Lonegan: Booker’s Syria Position Is As Fake As ‘T-Bone’

GOP U.S. Senate nominee Steve Lonegan said this afternoon that his Democratic opponent, Newark Mayor Cory Booker is afraid to admit his support of President Barack Obama’s desire to attack Syria.

“Mayor Booker claims he cannot say whether he will support or oppose President Obama’s proposed military attack on Syria allegedly because he has no access to classified information,” Lonegan said, calling that argument “as fake as T-Bone.”

“The American people have figured out very quickly that President Obama has not made the case that American interests are at stake in Syria,” Lonegan said.  “Americans are sick of being the world’s policeman and sick of getting involved in domestic civil wars where there is no evidence that America’s national security is threatened.”

“Cory Booker is afraid to admit he supports the President’s proposed war in Syria,” Lonegan said, “so instead he attempts to hide behind the smokescreen of not having enough information.  But people are on to the Mayor’s act now, and his refusal to speak out against the President’s war can only be interpreted as assent.”

T-Bone is a character in a parable that Booker used early in his political career, until the Star Ledger raised questions about the authenticity of talent.  Booker claimed that T-Bone was a Newark drug dealer who once threatened his life and then a few year later pled with the mayor, in tears, to help him avoid prison.  In published reports Booker has claimed that the character is both “1000% a real person” and “an archetype.”

Regarding Syria, Booker initially said he would not support a strike, then equivocated.  Now he says he does not have enough information to say whether or not he would vote to authorize a military strike.

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