Romney Following Dinner with Trump: ‘America’s Best Days are Ahead of Us’

romneytrump(Image via Twitter) Following a dinner with president-elect Donald Trump and Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus in New York City Tuesday night, Mitt Romney told reporters that he thinks “America’s best days are ahead of us.” Romney, a former Massachusetts governor and the 2012 GOP presidential nominee, is rumored to be at the top of… Read the rest of this entry »

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Romney Is Headlining Christie’s Birthday Fundraiser

Christie-Birthday1Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican Presidential nominee, is schedule to be a “Special Guest” at Governor Chris Christie’s birthday celebration/NJGOP fundraiser on September 10.  Christie turns 52 on September 6.

The grand party will be held at the Hilton East Brunswick.  A ticket to the general reception costs $150.  Entrance to a private reception is $5,000 per person.  There are 20 “Roundtable” spots reserved for 20 well healed guests.

For an additional $75, guests can have a message inserted in Christie’s birthday card.  For $35 a family will be listed in the card, $15 for an individual listing.

In lieu of gifts for the Governor, guests are urged to bring an unwrapped toy which will be donated to Toys 4 Tots.


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Romney was right on Russia

Recorded March 26, 2012

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Romney will lunch with Obama at White House tomorrow

The White House has announced that former presidential candidate Mitt Romney will have lunch with President Obama at the White House tomorrow.

Could Romney be joining the administration?   Treasury Secretary?  Ambassador to Libya?

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Romney Nailed It

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney needed to show American tonight that he could be the Commander of Chief of the United States military and leader of the free world.  He did just that.

President Obama’s rhetoric that Romney is a “wrong and reckless” war monger fell flat.

Romney successfully intertwined the a strong American economy to successful foreign policy.

Romney used Obama’s record to devastate.  Romney nailed Obama on the apology tour.  While both men expressed similar visions for the next four years, Romney reminded America of the presidents record on the economy and the Middle East.

Romney was presidential.  Obama was aggressive, bordering on petty.

Obama was clearly playing from behind and desperately trying to catch up.  Romney would not be baited into any of Obama’s petty traps.


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Karl Rove: No candidate with numbers like Romney’s has ever lost

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Who won the debate?

By virtue of the fact that he showed up this time, unlike the Denver debate, President Obama had a much better performance tonight and probably stopped the bleeding.

I thought the president’s most powerful moment was when he was standing for the diplomatic corp while answering the question about Libya.  If I didn’t know that Obama was lying blatantly at the moment, he might have even won me over.  I was shocked that after two weeks of covering up and lying about the attacks on our people in Libya, while blaming the deaths on a YouTube video, that Obama was actually acting presidential.

Mitt Romney must have been shocked too because he missed a huge opportunity to blast Obama for the lies to America’s face about Libya, both tonight and since September 11.   Just as Romney seemed to have his footing for the knock out punch, moderator Candy Crowley interfered, erroneously, on behalf of Obama.

After appealing to his liberal base for the last two months, Obama started to compete with Romney for the center.   Romney countered, with less effectiveness than he did in Denver, by reminding America of Obama’s record.

My favorite moment was when Obama said, “when I was president.”  I hope that was prophetic.

Expect the momentum that Romney has enjoyed for the last two weeks to slow and for the race to move to a dead heat.

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Who won the debate?

It seems to me that Romney performed best tonight.  He didn’t let Obama mischaracterized his proposals.  He had a superior command of the issues.  He was aggressive yet respectful.

Yet there was no knock out punch.

Obama seemed to be to be detached and disinterested.  I don’t recall Obama ever having the demeanor he displayed tonight.  He did not engage the camera or Romney.  He and Jim Lehrer seemed to be having a nice chat.

What do you think?

Who won the debate?

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Obama’s been lying about Libya. Romney calls for candor and transparency with American people

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CBS posts unaired clips of Obama and Romney Interviews

Romney puts the 47% tape in context

Obama admits failure, asks for another term

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