Opinion: Big and Small Thinking at the Port Authority

Opinion: Big and Small Thinking at the Port Authority (via NJSpotlight)

The reason I believe Gov. Chris Christie will survive the Bridgegate controversy is that he is too smart to have directed or encouraged what he accurately called the “abject stupidity” of September’s lane closings on the George Washington Bridge…

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3 Comments on “Opinion: Big and Small Thinking at the Port Authority”

  1. Good Newspaper Editorial said at 10:57 am on January 10th, 2014:

    Combing the internet, many newspapers in the tri-state area have critical articles–especially editorials. I thought this one to be interesting. The PA needs to be broken up!


  2. There sure needs to be something said at 12:16 pm on January 10th, 2014:

    positive that needs to come out of this embarrassing mess.. and, if/while they may be at it, would love for them to get a better handle on how to run a big airport: compared to several big or bigger airports in this nation, old EWR is basically a disgrace: that Airtrain is not only slow and rickety, it is out of service half the time, and runs half the service,late at night- also, the place is not very clean, they put the train stop connection by an old landfill that stinks in the summer, the p.a. System is rather garbled, and every time you fly in, you will invariably find an escalator, elevator, or yes, the Airtrain,out of service/ broken.. The wait to even get to the now, $40. per day valet parking,is ridiculous.. When you get your car, the signage out of the airport is very confusing and lacking, especially to those who may be new to the area.. why in the name of God can’t NJ ( and to a lesser extent, the NY side,) ever seem to really get it right? One has to blame the egomaniacal pols, their “connections”and friends, and our dense population,for much of it! Seriously- no wonder we are always the brunt of jokes.. this place is, overall, just so damn inconvenient, when you really look at it all!

  3. Olivia Nuzzi said at 1:25 am on January 12th, 2014:

    You’re 100% wrong that this is unlike Watergate. The DNC turned out to be a very small time target — they just thought it was big. Conversely, the GWB is a HUGE thing to mess around with, which is what they did here. Sokolich’s lack of national profile (or even Jersey profile) prior to this scandal is irrelevant. The point of Watergate is that something so small and so unnecessary did something so big. That is precisely what we are seeing here – something very petty and unnecessary having huge repercussions. I would even compare Nixon releasing edited tapes to the heavily redacted documents released here. And if you need more proof that these events are similar, Nixon’s very own White House Counsel John W. Dean has made the comparison.