2013 Predictions

A better late than never “fiscal cliff” deal will get done in Washington.  Federal taxes and spending will both rise.  The federal debt ceiling will rise in the coming months.

Last minute legal maneuvers by “birthers” to prevent Barack Obama’s election by the electoral college will fail.

New Jersey will confront a budget shortfall of almost $1 billion.  Governor Christie will attempt to plug part of the shortfall with the privatization of the lottery.  There will be painful spending cuts during the first six months of the year.

Congress will pass and the president will sign the $60.4 billion Sandy Relief Bill.

The rebuilding of the Jersey Shore communities devastated by Superstorm Sandy will be slowed by FEMA.

Despite New Jersey’s fiscal mess and frustration over the rebuilding process, Governor Christie’s approval ratings will be in the high 50’s throughout the year.  Christie will be reelected, defeating State Senator Barbara Buono.   The Democratic Party will retain control of the State Legislature.

The State Senate will confirm David Baumann as a State Supreme Court Associate Justice.  They will not confirm Robert Hanna.

Joe Oxley will be confirmed as a Superior Court Judge.

There will be surprise retirements in the Monmouth County Vicinage of the Superior Court.

The first Monmouth GOP nominating convention under Chairman John Bennett and his new by-laws will see no challenges to incumbent freeholders, legislators or the sheriff.  There will be Tea Party led primary challenges in the 11th, 13th and 30th Legislative Districts.  The incumbents will all win.

The Monmouth GOP by-laws will be amended at the nominating convention to make the chairman’s term two years.

The Monmouth County Democratic Party will have difficulty recruiting a full slate of legislative and county candidates.

Tom Arnone will be the Director of the Monmouth County Board of Freeholders.

What do you think will happen?



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3 Comments on “2013 Predictions”

  1. Lets see.... said at 1:45 pm on January 1st, 2013:

    I foresee taxes climbing–all of them: school, county, municipal. Hurricane Sandy would be the culprit, since this has caused financial strains all around, and I see less aid being given to school districts which would have the taxpayer’s make up for the shortfall.

    Joe Oxley–unless he gives permission to the FBI to release his files to the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding alleged dealings with Solomon Dwek, I don’t see a chance that Joe will be considered for a judgeship.

    11th District challenge: The only one I see vulnerable is Jennifer Beck. Her liberal views are out of synch with general Republican party principles She needs to go; hopefully, the Tea Party will be successful.

    Sheriff: Shaun Golden needs to come clean on the pension scandal created by his predecessor. If Shaun did not know what happened–as second in command, he should have known. The elevation of Mickey Donovan at a $6000.00 pay hike–essentially doing the same work he previously did–is perplexing as well. I think Shaun is vulnerable to a challenge.

    Tom Arnone: Good man. But why would Curley not be approved another term as director? The Irish bastard did a great job uncovering the Brookdale scandal. I say he remains.

    Happy New Year!!

  2. The Chair's term is already two years, no? said at 3:35 pm on January 1st, 2013:

    And, in the spirit of change and letting a person running have the Director title, we’ll see Tom at the helm,this year. I really think the Mickey thing is way old and boring,at this point: a two- time sheriff candidate , excellent prosecutor member and local cop in the trenches , Mickey has more than proven his abilities and does a good job for our county.. May position and salary-envy take a back seat to performance, this year.

  3. Bob English said at 6:01 pm on January 2nd, 2013:

    A major Republican officeholder in New Jersey or New York who is sick and tired of the insantiy of the party at the national level declares that they are switching to the D’s