Did Booker Fabricate A Drug Dealer Or Did He Harbor A Fugitive?

Says T-Bone “could be my Dad”

Cory Booker used to tell at story of T-Bone, a Newark drug dealer, who once threatened his life and later asked him for help avoiding arrest and prison.  Booker told the story “millions of times” on the stump in Newark, at colleges and at fundraisers where the moving tale separated donors from their money.

Booker stopped telling the story after  The Star Ledger questioned its veracity in 2007, even though Booker insisted T-Bone is both “1000 percent real” and an archetype.

The National Review has revived the story.

Our friends at #BookerFail found a video of Booker telling the tale, which is posted above.

Either Booker made up T-Bone, or he confessed on video to harboring a fugitive.



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3 Comments on “Did Booker Fabricate A Drug Dealer Or Did He Harbor A Fugitive?”

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