Another Fine Radio Show

We had two great guest on the LaRossa and Gallagher: Real Jersey Guys Radio Show this afternoon.

If you missed it or would like to hear it again, here’s a recording:

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Ian Linker is the only declared candidate for the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate race against Senator Robert Menendez next year.  If Linker gets enough signatures to get on the primary ballot he is likely to face State Senators Joe Kyrillos and Mike Doherty in a race for the nomination.  Former Roxbury Mayor Tim Smith is also acting like a potential candidate.

We had a good conversation with Ian, challenging him on why he is starting his political career at such a high level and on his fund raising ability.  I’ll say this for Linker, the $3950 he’s raised so far is more money than Anna Little has raised in her fledgling quest for a rematch against Frank Pallone.

I don’t believe that Linker has a remote chance to be the nominee, and I told him so.  I even bet him dinner at any restaurant in the country, including travel expenses,  that he would not win the party line from any county in the state for the primary.  He took the bet (after the show via facebook), which proves to me he’s gotten in over his head.   I’m looking forward to dinner at Latitudes in Sunset Key on Linker.

Yet, I give Ian a great deal of credit for entering the arena and fighting to make a difference.  I hope his passion survives the ordeal he has chosen.

Listen to the first half hour of the show.  Maybe I’m wrong about Linker.

During the second half hour Oceanport Councilman Joe Irace joined us with an enlightening and informative conservation that included comments on the utter lack of representation Monmouth County gets in the House of Representation from Frank Pallone and Rush Holt, the difference Irace and his colleagues on the Oceanport governing body were able to make, with the help of Senator Jennifer Beck, regarding the establishment of the Fort Monmouth Redevelopment Authority, and the predicament New Jersey’s Horse Racing Industry and Monmouth Park in particular face in these challenging economic times.

Irace makes a compelling case for VLT’s, slots, in the Meadowlands.

Enjoy the show.

Next week, Tuesday the 30th between 5PM and 6PM, our guest will be political strategist Mike DuHaime.  DuHaime is to Governor Christie as Karl Rove was to President George W. Bush and David Axlerod is to President Barack Obama.

We’ll be talking about the 2012 presidential race.   You won’t want to miss that show which will be broadcast on WIFI AM 1460 and on the Internet here.

The LaRossa and Gallagher: Real Jersey Guys On The Radio Show featuring former Senator Dick LaRossa and Art Gallagher is sponsored by Repatriot Radio.

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7 Comments on “Another Fine Radio Show”

  1. Justified Right said at 8:09 am on August 24th, 2011:

    You win the non-sequitur award for the Anna Little shot.

    I stopped reading there.

    Your reporting is not the approprite place to air out a personal grudge match. It detracts from your point and turns lowers MMM from news site to personal diary.

    In rougher terms, don’t shit where you eat, Art.

  2. ArtGallagher said at 8:47 am on August 24th, 2011:

    I stopped reading there.

    No, you didn’t.

  3. Counterclockwise said at 3:38 am on August 25th, 2011:

    Justified Right, I’ve always read your comments with regard.  That being said, …dude, you need to chill a bit.

    In this case, your reaction is waaay out of comparitive balance.  With all due respect, you appear somewhat obsessed with the subject, yourself.       

  4. JustifiedRight said at 8:04 am on August 25th, 2011:

    Counterclockwise –

    You’re right. Maybe I am a bit obsessed.

    That’s because I love MMM. I promote it whenever I can.

    I used to tell Dan Jacobson 2 years before he set eyes on it that he should come here (Ok maybe I should apologize for that).

    But Art’s site has really taken off and there are higher plateaus to conquor.

    You even want those you disagree with to come here. But if folks see it can turn into a website of harassment, the first ones you lose are those with things to lose – the bigger fish with bigger reputations.

  5. ArtGallagher said at 9:12 am on August 25th, 2011:


    You know I appreciate your friendship, what a fan you are of the site, and your criticisms of the site.

    However, you are overreacting about the Little mention in this post in particular and over all.

    The mention here is not harassment.

    Reporting that she has told FEC that Little has raised no money is not harassment. It raises important questions, especially among the many people who have received fund raising appeals. We don’t even know how those letters and emails were paid for.

    If I really wanted to hurt Little, I would investigate all the questions her FEC reports raise. As it is, I’ve only questioned the content of one item…the payment of Shore Casino for the election night gathering.

    The comparison with Linker is valid. Both are seeking federal office with no demonstrated ability to raise money. Linker is doing 3950 times better than Little is.

    Because I value your opinion, checked the facts. Little has been mentioned in 21 posts since election day last year. There have been over 800 posts on MMM in the same period. In all of 2011 she’s been mentioned in only 9 posts….just over one per month. One of those was the April fool’s post, one was about Pallone and redistricting, 3 where about others speculating that she would run for U.S. Senate rather than the House. One was reporting her comments about the NJ Supreme Court. The rest were about her fund raising or lack thereof.

    That’s not harrassment or a personal grudge.

    I was one of Little’s strongest supporters since early in her political career. Some credit/blame me for her election as Freeholder and winning the primary last year.

    I made a mistake. I was wrong about her. She is not who I thought she was. I will not repeat the mistake.

    If Anna Little ever gets another GOP nomination or is ever elected to another office it will be without my support and she will have overcome my active work against her candidacy.

    Its not a personal grudge. It is actually a deep disappointment.

    Many people seem to value my honest and informed opinions. In my honest and informed opinion, Anna Little is not fit for high office. Given the contribution I made to “making her” I feel obliged to my readers to prevent further damage.

  6. Justified Right said at 9:53 am on August 25th, 2011:

    A pox on your stats – it’s your reference frame that is the problem.

    Writing a story about Anna is legit.

    If you are doing a story about candidate fundraising in general and you went and did a comparison of like candidates and Anna was one, that too is legit.

    Mentioning Anna in a throw away line that has nothing to do with the story is evidence of a lingering grudge.

    Do you really find the fundraising done for by a statewide Senate candidate and a congressional district candidate to be so comparable that a comparison is ever in order?

    In the last campaign cycle Menendez has raised over $8.5 million dollars. Pallone has raised less than $370K.

    Would you expect me to publish that as proof that Menendez is hustling and Pallone is a malingerer?

    Last I checked the Senate was on a 6 year state-wide cycle and Congress was on a 2 year district wide cycle.

    You didn’t compare anyone else’s numbers, because your story was not about campaign fundrasing.

    You threw in that non-sequitur, just about Anna, to embarass her.

    That’s yellow journalism.

    MMM is better than that.


    MMM self appointed and unrecognized journalism cop.

  7. ArtGallagher said at 11:22 am on August 25th, 2011:

    Actually Tommy, Menendez is hustling and Pallone is malingering, to address your semi-sequitur.

    My point is that I am not harrassing Little, nor do I have a personal grudge. I’m correcting a mistake.

    You are hereby recognized.