Democratic Senator invokes Vietnam era race riots in opposing Christie’s Supreme Court nominations

State Senator Ronald Rice (D-Newark)  is not satisifed that Governor Christie’s nomination of an Asian American to the State Supreme Court represents the racial diversity of New Jersey.

That the nominee, Judge David F. Bauman, the presiding Judge of the Monmouth County Court’s Civil Division, is a former U.S. Marine like Rice, did not satisfy the senator. “That doesn’t carry the weight a good African American would.  Even in the Marines we had race riots during Vietnam,” said Rice according to PolitickerNJ.

Rice said that diversity in this state should always include African Americans, Latinos, and women.

Senator Ray Lesniak (D-Elizabeth) also said that race would be a factor as he considers Christie’s nominees, Bauman and BPU President Robert Hanna.  Lesniak said that he wants to be highly confident that the nominees would use their independent judgement in interpreting the law and that they “will not be caught looking

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4 Comments on “Democratic Senator invokes Vietnam era race riots in opposing Christie’s Supreme Court nominations”

  1. speedkillsu said at 6:20 pm on December 10th, 2012:

    So Christie nomination of Bruce Harris who is a African American but just so happens to be gay as well was rejected last Jan ….What game is this the D’s are playing rope a dope

  2. Proud Republican said at 8:26 am on December 11th, 2012:

    I love it when numbskulls like Rice pull this card out. It shows, once again, how idiotic and petty the Democrats are when it comes to governing. I hope everyone sees why NJ is in the mess its in. Until we break the stranglehold of the Democrat majority in this state and the unions that fund them, we will forever be at the mercy of high taxes, over regulation and boneheaded judicial decisions.

  3. You had your chance said at 8:37 pm on December 11th, 2012:

    They had their chance to approve a gay African American and they refused. Are they prejudice against Asians? The nominees are extremely qualified and diverse. Asians are more of a minority than African Americans and Hispanic. So what is to complain about unless those against the picks are just prejudice.

  4. NJ Asian said at 10:13 pm on December 12th, 2012:

    After the rejection of Phil Kwon in March, the Dems are set to reject another Asian Am. nominee. But, I’m sure the Asian voters of NJ will just take it like good…Asians.