Former Long Branch Woman Appeals To Christie, Legislature, For Relief From Abusive Judge

Rachel Alintoff

A former Long Branch woman who appealed to Governor Chris Christie for help regarding unfair and illegal treatment by the Monmouth County Judge presiding over her divorce case says she has heard from the State Attorney General’s Criminal Division and the Governor’s office who have referred her case to the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct.

Rachel Alintoff, 36, told Christie during his town hall meeting in Garfield last week that Judge Paul X. Escandon stripped her of her parental rights of her 2 year old son, Hayden, without the legally required hearing, as punishment for her seeking an order of protection in New York, where she lives now, against her estranged husband Bryan who failed to dispose of a handgun as Escandon had ordered as part of a custody order.

Alintoff also told Christie that Escandon, after his ruling on her parental rights was overturned by the Appeals Court, denied her access to her clothing, money for legal fees and granted her only $1,100 per month in child support from her husband who earns, she says, over $500K per year on Wall Street.

Here’s a link to video of Alintoff speaking to Christie and the Governor’s response.  The video will start with Christie recognising Alintoff.  At the 43:58 mark Christie moves on to Peter, the young student who became famous for asking the Governor for a note to excuse him for missing school.

Here’s the text of Alintoff’s remarks and questions to Christie:

I am going through a divorce in Monmouth County in front of Judge Paul X. Escandon.
In October 2011, Judge Escandon stripped me of all my parental rights to my 2 year old son without the legally required hearing.
I had only supervised visitation. This was a punishment for an order of protection I was seeking in NYC (where I am currently living) when my husband failed to dispose of his handgun as per a court order. My son had to endure a month of barely seeing his mother until Judge Escandon was Summarily reversed by the Appelate Court for his illegal ruling.
Since then, Judge Escandon has gone on to make other illegal rulings against me such as denying me access to my clothing, granting no money for my legal fees and only issuing $1,100 in support a month to my son and me which puts us below the Federal Poverty Level. All while my husband makes on average over half a million dollars a year on Wall Street.
This is not an isolated incident. Judge Escandon has done similar things to other woman and has a habit of financiallly ruining women in his courtroom.
I have a 2-part question:
1) What will you do as Governor to ensure that Judges like Escandon follow the law or are taken off the bench?
2) Judge Escandon is the former law partner of Assemblyman Sean Kean whose main platform is reducing Alimony for women.
What will you do as Governor to make sure that Judges are kept from carrying out their own political agendas from the bench?

Alintoff, who first brought her situation to MMM’s attention as a comment in the post about the Garfield town hall meeting, says she’s heard from Jeanne Ashmore in the Governor’s Office and Detective Charles Crescenz in the Criminal Division of the Attorney General’s Office, both of whom told her the matter would be taken up by the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct.  Neither Crescenz nor Ashmore would comment to MMM.  John Tonelli, Executive Director of the ACJC also declined to comment.

Alintoff  emailed every member of the State Legislature today to inform them of her situation.  Her father, Merny Schwartz, Phd, wrote to Chief Justice Stuart Rabner about Escandon’s conduct last December.  Schwartz maintains a blog on his daughter’s case before Escandon, JudgePaulEscandon.blog.com.

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51 Comments on “Former Long Branch Woman Appeals To Christie, Legislature, For Relief From Abusive Judge”

  1. Mike said at 9:56 am on March 22nd, 2014:

    Enough of the poor mis treated women routine. MEN have been on the bad end of divorce proceedings for many many years. This is about families and children…not just women who feel there was a poor ruling. Billions of Federal and State dollars pour into the coffers of women centers and feminist jurist prudence within the system all to promote the destruction of families and the enrichment of those “professionals” that surround the industry.

    Stop playing the man against women game already and start putting things in perspective. Believe me, men are way ahead of you on the family court mistreatment scale. Team up with some mens groups and solve the real issues and you issues will be resolved.