Opinion: What Happened to Long Coattails in Gubernatorial Elections?

To a legislator, the difference between being in the majority and being in the minority is as consequential as the difference between being in office and being out of office. That is why my political life was transformed in November 1985 when, as a…

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2 Comments on “Opinion: What Happened to Long Coattails in Gubernatorial Elections?”

  1. He didn't care enough.. said at 10:31 pm on November 10th, 2013:

    .. which is again concerning for several reasons.. when will liberal republicans finally understand that “they” never reach across the aisle- they play the hardball, and it’s we who always give in.. When we say we do, it always comes from a position of weakness, and lack of conviction , real teamwork, and fight.. This is why we will likely never see another Republican majority in NJ’s legis. For many years, if ever, and it’s looking less likely the party will ever wise up, “man up,” and truly unite behind a conservative like Reagan to offer the clear choice we need.. A good point was made on Fox today after all the gov.’s Sunday appearances: the fickle, lib media is now building him up to be the next “savior” of the party- until we annoint him.. Then, the destruction will commence, and they trash him and promote Hillary, or whatever other socialist they put up.. It is both transparent and disgusting..

  2. Joe said at 7:10 am on November 11th, 2013:

    I must take my hat off to the Democrat planners and politicians who deftly used this governor’s supposed popularity to further their own political agenda and interests.

    It did exactly what the article said by enabling Democrat candidates to leverage Mr. Christie’s Clinton-esque “Tri-angulation” mumbo jumbo to co-opt (Orwellian usage) the “popularity” of Christie.

    Secondly, it has also set the stage to thrust Christie to the forefront of the national stage whereas he will try to position himself as the “moderate” who can work with Democrats in Washington. This is absolutely absurd because he will end up being “McCained” by the media and will lose even worse than McCain. Incidentally, the only reason that McCain’s election was so close is because of his adding Sarah Palin to the ticket.

    As usual, the Republican leadership has misread the tea leaves and again are embarking on the course that will lead to a tragic repeat of 2008. Alienating your base and by trying to be all things to all people is truly the path to irrelevance or worse and will only ensure that we will have a president Hilary Clinton in our future, therefore sealing the Progressive (read totalitarian) agenda for the next 30 or 40 years.

    Can anyone see Whig party redux? For what its worth!