Romney responds to 47% fuss

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32 Comments on “Romney responds to 47% fuss”

  1. Pilgrim said at 1:50 pm on September 18th, 2012:

    Saturday Night Live nailed it — Obama’s and the Democratic Party’s secret weapon for winning this election is Mitt Romney. Romney makes G.W. Bush look like a polished public speaker and a scholar.

  2. Pilgrim said at 1:56 pm on September 18th, 2012:

    Mitten’s body language and facial expression says a lot about how worried he is by his blunder, by the fact the he was actually saying what he believes about half of the American people.

  3. brian said at 2:09 pm on September 18th, 2012:

    Gee—the recipient class who contribute nothing are offended?????? Call a waaaaaaaaaaahmbulance.

  4. Correct, brian, said at 2:41 pm on September 18th, 2012:

    when we became a country that values “gotcha” politics, in lieu of telling the truth, we accelerated the downslide of this nation into a “takers-not-makers” socialist state.. and, just the fact that Romney stands in front of he American flag in all his appearances, and not that disgusting gold drape with that odd- figure print on it, is reason enough to vote for the guy!..

  5. Lest we forget, said at 2:51 pm on September 18th, 2012:

    “You didn’t build that!” — Barack Obama

  6. brian said at 4:24 pm on September 18th, 2012:

    And since Milhous was immaculated i look at work just like any other investment—if i work extra my liabilities to the gubmint increase to aid the dependent class so i choose to work as little as possible to help starve the dependent class—when all my needs are met i stop—–someone else can take care of the takers and i will just cut back to domestic champagne…………

  7. Bob English said at 4:46 pm on September 18th, 2012:

    Whatever happended to the Republican party which used to brag about tax cuts in which lower income people no longer paid federal income taxes? They build that.

    Im not sure what is worse. If Romeny actually believes what he was saying or if he was just trying to give his audience what he thought they wanted to hear. No matter how you cut it though Romney saying that almost half of all Americans “believe they are victims” entitled to extensive government support is insanity 101. Maybe he did not mean to include seniors, students, low income earning families, the disabled etc.,….but that is who makes up a good chunk of the 47% he is referring to.

  8. Pilgrim said at 5:29 pm on September 18th, 2012:


    Are all of the injured and disabled vets returning from the Middle East, who will be taking health care and disability payments for the rest of there lives part of the 47% of the “takers”, once they are no longer soldiers making you safe? Are all of those coporate farmers and ranchers taking federal subsidies members of the “socilaist” state “dependent” on your limited tax dollars. Are all of those subsidized highly profitable oil companies taking more than they deserve? If you have or had children in public schools who cost more to educateTHAN YOU CONTRIBUTE, OR CONTRIBUTED, IN TAXES IN ANY GIVEN YEAR, does that make you a taker for not making enough to pay for their entire annual public education? This country’s greatness never was and never will be about the individual(s) making it (success) on their own, which is a myth. It is from many comes one and from one are many united.

  9. @ Pilgrim Tries To Distract said at 5:46 pm on September 18th, 2012:

    Pilgrim, you are trying to create a “straw man style argument.” ROFLAO, your trying to compare the oil companies to lazy and unproductive citizens.

    There are indeed valid recipients among that 47%, those that paid their fair share in taxes.

    We’re talking about the moochers that are on welfare but can work, you know; the ones Obummer said no longer have to work as part of welfare reform.

    We’re talking about the moochers that come to our country illegally and pay no taxes, yet burden our social services; all the while sending money back to their home country.

    Get real, will you?

  10. Scott said at 6:23 pm on September 18th, 2012:

    The media’s fanatical quest for Romney “gaffes” is just too funny. Do candidates often lapse into regrettable rhetorical flourishes in the heat of a campaign moment? Of course. Remember Obama’s claim that those who did not support him were, “clinging to their guns and religion?”

    Romney’s point, more elegantly stated in the press conference, is that those who claim more from government and produce less are naturally supportive of the status quo. There is, of course, nothing newsworthy in that.

  11. Proud Republican said at 6:35 pm on September 18th, 2012:

    Thank you Mitt Romney, for having the guts to say what is on everyone else’s mind. The people of this country who break their back working, raising their own kids, staying off drugs and just generally doing the right thing are tired of subsidizing the leeches who Obama and the Democrats count on year after year. And before you break out the Kleenex Rick and Bob, it’s the leeches who knock kids out annually out of wedlock, have no interest in school or work, have more tattoos and piercings than they have ambition, abuse every drug they can find and go through life stealing from the taxpayers. So the welfare crowd is insulted? I was so upset by that, I only slept about eight hours last night. Keep up the good work, Mitt.

  12. Pilgrim said at 7:02 pm on September 18th, 2012:

    Pround Republican,
    I’m tired of subsidizing Ann and Mitt Romney’s $77,000 tax deduction for a horse when they earn in excess of $200,000 a year — now that is what I call “leeching” the American taxpayer and “stealing from the taxpayers.” Sounds to me like Mittens and Ann are part of that corporate welfare crowd, what do you think?

  13. Pilgrim said at 7:08 pm on September 18th, 2012:

    This wasn’t a gaffe; he was among friends with no pressure other than what he managed to produce all by himself. There was nothing “elegant” about what he said in the press confrence where he was trying to undo something that he said with conviction earlier in the campaign. If he is elected he is going to need his own daily broadcast to elegantly undo what he says each day.

  14. Bob English said at 7:09 pm on September 18th, 2012:

    Over 60% of the people Romeny referred to pay the payroll tax so that means they are employed, they just don’t make enough to have to pay taxes. FYI, the Bush tax cuts took over 7 million people from paying federal income taxes to not paying federal income taxes….at one time Republicans thought that was a good thing and not something to ridicule people for.

    8 of the 10 states with the highest percentages of people not paying income taxes went red in 2008, while 7 of the 10 with the lowest percentages went blue. I am sure Mitts supporters in those red states will love his remarks.

    Another big chunk of the 47% are senior citizens who do not have enough taxable income to pay taxes.

  15. Bob English said at 7:19 pm on September 18th, 2012:

    Bill Crystal referred to Romneys remarks as “arrogant and stupid”

    Funniest line of the day was “Thurston Howell Romney”

  16. Proud Republican said at 9:06 pm on September 18th, 2012:

    See Pilgrim, this is where you libs always lose it. In order to get a tax deduction, you must first earn money and PAY a lot of taxes. The lazy, leeching moochers who know nothing besides food stamps, medicaid, welfare and procreating, contribute NOTHING. Come clean now, which one of those programs are YOU signed up for? Or is it all of the above? Either way, I await your thank you.

  17. Listening To Billy Crystal On Politics Is Like said at 9:21 pm on September 18th, 2012:

    Listening to Chevy Chase & Martin Sheen. All dumb as a toaster on politics and I know at least one of them never graduated High School.

    ROFLAO Lil Bobbie Boy. Who cares what the limosine liberals from Hollywood say

    If you rely on them for input, boy is this country fracked.

    As to “they don’t make enough to pay taxes,” that is where this country’s problems started. EVERYONE should pay at least something, even if it’s just 1% for the services they receive from Big Gubmint.

    That 1% sure would add up to a heck of a lot from the moochers. The seniors paid those fair share over the years.

    We’re talking illegals and those that still work for a living paying their taxes.

    That’s about the third or fourth time you have ignored that message here Bobbie.

    Are you “stuck on stupid” or just conveniently ignoring that idea that everyone working should pay taxes.

  18. Bob English said at 10:51 pm on September 18th, 2012:

    Speaking of Stupid Stupid, I said Bill Crystal as in the Bill Crystal that is a neoconservative, political analyst and commentator. He is the founder and editor of the political magazine The Weekly Standard and a regular commentator on the Fox News Channel.

  19. Proud Republican said at 11:20 pm on September 18th, 2012:

    Hey Bob English, you may want to watch who you call stupid. You said Bill Crystal, who is in fact, the whiney comedian. The political commentator is Bill Kristol. You are wearing me out pal, having to correct you all the time.

  20. Oscars 2012 said at 11:28 pm on September 18th, 2012:

    “So tonight, enjoy yourselves because nothing can take the sting out of the world’s economic problems like watching millionaires present each other with golden statues.” …Billy Crystal, the host of The 84th Academy Awards, 2012.

  21. Bob English said at 12:01 am on September 19th, 2012:

    Okay, I will admit when I’m wrong, I did have the spelling wrong and it was as Proud Republican said Bill “Kristol” (conservative analyst and commentator) who made the statement about Romney being stupid and arrogant.

  22. @bob english said at 10:29 am on September 19th, 2012:

    Over 60% of the people Romeny referred to pay the payroll tax so that means they are employed, they just don’t make enough to have to pay taxes.

    Are they receiving an earne dincome tax credit (EITC) so in effect they do not pay the payroll tax?

  23. @ Lil Bobbie Boy said at 11:44 am on September 19th, 2012:

    Maybe Mother Jones & Carter’s Grandson should have waited to comment


    As Bobbie Boy always shouts, maybe the comments are taken out of context or they didn’t know the full facts?

    How About A Bottle Of $800 Shamepaign For The Resident Libs?


  24. Pilgrim said at 12:58 pm on September 19th, 2012:

    Proud Republican,
    A correction to my last comment: the Romney’s earn in excess of $200 million a year and get a deduction (subsidized by other taxpayers) of $77,000 for a HORSE, which is more than what some of the “moochers” make in a year, or two years. And, some of the 47% you refer to are retired Viet Nam and WWII vets who are living on social security, small pensions and exercising his veteran health care benefits.

  25. Pilgrim said at 1:16 pm on September 19th, 2012:

    Proud Republican,
    I’m not signed up for any of the programs you mention, as a matter of fact my taxes pay for them. Locally, my property taxes alone pay to educate TWO Middletown students a year — you know those “leeching” students and their “mooching” parents. So, if you have a child in the Middletown school system I pay to have them educated.

    By making your statement about paying taxes to qualify for a deduction, you avoid my very valid and factually accurate point about Romney who does pay a lot of taxes, and who takes a $77,000 deduction for a HORSE. He and his wife make enough money not to take the deduction — a deduction they are not required to take. Instead they ‘leech’ tax dollars away from other taxpayers — the Romney’s are professional tax system ‘moochers’ and pay professionals to help them ‘leech’ and ‘mooch’. May be they should change the name of Ann’s horse to “Moocher”.

  26. Lil Bobbie Just Doesn't Get It said at 1:24 pm on September 19th, 2012:

    Bob English said at 10:51 pm on September 18th, 2012:

    Speaking of Stupid Stupid, I said Bill Crystal as in the Bill Crystal that is a neoconservative,


    It’s K-R-I-S-T-O-L

    It’s not surprising that you didn’t know how to spell it, as you don’t know what you are talking about half the time anyway.

    As to Bill K-R-I-S-T-O-L’s conservative credentials, he’s a wishy washy – Inside The Beltway wanna be. He flips and flops as need be.

    And there’s Poor Pilgrim, frothing at the mouth. You see, you only want incentives, tax deductions and loopholes for things libs want, like Solar Energy which is no where near ready for prime time.

    Remember Solyndra and a half dozen other failed government loans?

  27. brian said at 1:29 pm on September 19th, 2012:

    Only in liberal bizzaro world is keeping more of YOUR OWN money is mooching—-The Romneys in 2011 paid as much as 400 families—do they get extra military protection??? a new road to their house??
    l want my children to actually recieve an education and pay both taxes and tuition—why don’t i get my school tax back since i don’t support the edumafia??? why do i have to pay twice when many pay nothing???
    Everyone should have to kick in something before you ask those of us who pay for more. My obligation is to provide for myself and my family while paying a minimum amount of taxes. lf i can do with less than so can the g0v’t even though the memories of millions of folks starving on streetcorners when we spent $trillion less in 2007 are stil fresh in everyone’s minds. The median income is down, home values are down–but i should give the gov’t more??? Not a chance……………..

  28. Pilgrim said at 1:32 pm on September 19th, 2012:

    Pround Republican,

    Here are the names of some very local “moochers” and “leeches”: Pat Parkinson soon to retire from The Middletown Sewerage Authority (TOMSA) with full health care benefits and years of pension credits from his time on the township committee and TOMSA; former committee person Joan Smith; Jim Hinckley and Tom Stokes and others who all part of the ENTITLED REPUBLICAN CLASS entitled to pensions and life-time health care as a result of being TOMSA appointees for years. The leeching and mooching could have been stopped years ago, but the Republican majority (Scharfenberger, Fiore, Settembrino, Brightbill, Massell and Murray) in Middletown chose to keep the patronage pit open for the business of ‘mooching’ and ‘leeching’.

  29. brian said at 1:38 pm on September 19th, 2012:

    ………….and when large numbers of productive folks decide ,like myself, decide to earn less, retire early, don’t expand or just go Galt—-who will pay for this precious welfare state??? lf you confiscated 100% of the wealthy’s assets—it would cover 8 months of Milhous’s spending–then what??? Keep taking everything further down the line?? The world has about $80 Trillion in wealth and we are on the hook for $120 Trillion in entitlements—even the edumafia can’t make those numbers work………………………….

  30. brian said at 1:39 pm on September 19th, 2012:

    So now we have either the failed dem candidate for council or the purveyor of the middletown pig boy’s blog commenting..

  31. brian said at 1:40 pm on September 19th, 2012:

    …………..but we are still running that collection plate so pig boy doesn’t have to go to public meetings in sweatpants

  32. @Pilgrim said at 2:18 pm on September 19th, 2012:

    “Now There You Go Again,” Putting Your Donkey Hoof In Your Mouth”

    Why don’t you stop being hypocritical and look at a NEPTUNE DEMOCRAT ADMINISTRATION, with much the same kinds of people who will retire with double pensions, king among them Mike Bascom & Phil Huhn.

    Word has it that Bascom will retire soon and go work for Meridian and collect another pension there.

    Bascom is the highest paid person in the town and perhaps the county with $150K coming from Neptune and another $40 coming from other towns, along with the several other hats he wears.

    If you want to look at a patronage pit, look at your own lib friends as well, starting in Trenton. What an “assie” you are.