie was claiming the lane closures were a traffic study and Baroni was lying in his testimony to the Legislature, Wisniewski did not believe any of their nonsense and continued to push the investigation forward.

  3. you libs never get the broader point.. said at 2:47 pm on January 24th, 2014:

    the guy is simply doing what they all do: capitalizing on the media attention for all its worth: it abosolutely translates into more name id for them in their district, attracts more contributions for their own re- election efforts, and, yes, in his case,gives him more money to filter around, (i.e.”wheel,” ” into other places they want to gain another a foothold- period! -geesh, the lack of common knowledge and political savvy is sometimes astonishing.

  4. Bob English said at 5:09 pm on January 24th, 2014:

    @you libs…..Actually Wisniewski is doing exactly what an elected officeholder supposed to do. Investigate possible wrongdoing, see right through the lies and attempt to cover up (and the Govs criticism of the initial investigation and apparently burying his head in the sand) and see where the evidence leads. If that reflects well on Wisniewski so be it. Next time don’t have a bunch of out of control sociopaths at the PA and in the Govs office intentionally inflicting harm on NJ residents.

  5. Turnabout's fair play said at 4:23 pm on January 25th, 2014:

    then be just as outraged, and then hold people like Menendez accountable and support all investigations of people like him, too!