Bloomberg spending $1 million to boost Booker

graphic via dcbarraco.blogspot.com

graphic via dcbarraco.blogspot.com

The man who outlawed the Big Gulp and french fries in New York City is spending $1 million to rescue Cory Booker from his burning campaign.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Independence USA PAC’s ad touting Booker as a senator who can get things done will start airing on television today, according to a New York Times piece, Anxious Allies Aiding Booker in Senate Bid.

Mr. Booker’s bumpy campaign and shrinking lead in the polls are all the more unsettling to Democratic Party officials because Mr. Lonegan is a political anomaly in the blue-hued state: a Tea Party conservative who describes himself as a “radical,” opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest, cheers the current shutdown of the federal government and has relied on polarizing right-wing figures like Sarah Palin and Rick Perry as campaign surrogates.

Mr. Lonegan, despite his ideological alignment, appears to have tapped into lingering doubts about whether Mr. Booker can translate his outsize, self-promotional persona, so popular with the Democratic base, into the rigors of a highly disciplined campaign.

Check in at SaveJersey or tune into How I Met Your Mother tonight if you want to see the ad.  I’m not running it unless Bloomberg pays me.

GOP U.S. Senate nominee will announce endorsements from grassroots conservatives this afternoon, in response to Bloomberg’s largess for Booker.

Contrary Bloomberg’s Booker will get things done theme, the New York Times quotes New Jersey residents, some who say they will still vote for Booker, as not being impressed with what the Newark mayor has accomplished in the Brick City.

In interviews, even those who said they planned to vote for him expressed reservations about his experience and ambitiousness, arguing that he had not yet truly proved himself in Newark.

Kenneth Paige, a 54-year-old barber in East Orange, where Mr. Booker campaigned over the weekend, cited the continued problem with crime in Newark.

“What did he really do?” said Mr. Paige, a Democrat, who indicated that he would vote for his party’s nominee nonetheless.

In Union, where Mr. Booker stopped a few hours later, Elaine Murphy, 60, said she was breaking with her party to vote for Mr. Lonegan.

Mr. Booker, she said, “had to fix Newark before he spread his wings out.” Her friends in Newark, she said, tell her that “he hasn’t done anything great for them.”

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  1. unreal- said at 2:23 pm on October 9th, 2013:

    must be great to have that kind of money to spread around to another state, are we perhaps looking for something to do elsewhere when the term ends, and he’s bored??..and, such a great Rep., that mayor!