Petition For Impeachment Filed Against Judge Paul Escandon


Five women whose divorce cases were heard by Monmouth County Superior Court Judge Paul X. Escandon are petitioning the New Jersey General Assembly to impeach the Judge they say violated their rights of due process and equal protection.

WABC-NY first reported the story of the impeachment petition.

Under the New Jersey Constitution, the General Assembly has the sole power to impeach judges by majority vote of the members.  Should a judge be impeached by the Assembly, a trial is held in the Senate.  A conviction and removal from office requires the vote of two-thirds of the Senate members.

Patricia Madison aka Patricia Pisciotti, Rachel Alintoff, Tameka Hunt, Paula Diaz Antonopoulos Wolfe, and Kristen Williams are represented by Robert A. Tandy, Esq., a Woodcliff Lake civil rights and employment attorney.

The women argue that they have no recourse against Escandon, other than impeachment and removal from office, for violating their civil rights due to the broad immunities granted Judges.  They make the following allegations in their petition:


  • ·         In one case, without the benefit of a hearing, Escandon awarded custody of three (3) minor children to a two-time violent felon, confessed killer, and known mob informant who refused witness protection. Despite rejecting such witness protection and being absent, due to criminal incarceration, most of the children’s lives, Respondent, without any such hearing did limit, restrain, alter, terminate, or suspend a parent’s right to the custody of her minor children in violation of the law;


  • ·         Through his decisions, Escandon has repeatedly ignored instances of fraud and funneling of funds by husbands in matrimonial litigations he presided over; permitted child support and pendent lite evasion; dismissed and/or utterly failed to enforce Appellate Division Orders; and signing Orders submitted by Counsel for husbands without a notice of motion being served on the wives or opportunity for hearing;


  • ·         Escandon has repeatedly and continuously failed to allow female litigants to engage in the discovery process and has otherwise served to prevent the search for truth relating to the financial condition of male litigants to the direct detriment of female litigants;


  • ·         Despite his denial of pendent lite support and/or a nominal awards of same, Escandon  has routinely and repeatedly ordered female litigants to remain in the marital home without any financial possibility to pay for same whereby forcing female litigants into poverty and, in multiple cases, the filing of bankruptcy petitions, which all have adverse consequences in the award of child custody;


  • ·         Escandon repeatedly and continuously erred and abused his discretion by eradicating parties’ custody and parenting time agreements without conducting a plenary hearing;


  • ·         Escandon repeatedly and continuously erred and abused his discretion by eradicating parties’ custody and parenting time agreements without a finding of imminent harm or threat to a minor child;


  • ·         Escandon repeatedly and continuously erred and abused his discretion by eradicating  parties’ custody and parenting time agreements without providing female litigants with an opportunity to respond or be heard;


  • ·         Escadnon repeatedly and continuously erred and abused his discretion by eradicating parties’ custody and parenting agreements without scheduling a return date within 35 days;


  • ·         Escandon repeatedly and continuously erred and abused his discretion by failing to assess and consider the factors the Court is required to consider in making custody and parenting time determinations in favor of male litigants to the detriment of female litigants;


  • ·         Escandon repeatedly and continuously erred and abused his discretion by failing to assess and consider the options of custody and parenting time evaluations to the detriment of minor children;


  • ·         Escandon repeatedly and continuously erred and unjustly enriched male litigants in making pendente lite support and often reduced and/or eliminated such  support obligation to female litigants;


  • ·         Escandon has repeatedly and continuously erred and unjustly denied female litigants the opportunity to reclaim their pre-marital personal belonging, including their clothing, maintained at the marital residence;


  • ·         Escandon has repeatedly and continuously held female litigants in contempt for violating orders that the female litigants, most of whom were stay-at-home mothers, had no financial means of complying;


  • ·         Escandon has repeatedly and continuously engaged in the maternal alienation of female litigants;


  • ·         Escandon as repeatedly and continuously failed to make determinations in the best interests of children having special needs in direct contradiction to documented recommendations; 


  • ·         Escandon has repeatedly and continuously denied attorneys’ fees applications by female litigants while allowing male litigants to recover attorneys’ fees from destitute female litigants that he has forced into poverty despite the excessive annual earnings of male litigants.


The women allege that Escandon’s decisions are not supported by the facts of their cases and are evidence of his “discriminatory animus” on the basis of their gender in violation of the equal protection and due process clauses of the United States and New Jersey Constitutions.

They allege that after Escandon was transferred out of Family Court, that the Judges who replaced him on their cases were ordered by their superiors not to reverse Escandon’s errors. 

Tandy told MMM that he has filed the petition with Speaker Sheila Oliver’s office and delivered copies to Governor Chris Christie, Senate President Stephen Sweeney and the legislative leaders of both parties in the Senate and Assembly. He declined to say whether he has spoken to any members of the Assembly or if any member has agreed to sponsor a Bill of Impeachment.

Tandy said that his clients want the Assembly to investigate their allegations and deliver a Certification of Impeachment, if appropriate.


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25 Comments on “Petition For Impeachment Filed Against Judge Paul Escandon”

  1. Michael Laffey said at 12:28 pm on September 4th, 2013:

    Has the Appellate Division opined on any of these cases?

  2. Isaac Stein said at 5:11 pm on September 4th, 2013:

    I have heard about this biased, chauvinist crooked judge.. He shouldn’t just be impeached, he needs to be taken in the back alley and lose his nuts..

  3. Local Beat: Who’s the (Cake) Boss? | NJ News Commons said at 12:25 am on September 5th, 2013:

    […] More Monmouth Musings has the story of five women who are petitioning the NJ General Assembly to impeach the Monmouth County Superior Court Judge would presided over their divorce cases; Jersey Tomato […]

  4. Patricia Pisciotti said at 1:16 am on September 5th, 2013:

    Escandon, what were you paid?

  5. Susan Murphy said at 10:16 am on September 5th, 2013:

    Let’s hope a curious reporter covers this case. Escandon is not an anomaly. When/how did he learn he can award custody to a known child abuser and not be held accountable? What is his logic that justifies this? What do people who know him say about him.?

  6. marc storm said at 9:37 pm on September 6th, 2013:

    i wish the people in clark county in springfield,ohio would have the balls to do the same thing to judge thomas capper. he sounds like a carbon copy of escandon. his arrogance on the bench & inability to see both sides of a case are sickening. he’s been abusing my wife in his court for over 10 years.the fact that her ex is an attorney & friend of the judge makes him totally bias. sherri bos even took her daughters then her own life,after capper took all her rights…

  7. Rachel Alintoff said at 7:20 am on September 7th, 2013:

    Marc – thank you for your support. It is a great example when I a man comes forward and supports a group of mothers and children that are having their civil rights violated because so many men are making this a women vs. men issue and the truth is, this is an issue for everyone in the United States who is concerned for justice and the integrity of the Constitution being upheld. Without rights, what have we become? Judge Paul Escandon abuses his power on the bench daily and has ignored his oath to uphold the law. Instead, he ignores laws and ignores due process. Judge Escandon is lawless and must be impeached. As Governor Christie said, “”Judges aren’t Kings and Queens in black robes…they are public servants”, Like the rest of us, Judges need to know that if they don’t do their job right, they will get fired! I’m sorry for your wife’s 10 year struggle under a Judge who was influenced outside people to make rulings. Judge Escandon has had nothing but support from Judge Lawson – the assignment Judge in Monmouth County Courthouse. Instead of rallying around corruption, Monmouth Courthouse should be protecting the rights of citizens, but they don’t. They took over a year and a half to release Judge Escandon’s public records. Only handing them over AFTER a civil rights attorney got involved. I am asking for a change of venue since it is obvious that I can not get a fair trial in Monmouth County Courthouse. However, the courthouse has scheduled my motion for change of venue for AFTER my trial. This is a major violation on my civil rights and of my due process rights. The Media and Press has been contacted about my change of venue request and can not believe what Monmouth Courthouse is pulling, yet again.

  8. Paul Lunz said at 4:19 pm on September 7th, 2013:

    This is not a man or woman issue. This is about the innocent children that this judge has hurt. He was appointed to follow the state and federal laws! Not to make up his own rules. We do not live in a third wourld country that peoples civil rights are disregarded. Rachel you and everyone in this civil suit should be proud for bringing out the corruption in this county court system.

  9. Melinda Storm said at 8:44 pm on September 7th, 2013:

    Rachel- What I have had to endure for the last 10 years under Judge Thomas J. Capper nobody should have to live in fear of a system that you will never see your child again because of the friendships…between attorney Ex husband and this court system.
    In 2007 my ex did and Ex Parte CPO on me that lasted till 2011… with out a hearing…This order keep me from my child for 2 and a half years……when it was finally dropped it was still and ex parte order meaning I had no hearing…(due process) ?????? The Judge claims to the Ohio Supreme court that neither attorneys requested a hearing date…….its all on the docket and they had a date June 12th, 2007 and showed up discussed nothing and moved it to Aug. 30th, 2007 and when that came around they changed the hearing to the (custody) hearing never mentioning the
    cpo…….so it just stayed on me that way…..as ex parte……order………
    I have also been told by many attorney’s in the local area that they are aloud to sign for the judge…..as long a there is a /s/ in front of the siginature…….My ex as an attorney signed the custody order his own custody order….I keep getting told its ok…that’s how its done here……it has a time stamp on it but it is not in my file of record with the court now its gone and the judge has a copy signed by him…..and the time stamps are off on the time….but again i’m told i’m fishing for something that is not there……this is just a little of what has happened to me….and I have gone through about 12 attorney’s in my case and a ton of money just so I can see my child……..what are parents to do when the Judges just don’t do there jobs……????
    I’m sorry that you have had to go through this also hang in there and I pray every night for help in my case…..something needs to be done with Thomas J. Capper…….and he runs uncontested the last 2 elections….. When will people listen and understand that because they are to have integrity that some do not…..there are bad apples in every field and not to be surprised when it happens to be a Judge……

  10. Madelyn Cano said at 6:51 am on September 8th, 2013:

    I really thought i was the only one going thru this but i see that many mothers are experiencing the same discrimination as i am. JUDGE MICHAEL CASALE from Essex County family court does not award any mother the custody they should have of their children! See right thru me has awarded my ex husband residential, and physical custody of our almost 3 year old daughter when she was just 18 months old. I really need help getting my daughter home. Im 24 years old college student working 2 jobs to make ends meet and cant afford legal fees to retain an attorney again just so this judge denies my motion once again after couple of times going before him.

  11. Judge Escandon should be impeached ASAP said at 6:58 am on September 8th, 2013:

    I have an abusive, psychopathic husband. I filed for divorce in June 2011. my husband although already involved with another woman stayed in our home and became increasingly abusive and infections my children’s lives. I have two boys who are now 11 and 18.

    In Nov. 2011 I got a restraining order against my husband. I was convinced to drop it for civil restraints, which I thought actually meant something but had no teeth. He continued to harass and stalk me and did nothing but talk about me the small amount of time he had with my children.

    under the civil order he was not allowed to come to our home, in Feb. 2012 he did and kept coming back, I called the police 3 times before they finally showed up.
    After that incident I filed for a restraining order and this time I kept it. I had listed on there Many past acts, some which involved punching me closed fisted in the head and others where he broke a door down on me while in a rage.
    Judge Escandon heard our case. He let it drag out for 14 months, he would not make a decision and I had to keep going back to trial, I am in debt 50,000 because of this. In April 2012 he said he would make a decision and then dragged it out more finally seeing us again in oct. 2012 (all the while agreeing to me having an indefinite temporary restraining order) In Oct. he told our lawyers he wanted a written summation and he would then give us a decision. Then Sandy happened so he gave my husbands lawyer a 2 week extension (my lawyer had hers done) we were to have a decision in dec. which never came.. we then got a call from Escandons office telling us we had to have yet Another trial day in March 2013! and he would hear our lawyers then give a decision. by now I have no money, my husband still has control of all of our funds and is going on vacations and buying his girlfriend lavish gifts, meanwhile my children can’t get dental care and shoes. He has limited visitation but is going for custody.

    In March we sat before Escandon, he Never heard out lawyers and preceded to just give a decision, I Lost. Escandon had ALL of the facts Wrong, he only referred to my husbands testimony which was nothing but lies, if I didn’t have my sister there I would not have believed what I was hearing. Escandon made excuses for my husbands prior physical abuse and said things to me like .. I shouldn’t have confronted him about his affair!

    While my husband sat on the stand and lied I sat there shaking my head in disbelief, judge Escandon said that because I did that he doesn’t feel I am a victim and that I can give it as good as I get it! He dropped the restraining order and said he does not believe I am in any danger.
    My husband is diagnosed bi-polar and psychopath. He is also and addict who was addicted to pain meds and heroin.
    Now he wants my children and because of Escandon I have no protection and cannot afford to appeal.

    Eacandon was taken out of family law a year or so ago but was left to finish our case.

  12. Paul escandon is honest said at 8:20 am on September 8th, 2013:

    You females need to get a job and leave thois honest man alone. He did the right thing. He will never be impeached so give it up I read all your cases and you all need to get a life

  13. pau lunz said at 11:12 am on September 8th, 2013:

    (Paul Escandon is Honest) Be a real man and put your name up!! If you read all the cases you would have known that these woman are working multiply jobs to pay for legal fee’s because this judge. So get your facts correct.

  14. E. DeGrassio said at 12:35 am on September 9th, 2013:

    Judge Paul Escandon was clearly a mouthpiece for the monied spouse. Even if your ex was a felon, he probably got a halo as he lied with impunity in Judge Escandon’s courtroom.

  15. Steve McConnell said at 7:16 pm on September 9th, 2013:

    Marc Storm and Melinda Storm, my wife has been up against judge Capper twice since 2007 and lost both times. We are attempting to appeal this decision and have him removed from the bench before he ruins anyone else’s

    We have a lot in common, please help us take this monster downward for good. Click here htt://www.gofundme.com/getjustice

  16. MELINDA STORM said at 8:36 pm on September 9th, 2013:

    Steve -got it going to it now…… 🙂

  17. Stasha McConnell said at 12:05 pm on September 10th, 2013:

    Anyone, PLEASE PLEASE let’s stop these judges! Too many women, don’t have any rights. The judges are taking our childrens lives away, and taking over their minds! They HAVE TO BE STOPPED! IM SPEAKING FOR MY SELF AND ALL MOTHERS OUT THERE! I’m a victim as well!

  18. Jim said at 10:21 pm on September 15th, 2013:

    No doubt that these women are just bitter about losing their status as kept wives. Let me play the world’s smallest violin for five broads who aren’t getting a free Lexus and country club membership, or a house or half thier husband’s nut just because the file for divorce. To bad, get a job. If you want half than you should have put more in. No – being a glorified babysitter (probably with help anyways) with (maybe) a part time job doesnt get you half. If you can show that you could have pulled down seven figures during the time you were watching the kids (read: getting your nails done) maybe you have a point, but otherwise no dice.

  19. jc said at 3:47 pm on September 23rd, 2013:

    Escandon should definitely be removed and impeached. I went before him and all he did was dismiss everything I said. My son’s father never met his son and our son just graduated from one of the top universities in the country. All he did was praise my son’s father for walking away. Shame on him and what he does to parents that try their best for their children.

  20. Stefanie said at 2:18 pm on September 26th, 2013:

    I have had the same problem with Judge Tassini in Monmouth County. My ex husband hired an expensive attorney, lied in his motion and about his involvement with my son’s life and was granted custody and child support, all without oral argument, which is every litigant’s right in New Jersey and the country. I was denied Oral Argument 3 times with this Judge. I am now almost bankrupt, cannot afford an expensive attorney and an unable to appeal due to my finances. In our divorce decree I was granted custody and child support and never saw a dime. My ex’s attorney has served on various boards with Judge Tassini, this should automatically been a conflict and he should have recused himself from our case, which he did NOT!

  21. Margarita Mozzer said at 2:56 pm on October 21st, 2013:

    I am a victim of corrupt Kitsap County Washington court officials!

  22. Jeff Rever said at 3:56 pm on October 22nd, 2013:

    I would like to hear how the appellate court ruled on these cases…I think there were 5 cases. Our court system is a brutal world and legal system is not always just but there are checks and balances that will overrule the individuals.

  23. paul escandon is great said at 7:39 am on October 27th, 2013:

    Exactly what Jim said instead of spending time bitching about paul maybe you should be working or trying to find a job. Whaahhhh I now have to work for a living

  24. we need more judges like Paul Excandon said at 7:40 am on October 27th, 2013:

    Case closed

  25. Wanda Dekle said at 5:04 pm on November 13th, 2013:

    I to have stood in front of Judge Paul Escandon who now works for Landlord Tenant Court. I held my rent from my current landlord Barry Shapiro, who refuses to make repairs in my rented condo. Mr. Shapiro however did the repairs that was requested, I called Mr. Shapiro to come pick up his rent in March 2013 which I received a call from his daughter who said he was out of town on vacation. Mr. Shapiro had file court procedures for none payment of rent finally calling April 4th 2013 a day before court. Myself and my roommate told him to come pick up his rent which was then 3 months worth. we had all the money. He refused by saying “NO” he wanted to wait and see what Judge Escandon would rule. Judge Escandon charged us for the repairs that needed to be made which was nearly $600.00 extra . We paid it. Judge Escandon did not allow me to speak no more than 2 minutes to plea my case. I then decided to take Mr. Shapiro to court NOV 1, 2013 for heat , once again Judge Escandon gave Mr. Shapiro at least 10 minutes to plea his case, and gave me 2 minutes or less to plea my cause. Mr. Shapiro won again who still refuses to make necessary repairs . today I received a letter from Mr. Shapiro for $100.00 in late fee for rent. rent has a grace period of 1st-the 5th, I have documentation that Mr. Shapiro was called as usually to come pick up his rent. He, Mr. Shapiro requested that it be put in the mail on Nov 2nd 2013, the payment was initiated by me that same day, which the bank do not process online payment until business days. The bank however sent a check out on Nov. 4th 2013 according to Mr. Shapiro he did not receive the rent payment until the 8th Nov 2013. Mr. Shapiro is trying to pull another fast one. Not only do Judge Escandon need to be removed from the bench, but I am requesting if possible you do an investigation on my Landlord Mr. Barry Shapiro who lives at 78 Harbor Circle, Freehold Township NJ . I was told by an informant that Mr. Shapiro used to practice law. I also would like to know howmany other tenants he has pulled this stunt on and has he cheated them out of their security money in the past. Not only has Judge Escandon cheated several people including myself. The whole court system has been corrupted for many years .Last but not at all least Stonehurst Condominium 1 does not have a Code Enforcement , We has an Association who only answer the lanlord not the tenants . When calling for problems needed to be cared for in the Condos which has normal wear and tear, no one picks up the phone or call back after leaving a message. However they did respond to Mr. Shapiro when I took him to court as well knew about the heat situation. Finally in regards of Judge Paul Escandon , I always have photos and documents to show him and he never ask me to bring them up. I would not dare approach his bench unless he asked me too.