Another Murder in Newark

Booker is in California

Newark recorded its 65th violent killing so far this year, the 11th in less than a month, yesterday afternoon when a 28 year old Irvington man was shot and killed at the 200 block of Hobson Street, according to a report in The Star Ledger.

There were 26 people killed in the Newark riots of 1967.

Mayor Cory Booker is on a fundraising trip to California that will culminate with a dinner co-hosted by Jason Bourne and Batman.


braver than you remember

The New Jersey media was up Governor Christie’s keister to his lap band when he went to Disney World during the December 2010 snow storm.  How come they are giving Booker a pass for abandoning his city during this outbreak of violent deaths?

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2 Comments on “Another Murder in Newark”

  1. MoreMonmouthMusings » Blog Archive » Rahm Emanuel Cancels Booker Fundraiser In Wake Of Chicago Shootings said at 10:59 am on September 20th, 2013:

    […] The eleventh murder in less than a month occurred in Newark yesterday afternoon.  This morning two Newark teenagers were arrested for yesterday’s shooting death of Quivon Wilson, 23. […]

  2. Once again, said at 11:37 am on September 20th, 2013:

    two sets of standards and rules: Reps can do no right, leftist libs can do no wrong: it is simply evil, what these creeps have been and are allowed to get away with: and the righteous indignation and pretend horror/overreaction if an R goes astray,is both ignorant and disengenuos to the point of ridiculous!! ..we are so upside down and backwards now, in everything, I fear we will never be fixed.. Disgraceful, and NJ will go right along with the superficial celebrity and fun, the hell with those who are dying and really need the help.. Last one outa here,turn out the lights!