Cowardly Senator Bob Menendez rejects Kyrillos’ debate challenge

State Senator Joe Kyrillos sent a staffer to hand deliver a debate challenge to U.S. Senator Bob Menendez this morning.  Menendez wouldn’t take the Kyrillos’ letter.

Here is the text of the letter:

Dear Senator Menendez:

One of us will be the next United States Senator from New Jersey. We will be tasked with finding a solution to the rising unemployment and exploding deficits and debt that are wrecking havoc on our country. The ongoing fiscal crisis has largely been caused by Washington’s inability to create certainty for the economy and the demands of powerful special interests and unions and the politicians who do their bidding. We will have to make tough choices to return America to prosperity and stability. I am willing to make these tough choices. New Jerseyans would benefit from knowing your position.

New Jeseryans need to know our positions on these important issues before, not after, the election. That’s why I have released a comprehensive jobs plan. When you publish press statements you carefully avoid such specifics. And by drastically limiting your exposure to the press and the public, you are avoiding being pinned down in live questioning. But these are new times. New Jerseyans want leaders, not politicians. Difficult times require a leader who is able to get results.

We owe New Jerseyans a serious conversation about fixing our country, so I hope you will join me in a series of 5 debates across the Garden State that cover separate topics. I suggest a debate on each of these topics – jobs and the economy, taxes, spending, education and government ethics. We must also ensure maximum viewership of our debates so that the voters can make an informed decision come November.

I am committed to working with you to ensure that all New Jerseyans know where we stand on the issues that matter most to them. I await your call at my campaign headquarters at (732) 957-1580. I look forward to hearing from you and I look forward to vigorous debates of these critical issues.


Senator Joe Kyrillos

It would be one thing if the junior U.S. Senator was a popular incumbent not wanting to give his opponent exposure, but despite 6 years in the Senate and 7 terms in Congress, 60% of New Jersey voters still do not know who Menendez is.   Obviously, Menendez is hoping to continue to go unnoticed in November and ride back to Washington on Barack Obama’s coattails.

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